Best Universal Car Mats for Any Footwell

Best Universal Car Mats for Any Footwell

If you are a vehicle owner on the hunt for the best car floor mats, then there’s one inescapable dilemma you will have to face:

Should you buy custom-fit car floor mats or universal car mats?

Custom-fit car mats are designed exclusively for your car model. These fitted car mats would perfectly match the contours of the floor.

Because of the bespoke design, custom-fit car mats are often quite expensive. If your car model is rather new, the manufacturer may not have yet made custom-fit floor mats for it.

Universal floor mats are designed to fit on the floors of any vehicle on the road. These mats tend to be cheap and are readily available.

Deciding to buy universal car mats is only the start. The tough part comes in choosing the right universal mat for your car.

That’s where this guide comes in. Go ahead and read our reviews for well-reviewed and popular universal car mats.

Features to Consider in Good Universal Car Mats

Universal car mats are typically made from rubber. But don’t limit yourself to just one material, design, or even size.

When you shop, keep the following on top of your head:

  • Choose the right size— Though universal car mats are labeled as, well “universal,” don’t assume that you won’t need to take measurements. Even universal car mats come in sizes. To choose the right size, know the measurements of the floor of your vehicle.
  • Pay Attention to the Material— The material largely determines the performance of the universal car mat. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the different materials out there, and decide on which type you would like the most.

Those two points are the most important to keep in mind when shopping for universal car mats. There are some others as well, which will be explained in the brief buyer’s guide below.

Top 10 Best Universal Car Mats 2024

1. Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat, 4 Piece

Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat, 4 Piece

Why we like it: The Armor All rubber car floor mats are affordable and offers superior protection for the vehicle. The all-season rubber material is great too. Armor All heavy-duty rubber mats are suitable for cars, SUVs, trucks and just about any type of vehicle. These floor mats are designed to outlast any seasonal weather. Plus, the mats are surprisingly affordable. You can buy these in other colors like tan, too. They are definitely one of the best universal car floor mats to consider.

Editor’s Rating:


These car floor mats are made from heavy-duty rubber. Each mat is universally trimmed to fit all vehicles.

The carpets have heel pad areas that are slightly raised. This ensures all-weather performance. The carpets have “claws” to keep the mats in place, especially the front mat on the driver’s side.


The Armor Call universal car mats offer several advantages to users. First of all, each carpet has anti-slip cleats called “claws.” Not only do these prevent slipping, the claws also keep the mats in place.

This feature is very important for the driver’s side. A car carpet that moves around may impede driving and braking.
The mats are made from rubber, so they are perfectly waterproof. The material is suitable for any season and can handle rain, snow, and mud without damaging the interior of the car.

The mats have big lips on the outside to catch things like spilled liquids, dirt, and rocks. So your car floor will be well-protected.

Installation is super easy. Just place the mats inside. It should fit any vehicle thanks to the universal trim.
Cleaning is really easy. The rubber mats can be rinsed off quickly. The material doesn’t stain.

The only downside is that the carpets may not be wide enough for some vehicles. They would fit universally, but some space might be left out from the sides.


The Armor All universal car mats offer excellent value for money. The mats are universally trimmed, easy to clean, and even easier to install. Any vehicle can benefit from this excellent product.


  • Universal trim
  • Heavy-duty rubber material
  • Anti-slip gripper claws
  • All season performance
  • Catches spills
  • Budget-friendly price


  • May not be wide enough

2. OxGord Universal Fit 3-Piece Full Set Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat - (Black)

OxGord Universal Fit 3-Piece Full Set Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat - (Black)

Why we like it: Though cheap, these rubber mats are adequately thick and catch spills. Great for family vehicles. OxGord universal car mats are available in sets of three. Each set has two front mats and one rear mat. These mats are quite affordable and are made from waterproof rubber. The mats are available in black only. It’s an evening black color, so don’t expect pitch black carpets.

Editor’s Rating:


These rubber mats have universal trim edges. The two front mats are 17.7 inches wide and 28.5 inches long. The rear mat is 60 inches wide and 17 inches long.

The mats are made from high-quality rubber. The material doesn’t soak and is highly durable.

The mats can easily be trimmed for an exact fit. However, the universal fit should match just about any vehicle.

The mats ensure all-weather performance too. The rubber can contain snow, mud, water, ice, sand and similar dirt and grime without letting anything seep to the floors.


Most cheap rubber mats are rather thin and flimsy. But not the OxGord car floor mats. Each mat is significantly thick and has well-made grooves to catch dirt and grime.

You won’t have to worry about water damage with these mats. The ridges and divots will hold any minor spills or muddy water tracking inside on rainy days.

The waterproof rubber is really easy to clean. The original luster won’t be lost with multiple cleaning.

Another advantage is how easy these mats are to customize for cars. If there’s a slight size mismatch between your vehicle and the universal size, you can easily trim off the edges without damaging the looks and performance of the mat.

One downside is the lack of grippers at the bottom. The topside is anti-slip, but the rubber mats can move around.

The smell right out of the package is pretty terrible because of the rubber. However, this should fade away in a day or two. If the smell is too bothersome, just leave the rubber mats outside in a well-ventilated area


These thick mats are a bargain for the budget price for each package. The all-season, spill-proof mats are perfect for families with kids. All in all, this is a great product with only minor downsides.


  • Easy to trim for exact fit
  • Thick rubber
  • All-season performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Catches liquid spills


  • No grippers
  • May smell odd right out of the packaging

3. Motor Trend MT-773-BK_AMSEP FlexTough Baseline

Motor Trend MT-773-BK_AMSEP FlexTough Baseline

Why we like it: The Motor Trend car floor mats are great for keeping any vehicle clean without having to spend an arm and a leg. The Motor Trend universal car mats are made from eco-friendly natural rubber. Most natural rubber car mats are expensive, but you can buy these mats without breaking the bank.

Editor’s Rating:


These car floor mats are made from Flex Tough rubber. This is a type of rubber that can withstand extremely cold or hot temperatures. The material is also flexible without being too rough.

The rubber is natural so the mats don’t smell at all. Even right out of the package, these universal car mats are 100 percent odor free.

The mats are designed to be flexible to suit contouring of cat floors. This is an all-weather product. The fit is semi-custom with an option to trim.

Each purchase will contain three mats, two front mats, and one long backseat floor mat. The front mats are 28 inches long and 19 inches wide. The back mat is 17.5 inches long and 56 inches wide. These are the sizes with liners.


Unlike most rubber car floor mats, these mats are highly flexible. The floor mats are quite thick, but they are not really hard.

This flexibility is great for fitting the mats through all the contours of the car floor. It’s great for the elevation between the left and right seats in the back.

What’s more, these rubber mats are natural. They don’t have any toxic order that might cause the interior of the car to start reeking.

Like most rubber mats, these mats also offer maximum weather protection. There are grooves in the mat to catch spills and dirt without a hassle.

The backs of the mats have no-skid cleats that will prevent the mat from moving around. The cleats work well, but don’t wholly fit the mats to the floor.

The installation will take only minutes. If a mat needs trimming, you can use a pair of large scissors to cut off the excess.

The fit is suitable for most vehicles, but some newer models may find these mats a bit too small.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible rubber
  • No odor
  • Anti-skid cleats at the bottom
  • Easy to trim
  • All-weather protection


  • May not fit in some vehicles
  • The cleats don’t fit the mat to the car floor completely

4. AmazonBasics 3 Piece Car Floor Mat, Black

AmazonBasics 3 Piece Car Floor Mat, Black

Why we like it: Super-affordable car floor mat that’s actually well-made and performs wonderfully. AmazonBasics products offer customers high value without sacrificing performance. These car floor mats aren’t much different. You probably won’t find a cheaper product that performs this well.

Editor’s Rating:


These floor mats are available in 3 pieces. You’ll get two front mats and a long back mat.

The mats are made from flexible rubber that bends easily. The car floor mats are soft, so trimming is easy too.

Front mats are 17.4 x 28 inches in size, and the back mat is 17 x 52.2 inches in size. Each mat has non-slip secure placement cleats.

This product is backed by a warranty from AmazonBasics. The one-year warranty is very advantageous considering most universal car mats don’t come with any guarantee.


The rubber floor mats can be removed effortlessly for easy cleaning, whether shaken out or sprayed down with a garden hose. There is no need to use a cumbersome vacuum cleaner or harsh chemicals. Simply rinse with water and air or towel dry.

These mats are so inexpensive but the performance is really great. Don’t expect a perfect fit, though. But trimming the edges is hassle-free because the material is so soft.

You can use a utility knife or even a pair of scissors to trim these mats for an exact fit. The material is soft, but the rubber is firm too. Overall, the quality of the material is really reliable.

The mats have significant grooves to hold spilled water or melted snow. The grooves are pretty deep and can hold a considerable amount of water.

These car mats won’t skid. However, the skidding is not 100 percent so you might have to find an alternative way to hold the mat down for the driver’s seat side.

The mats are super easy to clean and easily rinse off with water. Maintenance is minimal and the performance is great.


The best advantage of these car mats is that they are really low-priced. The performance, however, far exceeds the price tag.

You can expect all the features you need from a universal car mat, such as all-weather performance, spill catching, anti-skid, easy trim, and the ease of cleaning. Plus, there’s a warranty thrown in, so this would be an excellent product to choose.


  • Anti-skid mats
  • Flexible rubber material
  • Deep grooves hold liquid spills well
  • Low price tag
  • Warranty included


  • Anti-skid not sufficient for front seat

5. BDK MT-641-BL Universal Fit 4-Piece Metallic Design Car Floor Mat - (Blue)

BDK MT-641-BL Universal Fit 4-Piece Metallic Design Car Floor Mat - (Blue)

Why we like it: Give your vehicle’s floors a shiny new look with these blue-hued universal car mats that look like they are made of steel. Add some serious flair to your vehicle with these shiny metallic floor mats. These mats are a great change from the common rubber mats. Each package contains four separate floor mats. You can buy in four colors—blue, red, silver, and carbon (dark). Despite the rad colors, these mats are not more expensive than the average rubber universal car mat.

Editor’s Rating:


You will get two front mats and two back mats in the package. Each mat is made from vinyl with a bright metallic chrome finish.

The exterior of the mats has a scratch-resistant and anti-color face coating for durability. The mats are waterproof and can catch spills.

The front mats are 27 x 19 inches in size and the back mats are 16 x 19.5 inches in size. The mats have non-skid nibs in the back to protect against skidding.


These car mats look amazingly gaudy and pretty cool. The aesthetics are worlds apart from the typical rubber mat.

The vinyl has a lovely chrome finish, hence the great looks. You won’t have to worry about the color fading or the surface scratching because the chrome finish protects against all that.

Like rubber mats, these vinyl mats are waterproof. These mats will catch dirt, debris, spills, and snow with ease.
The mats come with an excellent non-skid backing. These wills stay in place. It’s particularly comfortable for the driver’s side seat.

The vinyl is easy to trim. However, trimming slightly damages the metallic coating. But it won’t start to peel right away. Don’t expect the same flexibility and durability as heavy-duty rubber.

These mats are available individually. So the big hump in the back won’t be covered in any vehicle.


You can definitely upgrade the interior of your car with these mats without spending a lot. The main advantage of these mats are the looks.

Performance is good too, but these mats lack the flexibility and durability of heavy-duty rubber. But these will last a long time too.


  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Color fade resistant
  • Catches spills
  • Four-piece set
  • Non-skid backing


  • Trimming may damage the coating
  • Not as flexible as rubber
  • May not be durable

6. OxGord 4pc Full Set Carpet Floor Mats

OxGord 4pc Full Set Carpet Floor Mats

Why we like it: These OxGord carpet car floor mats are bigger than most. The carpet is rubber backed and available colors include pink! These OxGord mats are made from carpet and rubber. The mats are a universal fit, but you will find the sizes to be slightly bigger than the average universal car mat. These car floor mats are available in a wide variety of colors. That’s a major plus if you want to match the mats to beige or grey seats. The mats are also available in pink if you want to add some flashiness to the interior of your vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:


These OxGord mats are made from a high-quality fabric material. Though the top is carpet, the mats are backed with rubber.

The front mat is 17.50 x 27.00 inches in size and the rear mat is 13.25 x 17.50 inches in size. Each package comes in a set of four.


These mats are wonderfully thick and will prevent any liquid from reaching the car floor. The best part about the design is the rubber backing, which has small spiked to prevent slipping or skidding.

The rubber backing also makes these car floor mats partially waterproof. Any spilled liquid will be soaked and prevented from leaking out.

The grip is great, especially for cloth car floor mats. The variety of available colors are quite amazing, especially the pink mats that will certainly stand out.

Trimming is a bit difficult due to the thickness of the mats. But you can trim relatively well using a good utility knife or sharp heavy-duty scissors.

It’s highly recommended to punch holes in the mats to hook to the car floor to prevent some slight moving around. It may interfere particularly on the driver’s side.

The biggest downside is cleaning. The fabric carpet doesn’t rinse off easily. Prepare to vacuum and shampoo, or use a steam cleaner.

Some liquids may stain the fabric. So you might have to replace these floor mats sooner than you think.


These carpeted universal car mats offer great aesthetics, performance, and affordability. These have a rubber backing so you won’t get the usual problems associated with fabric mats. The mats are a bit difficult to clean, but otherwise, it’s a great product.


  • Thick
  • Rubber backing
  • Anti-skid spikes
  • Variety of colors available to match interior


  • Difficult to clean
  • The fabric part may stain

7. FH Group Heavy Duty Tall Channel F11311RED Rubber Floor Mat

FH Group Heavy Duty Tall Channel F11311RED Rubber Floor Mat

Why we like it: Affordable and stylish, these universal rubber car mats are slightly taller than most mats available in the market. This rubber universal car mat sports a stylish design unlike other rubber mats. Far from being bland and dark, these floor mats showcase a block of color that you can use to upgrade the interior looks of your vehicle. The price isn’t bad either.

Editor’s Rating:


These mats are made from rubber. The mats are waterproof and stain resistant.

The front mats measure 27.5 x 20 inches and the back mats measure 13 x 17 inches. Each car mat is nibbed in the underside.

The mats have a partial area that is available in different colors. You can choose a mat in black and another color like red, blue, pink, or beige.


This universal car mat surprises for several reasons. First, it actually sports a colorful style, whereas most rubber mats are just singularly black in color.

These mats are also taller than most vehicles. The front mats are significantly tall, which is a major plus for certain vehicle models.

The FH car mats are made from rubber with deep outer ridges. These ridges will keep any spilled fluids on the mat.
Another strong point is the nibbed back. You can expect the underside to stay in place and prevent skidding thanks to the rather large nibs.

The rear mats could be a bit too small for some vehicles. Also, the rear mats don’t cover the hump in the middle of the back seat area.


The FH rubber mats perform quite well given the price tags. These rubber mats are great for any weather and particularly for liquid spills. Other than the minor issue of small rear seats, these floor mats are great for any vehicle.


  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Prevents leakage on car floor
  • Available with a color option
  • Four-piece set
  • Taller than average front mats


  • Rear mats slightly small
  • No part to cover middle of the back seat area

8. Zone Tech All Weather Carpet Vehicle Floor Mats

Zone Tech All Weather Carpet Vehicle Floor Mats

Why we like it: These carpeted car floor mats are surprisingly affordable and offer top-grade protection. Zone Tech carpeted car floor mats are some of the most affordable you can buy. But that doesn’t mean the mats are of low-quality. This four-piece set would be suitable for just about any vehicle, especially one that requires separate car mats in the back.

Editor’s Rating:


These car floor mats are made from carpet with a nibbed backing for protection. The floor mats have heed pads to rest soles of shows.

The heel pad is made from vinyl. All materials are used is premium quality. The mats are available as two tall pieces for the front and two small pieces for the rear.


These carpeted universal car mats are tougher than they look. The carpet is very synthetic and catches just about any type of dirt and grime.

There’s some waterproof quality to the material too. However, don’t expect complete waterproof-ness because these mats don’t have a rubber backing.

The backs of the mats are heavily nibbed. It prevents some skidding, but don’t expect a complete fixed fit.

The main disadvantage of these universal car mats is that the mats don’t really stay in place. You might have to use the heel pads to make them stay in place.

The heel pads are there to catch dirt and other grime when you place your shoes. It offers superior protection.

Unlike typical carpeted car floor mats, the edges of these mats are weighed down. They won’t curl up and cause annoyances.

The carpet can be a hassle to clean. But all carpet mats are difficult to clean compared to rubber.


These carpeted universal car mats may skid all over the floor, but they offer excellent protection for vehicle floors. They fit well and catch dust and grime quite well.

The affordable price tag doesn’t hurt either. These carpets are long-lasting, so you can expect to use them for several years.


  • Affordable
  • Top-quality carpet
  • Vinyl heel pads


  • Difficult to clean
  • Skidding

9. BDK Classic Carpet Floor Mats for Car & Auto

BDK Classic Carpet Floor Mats for Car & Auto

Why we like it: These carpet car floor mats are needle punch ready and have heel pads. These highly affordable carpet car mats are designed for car owners who don’t want rubber. You can use these with any type of vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:


The four-piece set includes front floor mats that are 25 x 17 inches in size and back floor mats that are 13 x 17 in size. The back mat is slightly smaller than average.

The backing is heavily nibbed. There’s a thin rubber layer providing backing and water resistance.
The mats also have heel pads in the front. The heel pads absorb water.


It should be understood right away that these car mats are rather thin with a rubber back and a carpeted top. Some car owners may not like the thinness, but others might prefer it.

Thanks to the nibbed rubber backing, these car mats offer water resistance against spills. The mats can contain minor spills and any moisture from your feet will be absorbed by the heel pads.

You can rely on these car floor mats to keep your vehicle dry. Cleaning up afterward is a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth it.

The universal floor mats, though branded, have a generic design. So don’t expect any holes for hooks on the car floor.

However, you can punch your own holes in the carpet easily and ensure a good fit.

These car mats offer better traction than most. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better than the average carpeted universal car mat.


These universal car mats are dirt cheap, but they are worth giving a look over. You can expect durability and good performance.


  • Rubber backing
  • Anti-skid nibbing
  • Vinyl heel pads
  • Good traction
  • Affordable


  • Rear mats may be small
  • Quite thin

10. Plasticolor 001440R01 Universal-Fit Leopard Wild Skinz Front and Rear Floor Mat - Set of 4

Plasticolor 001440R01 Universal-Fit Leopard Wild Skinz Front and Rear Floor Mat - Set of 4

Why we like it: Make your car look super cool with these leopard printed universal car mats. Tired of all the boring black or beige car mats dominating the market. Take a break from all that with this Plasticolor universal car mat. The leopard print would simply dazzle you.

Editor’s Rating:


These cat mats are designed just like any other, except for the faux leopard print. It’s a regular carpet but the leopard print stands out.

You can clean this car floor carpet with soap and eater. The back seat car mats are not connected well.
You can buy the same version of this product with different skins, like wolves and zebras.


This leopard print carpet offers the best value in its design. It’s so unique-looking, it would make any car look rather flashy, but in a creative way.

Despite the low price tag, the leopard print doesn’t look cheap at all. It looks pretty much the same as in the advertising materials, with some minor color changes.

The carpets are made from only fabric. And these are thin. The advantage is that the carpets naturally stick to the floors with minimal skidding.

But there’s only minimal spill protection. You might want to avoid using these during the rainy or snow melting season.

It’s a bit difficult to clean. No quick rinsing, but the carpets quickly get clean with some soap and water.

One mat even comes with a heel pad. This is great for the driver’s side. The heel pad absorbs more water.

The rear mats don’t have a long connection in the middle so the back hump will go uncovered.


These universal car mats are best suited for adding flair to your vehicle and making a fashion statement. Most printed car mats are super expensive and rare. But these are affordable and obtainable online.

While these mats lack most features you might want like water resistance, they still perform well in dry weather. As long as you avoid wet weather, these car floor mats should do quite well.


  • Leopard print
  • Heel pad
  • Four pieces
  • Four pieces


  • No backing
  • No grip
  • Won’t catch spills

Guide to Buying the Best Universal Car Mat

Shopping for a universal car mat may sound like the easiest thing ever. When size is not a concern, you can buy anything right?

Actually, you need to pay attention to several important factors, such as the following, to make the most suited decision:

Check Vehicle Model Compatibility

As explained above, universal car mats do have sizes. The “universal fit” means these car mats are suited for just about any vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean they are an exact fit.

You will have to trim the edges to suit the car mats to custom fit your vehicle model. While trimming is usually not a hassle, mats that are smaller than usual can be a problem.

It’s typically the rear mats that tend to be smaller than your requirements. To avoid this problem altogether, you can check compatible vehicle models as listed by the brand manufacturer.

You can alternatively check the mat sizes online and measure your vehicle’s floors and see if the sizes match.

Make a List of Your Requirements

Before you start browsing through products, make a list of things you might need. Start by thinking about why you need universal car mats.

Sure, it’s to protect the car’s flooring. But what would be the biggest hazard? Dust or spills from your kids’ drinks?

Do you also want to improve the looks of the interior of your vehicle? Think about these things and make a list. It will help you shop for the product best suited for your needs and avoid the duds.

Grip is More Important Than You Think

Universal car mats are not like the floor mats in your house. Those floor mats may move around as you step on them. Car mats can too unless they come with an anti-skid backing.

Here’s the problem with car mats that move around: Even the slightest movement can impede driving performance. That’s a major concern.

Some drivers may find hooks on the car floor and attach the mat by punching holes. It’s less bothersome to find a set of car mats that come with excellent grip on the back.

The grip is made using cleats or nibs, usually made from rubber. This is the best type of backing you can buy (and really should).

Carpet Vs. Rubber Vs. Vinyl

You will see three main materials when you shop for universal car mats:
Rubber, carpet, and vinyl.

Rubber car mats are the most common, followed by carpet. A rare number of mats are made from vinyl or may contain vinyl parts.

Rubber mats are completely waterproof, are easy to clean, and offer excellent gripping protection. These mats can last long.

Carpet is not waterproof but may catch dirt better than rubber. These car mats are only waterproof with a rubber or vinyl backing.

Vinyl is a type of plastic that is waterproof like rubber but is flexible like a carpet. You can consider this material if the mat meets all the other criteria listed here.

Do You Want to Make a Fashion Statement?

Car mats are usually drab and dark. Rubber mats are near universally black. You may be able to find carpet mats in other colors like blue, gray and pink.

If you want a fashionable car mat, you can consider the aesthetics of the product too. Understandably, many car owners would want their cars to look good as well as remain protected.


It’s near impossible to find universal car mats that fit exactly. You may want to trim the edges for most products.

If trimming is necessary, use a pair of scissors or a utility knife. Some material, like rubber, is easy to trim compared to other material like carpet.

Be aware that trimming might pose a problem in some car mats, such as those made from vinyl. The trimming may expose any material inside and make the mat vulnerable to peeling.

Maintenance and Cleaning Requirements

Car mats need to be clean. If you want an easy to clean mat, then go with rubber. You can easily rinse off a rubber car floor mat without needing to use soap and scrubbing.

Carpet mats are difficult to clean. You may need to use a steam cleaner for the job.

As long as the material is flexible and soft, cleaning and trimming should be a breeze.

All Weather Performance

All-weather performance ensures that the car mat can withstand the elements like rain and mud. Carpet mats are not so clean.

Rubber mats also dry quickly. Cleaning vinyl isn’t different from cleaning rubber, but don’t use any harsh chemicals on it.

The all-weather performance will keep the car floor clean even in winter and rainy days. It’s a better investment overall.


The durability of the car floor mats is difficult to tell. It depends on the usage and how well you maintain them.

Rubber mats may last longer because these are easy to clean on a weekly basis. The carpets can stain and pose a myriad of cleaning issues, so they may not last as long as you hope.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy carpet car mats. You should weigh in your options considering unique needs.

How Many Pieces Do You Need to Buy?

You will find that universal car mats are available in three or four piece sets. Which set do you need?

Three piece car mat sets include two front mats and one long rear mat. The rear mat comprises two side mats connected by a long extension. When you place the mat, this extension falls on the back hump of the vehicle. So all parts of the rear floor are covered.

Four piece car mat sets come with two front and rear mats each. So the hump area won’t be covered.

Whether you want a three-piece set or a four piece one should depend on whether you want all of the rear floor covered, or just the areas where you place your feet.

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