Best Car Wash Kits to Keep Your Car Looking New

Best Car Wash Kits to Keep Your Car Looking New

Washing and detailing your car is one of the most important maintenance tasks you will perform. Doing it by hand is actually significant because taking your vehicle to a car wash can actually strip off the protective layers of wax on it.

Sometimes a car wash might even damage the sensitive paint. You can get your car cleaned up in no time if you invest in a car wash kit.

These handy kits come under many different brand names in all kinds of sizes and prices. If you are confused about what to buy, you can go ahead and read our recommendations plus reviews for the best car wash kits.

Features to Consider in Good Car Wash Kits

Car wash kits can significantly vary in the products included in the package. Some include cleaning solutions, while there are kits that come with washing mitts and brushes as well. What you need in a kit will ultimately depend on your needs. If you already have washcloths at home, for example, you may only want a car wash kit with cleaning solutions.
All in all, here are several important things to look for when shopping for the best car cleaning products kits:

  • Safety— Make sure the detergents and other tools included in the car wash kit is safe to use on the sensitive paint of your vehicle. Most kits are safe, but certain car interior cleaning kits might not be.
  • Are cleaning tools provided— See if the washing kit comes with microfiber cleaning cloths, polishing pads, and other tools necessary to get the job done. These should be specified in the product description, not shown in the product picture.

Once you get the two above tips down, you would be ready to choose a kit for your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Car Wash Kits 2024

1. Meguiar's G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar's G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

Why we like it: A complete kit including 12 products for interior and exterior detailing offered at a very reasonable price. Meguiar’s is arguably the best professional car detailing kit you can buy online. The price is reasonable, especially given that the kit includes 12 products.

Editor’s Rating:


The kit includes products from the brand’s “gold class” line. The 12 items include a shampoo and a conditioner set. The liquid wax in the kit is made from carnauba and polymer.

There’s also a quick detailer and an interior detailer to remove harmful contaminants. Other detailing items include a claying bar, PlastX gel, ScratchX 2.0, microfiber mitt, a towel, and a foam applicator.


This is one of the most complete car wash kits you can buy. The only thing missing is the bucket. The shampoo and conditioner are designed to remove dirt and grime without harming the wax on the car. The conditioner protects the paint while revealing color to the best.

The wax is great for getting a mirror-like shine on any type of car paint. It reflects UV rays back, thus providing some protection against fading. This formula doesn’t leave any swirls.

The brand boasts that the quick detailer includes can detail a car is less than 15 minutes. It may take longer for some, but you can expect to detail the car in less than an hour.

The interior detailer works like a traditional protectant, except that it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. The interior detailer is suitable for use on plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber, and even metal parts.

The kit is so complete there’s even a gel included just for removing clouding from the headlights. ScratchX 2.0 cleaner removes micro-abrasions from isolated paint damage, among other things like oxidation.

The final touch to the kit comes from the microfiber mitt and towel. The material is of solid quality and is highly absorbent. The towel even has edging to prevent scratching.

The only downside is that the kit includes so many items it can confuse a casual car owner. You will have to learn how to use each product and in order to properly wash and detail your car.


All in all, this is the ultimate car wash kit that will give your car’s interior and exterior a complete detailing. You can get a wonderful job done close to what you get at an auto shop.

The kit has just about everything you need to both complete and partial detailing jobs. The only problem is that there might be too many items included.


  • A dozen items included for washing and detailing car
  • Includes microfiber mitt and towel
  • Interior detailing items
  • Reasonable price
  • Headlight cleaning gel
  • High-quality products


  • Products can be complicated to use

2. Chemical Guys HOL148 Car Wash Bucket Kit

Chemical Guys HOL148 Car Wash Bucket Kit

Why we like it: It’s a near-perfect car wash kit that has a foam gun and products to get your tires cleaned and detailed as well. The Chemical Guys car wash kit is one of the best in the market. You can finally say goodbye to improper washing with this kit that includes just about everything you need to make your car clean and shiny.

Editor’s Rating:


This kit includes a number of cleaners and detailing supplies with a foam gun. Products include car wash soap, quick detail spray, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, tire shine dressing, and cream wax.

The kit comes with a bucket for heavy-duty cleaning. A dirt trap bucket insert is included. The kit comes with microfiber towels, a wash mitt, a wheel brush, and a tire shine applicator.


This kit is amazing in its practicality. The brand is thoughtful enough to include products for the tires, which are rarely found in car wash kits.

The kit includes a Honeydew Snow Foam cleaner. It foams like crazy and removes mud, dirt, and salt easily. This foam is applied using a gum to reduce the chance of dirt on the car causing scratches.

The foam blaster further mixes the car wash soap with air. It makes the cleaner super soapy so the washing is highly efficient. It can be applied directly to the wash mitt.

The kit comes with a branded wheel and rim cleaner gel. It’s pH balanced to be gentle on any time of wheel finish on any vehicle model. You can safely use this cleaner on polished metal, chrome, or powder-coated exteriors.

The wheel and rim cleaner is great for glass and clear plastics you may have in the undercarriage.

The kit comes with a soft touch brush for the car body and wheels. The brush has very soft synthetic bristles to work on the vehicle without causing any scratches. The brush is really useful for removing dust and dirt from parts of the car that cannot be washed.

Some users have complained about the gun, mostly because it’s not adjustable. You can only shoot the foam only about 15 feet. The foam gun may not be very durable.

The bucket insert separates the wash water from dirt, so the dirt doesn’t get recirculate on to the car. You won’t have to worry about ending up scrubbing abrasives on the body paint.

This kit is highly scratch-free minded. The wash mitt is made from microfiber that won’t cause abrasions. It’s very fluffy and plush too, so it can hold lots of water and suds.

The kit comes with glass cleaner and multiple towel products for wiping the car and detailing later. Once the washing is done, you can use the butter wet wax made from 100% carnauba to gloss up the paint.

Unfortunately, nothing is included for interior detailing exclusively. Other than that, this kit is quite complete.


This is an amazing car wash kit for actual cleaning the vehicle. Compared to Meguiar’s, this kit includes more products for actual washing of the car. Meguiar’s includes a lot of products for detailing the car.

This kit comes with a bunch of mitts and towels, unlike most kits that just include one or two. Plus, there are items for cleaning the wheels that most other kits don’t include.

The price isn’t too expensive considering everything included. Therefore, this is definitely one of the most useful car wash kits money can buy.


  • Multiple wash mitts and towels
  • Bucket inserts for separating dirt
  • High-quality wax included
  • Foam gun
  • Glass cleaner included
  • Cleaning and detailing items for the wheels and undercarriage
  • Comes with a soft bristle brush


  • Foam gum may not be durable

3. Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax

Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax

Why we like it: A simple and affordable car wash kit great for waterless cleaning. Aero Cosmetics car wash kit includes everything you need to wash and wax your vehicle without necessarily using water. This kit doesn’t include a lot of stuff and costs less than fifty bucks. It’s great for non-obsessive car detailers.

Editor’s Rating:


This kit includes a gallon of wash wax, and a spray-on can of the wash wax. Other items include four microfiber towels and a small scrubbing sponge.

The kit includes aircraft cleaning specifications for a number of Boeing and Airbus planes. The kit is, of course, intended for use with vehicles, boats, RVs, and motorbikes.

The cleaning products are all water-based. The liquids don’t contain any alcohol or ammonia. The cleaner s biodegradable as well.


This car wash kit is quite simple but very effective. It doesn’t include a lot of stuff for detailing, washing, or different parts of the car. The cleaning liquid included however is suitable for use on metal, glass, plastics, car paint, rubber, and leather material in or on the car.

So it’s sort of an all-purpose cleaning kit you can use for washing and detailing your vehicle. It can wash, detail, and even act as a degreaser. The cleaner can polish scratches to remove oxidation or remove any water spots from car paint.

The spray-on cleaner doesn’t require water, though you can use water on the car if you want. It’s capable of cleaning off dirt very effectively. However, this cleaner is not suitable for removing hard grim like salt, sand, or mud.

Another downside is the lack of wax remover. You will have to use any other wax with the existing wax on the car. But that’s not a bad thing because new layers of wax easily bond to older layers, thus leaving your car with multiple layers.

Even without the wax, the spray acts like a sealant. It can make the car paint shine (though not as the glow wax provides).

Using this cleaner kit won’t strip off layers of protectant on your vehicle, like taking your car to a car wash would do. The wash works really fast and offers some UV ray protection.

Plus, the kit comes with four microfiber towels that are made just for auto use. The sponge is very regular. It’s good for bug removal but not for detailing because it’s not non-abrasive.


This is probably the best waterless car cleaning kit you can buy. The price is amazingly affordable and there aren’t a dozen things in here you don’t understand.

This kit is very easy to use and can get your car clean and shiny in less than an hour. You can clean just about any part of your vehicle with this kit.

It doesn’t come with a wax or a grit remover. But other than that, this kit offers great value.


  • Waterless cleaning
  • Four microfiber towels
  • Works on interior and exterior
  • Safe to use with multiple different materials
  • Meets aircraft-grade cleaning standards


  • Doesn’t include car wax
  • Not suitable for removing sand, salt or dirt

4. TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning

TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning

Why we like it: An underrated car wash kit that suitable for cleaning and detailing the whole car. This is a high-end car wash and detailing kit that comes with a number of chemical solutions and applicator towels and sponges. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly car wash kits you can buy.

Editor’s Rating:


The kit includes a shampoo and conditioner bottle, tire shine spray, liquid car wax, trim restorer, quick detailer, and an interior detailer liquid.

Completing the kit are a microfiber glove, wax buff blocks, a rubber grip, trim restorer applicators, and three towels.


This professional-type car wash kit is great for detailers as well cleaning obsessives. This kit is suitable for use on the whole car, including the interior, exterior, glass, trims, chrome, and even plastics.

The car wash and conditioner removes all dirt before you get on to the detailing. It doesn’t generate a lot of suds but gets the jobs done well. You can get a glossy shine with the liquid wax included, which protects the paint from both UV ways and contaminants.

This is a rare kit that includes tire shine spray for keeping your wheels clean and looking good. You can eliminate the faded plastics and black rubber on wheels using the trim restorer. The shine spray brings out the black on the wheels and makes them stand out like on an auto show.

It includes an interior cleaning liquid. It’s useful, but not particularly great compared to other products. The liquid can leave a greasy aftermath.

However, the interior detailer has anti-static compounds. Though a bit oily, it will make sure dust doesn’t cling to things. The interior detailer has UV protection too.

The quick detailer is really great for removing dust and other disgusting things that cling to the car like pollen and bird droppings. It’s great for specific spot cleaning. You only need to do a quick wipe off.

What makes this kit really worthwhile is the number of cleaning cloths included. It has a wash mitt, washing towels, and a really useful wax buffer. Basically, everything you need is included.


This is an underrated car wash and detailing kit that’s well worth the money. The downsides are very minor and you can really end up with a showroom-like detail with this kit.


  • Detailing buffs and pads included
  • Tire shiner products
  • Multiple wash towels
  • Includes car wax an quick detailer
  • Suitable for cleaning the whole car
  • UV protection


  • Shampoo isn’t very foamy
  • Interior detailer may leave an oily sheen

5. Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

Why we like it: Armor All is the perfect car care kit for detailing your vehicle. This is a complete car care kit that detailing obsessives tend to love. It includes only the chemical products though.

Editor’s Rating:


This car care kit comes with a 10 fl. oz. protectant, a 16 fl. oz. Ultra Shine wash and wax product, a 20 fl. oz. tire foam protectant, and 25 glass wipes.

This is not a car wash kit per se as it doesn’t come with shampoos or conditioners. But the protectant can remove dirt and debris.

This car care kit is perfect for detailing the exterior of your vehicle. The protectant included can remove debris, dust, and dirt on your car. However, it’s not a waterless cleaner.


The protectant, once applied, protects the car paint against cracking and aging. It can protect the car paint from UV radiation and oxidation as well.

It’s the Ultra Shine wash and wax that lifts dirt from the vehicle. The liquid is made from a blend of cleaning agents, surface lubricants, and authentic carnauba wax.

The wash and wax can remove water beading on paint. The final result is a mirror-like shine, even though the wax doesn’t need to be applied separately.

The glass wipes are very convenient to use on any type of glass on the vehicle. It removes everything from grime, to bug stains and fingerprints.

The wipes work effectively to make glass shine without leaving any streaks. Plus, the wipes are ammonia free so these are perfectly safe to use an auto glass.

The tire foam protectant is a unique product that activates only upon contact. It removes dirt from tires without needing to scrub.

It also has a conditioner that makes the rubber on tires shine black and protect the original color from fading. However, the shiner doesn’t work on the rim.

The downside is that this kit doesn’t include any cleaning aids like microfiber towels, mitts, or wax buffs. The formula used is also flammable.


This is a great product for removing dirt and then detailing your car. It doesn’t come with all the conventional car care products you would expect from a kit. But the products included are all that’s necessary to clean and condition nearly the whole vehicle.


  • UV ray and oxidation protection
  • Real wax included
  • Tire shiner
  • Ammonia-free glass wipes
  • Protects car parts from aging


  • No washing aids
  • Flammable formula

6. Turtle Wax 50754 Ultimate Car Care Kit

Turtle Wax 50754 Ultimate Car Care Kit

Why we like it: This 10-piece kit includes everything you need to detail a car and the cost is superbly affordable. This is the famed Turtle Wax complete car care kit, not the Quick and Easy version. It’s got 10 items that will help you keep your car dirt-free and looking super shiny.

Editor’s Rating:


The products included in this kit are a car wash, tire shiner, scratch and swirl remover, Odor-X spray, wax and dry spray, dash and glass interior detailer, in and out protectant, 1 microfiber towels, and durable foam.


This kit is very thoughtfully put together. It’s got everything you need to clean and detail the interior and the exterior, including tires. Plus, it even has an odor eliminator.

Essentially, you can wash, wax, and protect your car using these products. The kit is easy enough to use. You will need about an ounce of water to use with the car wash in this kit. Use the towels or the sponge provided to clean the car.

The Odor-X spray is not just a car refresher spray. It’s specially formulated to destroy odors from a molecular level. The results can last as long as 30 days.

The tire shiner is a fast-drying formula. Not only does it make the tires shine superbly, it also protects the tires from UV rays, which cause fading and cracks. You can expect a generally wet look with this tire shiner.

Afterward, spray on the wax and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. The microfiber doesn’t cause any streaking and leaves a wonderful shine.

For specific spot removal, you can use the foam applicator with a microfiber towel. It’s great for buffing too.
The protectant improves the shine you get from wax. It also adds more layers which makes the shine even more brilliant.

The interior detailer doesn’t make the dash particularly shiny. That’s mainly because it doesn’t leave a greasy coating like most interior detailing products.

This kit would be super complete with a glass cleaner. It can also do with a polisher for tire rims.


This car care kit has just about everything you need, considering the cheap price. It can do with some specific products for the glass and chrome on the vehicle. Other than these minor exclusions, this is a wonderful car wash kit anyone can use.


  • UV protection protectant included
  • Comes with wax and a shine amplifier
  • Odor remover included
  • Microfiber towels for washing and buffing
  • Not swirl pad included


  • Doesn’t have anything specific for cleaning auto glass
  • Interior detailer could be shinier

7. Griot's Garage 11131 Starter Car Care Kit

Griot's Garage 11131 Starter Car Care Kit

Why we like it: An affordable package that includes a bunch of unique products. Griot's Garage has something of a cult following. This kit is made for starter detailers or those who want to try something different than what most commercial car care kits offer. This kit is unique because it includes some items not offered by any other brand.

Editor’s Rating:


This kit includes 6 cleaning products from the brand. The kit includes a 16 oz each car wash and a show wax.

It comes with a unique paint cleaning clay instead of a wash. The cleaning clay can remove dirt, dust, oils, tar, and acid rain deposits from the car paint. The clay should be applied before polishing or waxing.

The kit includes a 35oz speed shine bottle, which lifts contaminants on the exterior. It acts as a lubricant for the cleaning clay, allowing it to glide more smoothly on the car’s surface.

The 35oz wheel cleaner spray is endorsed by auto brands such as Dayton and BBS. It’s safe to use with any type of wheel finish.

Other items in the kit include vinyl and rubber dressing, and a liquid wax made from high-quality carnauba. The wax is water-based and silicone free.


This is a such a useful kit with products that promise excellent quality. For starters, the car wash included is safe for all paints and is wholly biodegradable.

The wash is pH balanced to gently glide away dirt without damaging the car paint. The formula doesn’t contain harsh detergents that strip off wax.

The wheel cleaner is pH balanced as well to use with any branded wheel without worries. A curious product included is the cleaning clay, which is like putty to lift embedded grime without scratching your vehicle. The clay is great for removing brake dust, which is notoriously hard to even brush off.

The kit comes with a protectant you can safely use on the tires, rim, and interior parts of the car made from vinyl or rubber. It leaves a charming satin finish that is not greasy to touch at all.

The Speed Shine works as titled. It only takes 5 minutes to apply between washes.

If there’s a downside it’s that nothing is included to clean glass in particular. Also, wash mitts and towels are not provided.

Another downside is that the protectant doesn’t offer oxidation or UV ray protection for the paint.


This is an amazing car wash and detailing kit that will leave your vehicle with zero dirt and an amazing clarity on paint. You can get an auto show-like finish in no time.

The kit excludes some items, like the glass cleaner or buffer pads. But items like the cleaning clay are so rare, it makes this kit all the more worth it.


  • Biodegradable car wash
  • pH balanced car wash and wheel cleaner
  • Car wash doesn’t contain wax stripping detergent
  • Includes cleaning clay
  • Shiner application is speedy


  • No glass cleaner
  • Doesn’t come with washing and detailing aids like mitts and towels
  • No UV or oxidation protection

8. Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Classic Kit

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Classic Kit

Why we like it: it’s a bit expensive, but this kit is massive and includes just about everything you would need to wash and detail your car. Adam’s Essentials is a complete car detailing kit in every sense of the word. This kit comes with everything from cleaning clay to the bucket. The kit includes about 18 items, a lot more than what most car wash kits come with. However, this kit can be a bit pricey for some.

Editor’s Rating:


This kit includes six towels. Two of the towels are large—one wooly, one textured. Three different types of sponges for waxing and buffing are included too.

The other products include car shampoo, all-purpose cleaner, detailing spray, buttery wax, Visco clay, Revive hand polish, interior detailer, and VRT.

The kit comes with a plastic bucket and a stand for it. All products are made in the USA.


This kit is truly wonderful in that it has a bunch of cleaning aids plus all the chemicals you need to wash and shine the car.

It comes not just with a car shampoo but an all-purpose cleaner as well. The shampoo removes dirt from the car exterior without leaving scratches.

You can use the all-purpose cleaner on all other parts that can withstand water, like the wheels. Afterward, you can use the large microfiber towels to speed dry the vehicle.

For deep cleaning, you can use the detailing clay bar. The clay removes paint overspray, brake dust, factory fallout, and bug remains that won’t wash away with the shampoo.

You can use the Revive polish with the microfiber applicator for a swirl-free hand polish. Top it off with the buttery wax to really give your car a top shine.

The VRT is a dressing for the tuber tires. It’s water based and is thus safe on vinyl and plastic too. You can use the VRT on the trim as well.

The towels included are very useful and efficient. There are not one but two large towels, one of which is very fluffy. This is great for larger vehicles.

The kit, though, does miss some products. It lacks a wheel cleaner specifically. It could also do with a wheel brush. It doesn’t have glass cleaner either.

The polish isn’t protectant that keeps the UV rays away. Oxidation protection would have certainly justified the price.


This car wash kit is quite amazing and nearly all-inclusive. It does miss some key items for wheels and glass. Considering that the price is over $100, it could certainly include these products.

Other than that, this is a great kit to give your car a good cleanup and a waxing job. It’s pricey but you can expect the solutions provided to work as intended.


  • Includes two types of cleaning solution
  • Comes with cleaning clay
  • Tire dressing works on trims too
  • Multiple microfiber towels
  • Sponges and buffers for polish included
  • Comes with water bucket


  • Expensive
  • No specific wheel cleaner
  • No class cleaner
  • No wheel brush

9. Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit (9 Items)

Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit (9 Items)

Why we like it: This is definitely the car care kit you need if you have a black vehicle. Own a black car or a vehicle with black paint? Then look no further for a complete wash and cleaning kit that will protect the precious ebony paint.

Editor’s Rating:


This car wash kit is specifically designed to work safely and effectively on black or dark colored car paint. It contains a number of premium-grade products from the brand.

The kit includes high gloss car wash soap, hybrid radiant finish, butter wet wax, and an Optical select spray sealant and quick detailer.

All products, expect the car wash soap, are ready to use. The car wash soap needs to be diluted with water. The detailer can be diluted 4:1 if needed.

The kit also includes 3 microfiber towels and two hex hand polishing pads.


You can expect a better detailing on dark paint with this kit than other ones. It’s intended to enhance the dark paint on cars and protect it.

This car wash soap is suitable for use on paint, wheels, glass, undercarriages, and any part of the car that won’t be damaged by water. the soap is pH balanced so it won’t stain or cause spotting.

The detail enhancer works without causing scratches with the help of microfiber towels. The hexagonal print soft foam pads are perfect for applying the buttery wax.

The butter wax can protect the vehicle for up to 6 months. But it’s the sealant that protects the paint the best. It can protect the car from UV rays and polluting contaminants.

The kit includes a tire glaze, not a tire shiner. It makes the tires shine but the effects fade off quickly.


All in all, this is a great detailing kit if you are primarily concerned about the dark paint on your car. It costs nearly $100, but the products included are well worth the price.

It’s not super complete as most kits, but you probably won’t find a better kit for black cars.


  • Specifically designed for black or dark paint
  • Includes soft polishing pads
  • Sealant offer UV ray protection
  • Non-abrasive products
  • Wax lasts up to 6 months


  • No interior detailer
  • Tire shine wears off quickly

10. Besteek Car Washing Cleanning Tools Kit with Bag

Besteek Car Washing Cleanning Tools Kit with Bag

Why we like it: This kit doesn’t contain any chemical solutions, but it’s got all the brushes and mitts needed to clean your car without damaging the paint. This is a car cleaning tool kit. It includes brushes and sponges only, but not the chemical solutions. You can technically use the kit to wash or clean your car without water. The kit is very inexpensive and costs only about $20. Plus, it comes with a neat carrying bag to keep all the items safely stored.

Editor’s Rating:


This car cleaning kit includes 6 washing tools plus the carrying bag. All the items included are a microfiber washcloth, tire brush, Chenille wash sponge, duster, water scraper for windows, and a double-headed car vent brush.


If you are looking for a quick water or chemical-free cleaning for your car, then this kit includes just about everything you would need. All the tools are made from high-quality material that prevents abrasions.

The microfiber washcloth is quite large and super soft. You can use it to dry remove dust or you can use it with water as well. It’s great for drying the car after a rinsing.

The washing sponge is made from high-quality Chenille wool. You can use this to remove dust particles and dirt from the car. It’s soft enough not to cause scratching.

The tire brush is made from steel wires, PP filament, and ABS plastic. It should be used with water.

The cleaning from the wheel brush was not as good as it should be. The brush is well made, but it could be larger and sturdier.

The kit comes with a handheld viper to remove water from windows. It won’t leave any streaks and the glass will be well protected.

The 13-inch duster is made from plastic. It’s very generic and is mostly only suitable for removing dust from the interior of the car like the seats or the trunk.

The car vent brush is probably the most useful because it’s small and fine enough to remove dust from the small spaces of the A/C vents. You can use this on speaker mesh as well.


All in all, this brush kit is great for getting rid of dust and dirt off the car, especially when washing with water. It, of course, won’t polish or make your car shine.

This kit is best used with a chemical solution kit that doesn’t come with washing aids. But you can alternatively use it to generally give your vehicle a quick dust off.


  • Includes a number of washing brushes and clothes
  • Wheel brush included
  • Has a vent brush
  • Window wiper protects glass from scratching
  • Carrying case included
  • Very affordable


  • No chemical solutions available in kit
  • Some brushes may not work

Guide to Buying the Best Car Wash Kit

Wondering exactly what to look for when buying a car wash kit? Then check out these tips below:

Keep a Must-Have List

Car wash kits can vary in what’s included in the package, as you can see above. To make the buying process easy, have a must-have items list on you when shopping.

Typically speaking, you would need to look for about 6 must-have items on your car care kit. You would need a good car wash and microfiber cloths for drying the exterior.

There should also be a quick detailer to specific spot shining. An interior detailer or wipes would be necessary for complete cleaning.

The quick detailer doesn’t provide a deep and glossy shine. For that, you would need a type of wax polish in the kit.

Don’t forget the wheels. The kit must include a cleaner and a shiner for the tires. Bonus points if the shiner works on the exterior rim polish.

The kit should have a separate cleaner for the glass. Some kits may have an all-purpose type cleaner that works on the paint as well as the glass.

You can have a near-complete kit with these 6 items. You can add or exclude items as you like.

Consider What You Already Have in the House

Do you already have dozens of microfiber auto cleaning cloths, wash mitts, and brushes? Then you might not need these items in the kit.

Remember, the more items a kit has, the more it would cost. Take stock of car cleaning things you may already own and buy the kit for things you don’t own.

Read Product Descriptions Carefully

When you buy a kit of any kind, it’s easy to get lost in the general thing and miss the details. Carefully read individual product descriptions before you purchase any kit.

Some sellers may bundle high-quality products with sub-par items just to charge more. If you read all the descriptions well, you can avoid traps like this.

Go for Non-Abrasive Products

Make sure the car wash shampoo and cleaners included are none abrasive. Meaning, when you scrub the car the shampoo shouldn’t make the abrasive dirt and grime move around. That might cause scratches.

Choose a kit with products specifically listed to be non-abrasive. It’s very important for protecting the car paint.

Car Wax Should be Temperature Specific

Some car waxes melt off in certain high temperatures. If you live in a hot state, you might want to choose a specific car wax suited for the climate in your region.

Therefore, not all car waxes included in these kits might be suited for your vehicle. Keep that in mind when purchasing.

Look for UV Protection

Want to keep your vehicle’s paint from fading? Want the rubber tires to retain the black shine?

Then buy a car care kit with sealant or polish that has UV protection qualities. These chemicals reflect UV rays, thus protecting the paint of your car.

Unique Products Included in Kits

A kit is truly great if it includes products specially to take care of the tires, rims, and glass. Tire shiners, wheel cleaners, and wheel brushes are rare in most kits.

If these items are included in a kit, then it’s really worthwhile. Remember that tire care is an important aspect of overall car cleaning.

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