The 10 Best Engine Degreasers to Buy 2020


Automotive, industrial machinery or equipment engines fall prey to buildup of dirt, oil and grease. These deposits inhibit heat transfer and thus cause warmer engines with decreased fuel efficiency along with increased oil thirst. You also stain your clothing when trying to fix up the engine.

With heavy duty cleaners made from a potent formula compatible with all substrates, you can spruce up the engine without taking the unit apart.

However, the search for the best engine degreasers is not a walk in the park. You need a gentle cleaner that flushes away foreign particles without damaging substrates, penetrates rapidly and leaves no messy residue.

Fortunately, we dug deeper in the market to home in high-performance, versatile, and biodegradable cleaners to service your engine. We showcase novel, exciting and in-demand products that have become trusted favorites.

Before we dive into reviewing the heavy duty cleansers, we will look at the key considerations to get the cream of the market’s merchandise.

Features to Consider in Good Engine Degreasers

Superior Cleaning/Degreasing Properties

Heavy duty engine degreasers provide a thicker consistency and clinging foam ability not found in conventional products. Since they are designed to penetrate vertical or horizontal surfaces, they come in handy for the undersides of an engine due to maximum cleaning potency. When it comes to your engine, you don’t want solvents that drip or run-off rapidly before breaking down dirt, oil and grease.

Ease of Use

Heavy oil sludge removers come in a squeeze bottles, aerosol packs and pump delivery. A vast majority create a foaming solution without additional flushing action by adding water to enhance cleaning impacts. Products that produce a foamy opaque liquid rather than a clear solution make it easy to monitor as you clean.

With easy monitoring and quick results, you will not waste a hard-earned degreaser by applying twice or more.


The last thing you want is a product that becomes hard to spray or discharge on the move. A vast majority of degreasers come in a squeeze bottle, can, aerosol pack or pump delivery. Aerosol cans enhance effectiveness by creating a heavy foam coating. Push-button sprays and containers equipped with an aerosol valve allow you to spray right-side up and upside down for penetrating the vertical sides. You can hit the sweet spot on the lower portion of the engine without the loss of propellant.


Extreme-duty cleaners must have contaminant-free, eco-friendly and safer measures to prevent injury to the user or the environment. For a biodegradable, steer clear of petroleum-based or volatile compounds that do not readily degrade. With the active ingredients contained in an aqueous medium, it works without toxic additives. It should not have a flash point as this poses fire hazards.

Top 10 Best Engine Engine Degreasers 2020

1. Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser/Stain Remover

What we like: The cleaning power of this universal degreaser will knock off stubborn oil, grease and rubber grime, yet it is compatible with virtually all surfaces. The patented blend of biodegradable ingredients lack toxic effects for health-conscious users and the planet.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
This biodegradable cleaner contains high water content with surfactants, detergents and emulsifiers. The emulsifier remains highly stable because of the surfactant which gives it potent power to flush out grease, oil and inorganic grime from engines.
The composition has an emulsified organic solvent for better viscosity than all-solvent based products that allows it to cling to vertical surfaces longer. This enhances cleaning action by promoting longer contact time.

Krud Kutter Cleaner carries off grease and simulates the degreasing properties of solvent-based cleaners. Furthermore, the biodegradable surfactant functions to inhibit re-deposition of materials brushed away from the surface. For your convenience, the spray valve has a jet action to increase penetration into grime and flush it away. It also allows access to hard-to-reach areas. You clean tough grime without harming your materials as it is gentle. Krud Kutter Degreaser works like stink and leaves no residue.
With its superb cleaning power, it doubles as a stain remover for concrete garage floors, high traffic carpets, grout, and adhesives.

Convenient Features
From its powerful blend of biodegradable ingredients in a water-based solution, you can slough off tenacious stains and take on extremely tough jobs. The composition has thicker consistency and clinging foam that remains active for longer periods. You can easily apply on vertical, horizontal and undersides with increased cleaning effectiveness. As a means of slashing production costs, Krud Kutter breaks away with tradition by ditching expensive kerosene, fuel oil and naphtha fractions in favor of high water content. It also gets the additional water flushing step off your chest.

Krud Kutter Degreaser performs well for engines and other surfaces. However, even with its array of wonderful features, it has some downsides. For instance, it may not work in the most severe cases like caked-on stains on concrete, brick, masonry and asphalt. The label also admonishes against use on varnished surfaces and leather. With high water content, it provides more powerful cleaning action and limits the overall amount of petrochemicals.

  • Specially developed to clean and degrease all types of surfaces
  • Will not re-deposit residue
  • Fast-drying
  • Formulated with inert ingredients that will not react with surfaces
  • Tenaciously clings to surface without running off
  • Easily removable after use and does not persist on surfaces after washing off thoroughly
  • Not ultra-powerful for the most stubborn stains

2. Spray Nine Heavy Duty Degreaser

What we like: Even with a water-based formulation, Spray Nine proves that a biodegradable heavy-duty degreaser tools you up for the most challenging applications. This product does not include volatile solvents and toxic petroleum chemicals that are highly flammable. It has pretty of cleaning power for engines, plumbing, processing equipment, machinery and other extreme-duty applications.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
At the outset, this non-petroleum degreaser comes free of toxic and ecologically unsuitable solvents. It boasts a unique combination that packs a punch for heavy duty cleaning demands like large scale industrial use. The thick concentrate ensures prolonged contact with the surface covered with oil or grease.

When it comes to surfaces of an odd shape or hard-to-reach surfaces like engine parts or tank interiors, it has high viscosity to degrease for a longer time. If you need a formula to remove materials that may be difficult solubilize, Spray Nine is effective for extra-heavy duty cleaning. You get 5 gallons of the concentrate in a bucket to range over extensive spaces.

Convenient Features
This heavy-duty cleaner provides biodegradability and lower vapor pressure that makes it more environmental-friendly than petroleum based solvents or oxygenated products. Accordingly, Spray Nine represents a multi-use formula for a variety of cleaning demands. It serves as a general purpose cleaner, heavy duty degreaser, an engine groomer, tar remover, adhesive extraction and parts’ washer. The potent combination rapidly blasts through caked-on grease, grime and contaminants.

A vast majority of users share a common experience about the unsurpassed cleaning power of Spray Nine. The powerful formula quickly cuts through extreme-duty automotive soils, grease and dirt. It offers a safe, non-flammable, eco-friendly and VOC compliant alternative to petroleum solvents. Moreover, it comes in a 20 liters container for generous applications without mixing or guesswork in industrial settings. The only problem is the potency as it may eat away some surfaces but you can dilute it.

  • Multi-use and highly powerful formula for industrial jobsites
  • Slices through heavy duty sludge oil, grease and dirt
  • Biodegradable and toxic-free
  • No residual grit
  • No mixing or prep
  • Will not strip away polish or finish
  • May eat away some surfaces

3. RTX-9 Turbo All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser & SKU Killer

What we like: RTX-9 degreaser provides an odorless, non-corrosive and light duty cleaner ready to use on the go. This formula greatly improves the method of degreasing and oil removal. What’s more, this product is compliant with the CARB regulations in California legislated for consumer products. The abrasive-free cleaner does not irritate the skin or eyes.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
With more than 20 years of experience under the belt, Bradley Systems has carved a name for technologically advanced industrial cleaners in the market. The company is blazing the trail in the field with powerful, versatile and environmentally-friendly products.

In the same vein, the RTX-9 Heavy Duty cleaner offers a contaminant-free way to get rid of bugs from vehicles, facilities and equipment. Don’t mistake this environmentally-friendly product for an ineffective formula; the bottle hides a versatile and strong combination that is easy to sluice down the chute.

However, this light duty degreaser will not work in industrial environments to slice through heavy duty sludge oil, grease and adhesives. It is best suited for bug guts, bird crap and the dirtiest jobsite applications. It contains organic ingredients that meet stringent toxicological standards-California Clean Air Rule 1171. Turbo reduces your carbon imprint while you don’t pump deleterious compounds into public sewers.

Convenient Features
Let’s now dive into the package of goodies that come with this cleaner. For starters, the last thing you want is a product lurking with pungent, abrasive and irritating chemicals. Nobody wants to end up with such a concoction in a closed room. With this RTX-9, you’ve a biodegradable cleaner without health warnings and loads of protective gear. You will grow fond of your Turbo bottle as it packs a punch to burst through grime in very little portions. Remember to lightly moisten a cloth when using on leather or delicate surface.

In all, tooling up your detailing armory with this RXT-9 cleaner brings versatility and improved scrubbing performance. Moreover, it works like charm while it poses zero hazards making it suitable for domestic environments. It comes in a compact bottle for portable benefits and use on the move. You can swing into action to spruce up steering wheels, floor mats, tires, dashboard and all types of grime that come by its way.

  • Quickly cleans and degreases many surfaces
  • Thoroughly cuts through and removes carbon deposits, oil, grime, grease, tar and adhesives
  • Leaves no residue
  • Will not damage engine parts, materials and equipment
  • All-in-one formula
  • Certified for use in California
  • Not for heavy duty industrial use

4. Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper

What we like: Chemical Guys Grime Reaper offers a formula stronger than acid with extremely concentrated surfactants in a water-based solution to strip away stubborn grime, oil and grease. You can dilute the concentrated degreaser to generate up to 8 gallons from 1 gallon. You get a money-saving all-purpose formula for large scale or long term use.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
The Extreme Grime Reaper refers to a powerful degreaser synthesized from a winning combination of pristine surfactants and water-based solution. It quenches the thirst of auto reconditioning specialists in the market for an all-round remover for grease, oil and stains.
With this grease extractor, you neaten up engines, tires, door jambs and wheel wells without excessive foaming, waste treatment and handling problems. The water-soluble surfactant enhances detergency, de-foaming and aids in splitting off oil, grease, grime, and filth buildup.

Chemical Guys bring an extremely effective cleaning method that dissolves tough grime and stains from a broad array of surfaces. The super-concentrated, professional-grade formula allows you to sluice down accumulated gunk and filthiest messes easily. What’s more, you can dilute the product in tandem with the level of contamination thanks to the super-concentration technology.

Convenient Features
Chemical Guys equips you with professional-grade cleaning power for extreme industrial road grime, heavy grease and filthy deposits. This is not a light duty degreaser but an all-purpose industrial-grade cleaner to maintain your machines’ novelty in a jiffy. It comes with a potent surfactant system for tough jobs without leaving a residue to restore the livery and authenticity of your vehicles. Another aspect that sweetens the deal is the extreme concentration as you can dilute for light cases and avoid wastage.

If you nothing but a grime-reaper that shatters the bond of heavy grease and dirt on the surface, Chemical Guys fills the bill. It is worth every penny spent with a powerful surfactant to slice through loose stains and caked-on grime. However, this degreaser has exceled in resuscitating the automotive exterior areas like wheel wells, undercarriage and engine bays. Those who want a cleaner for interior parts should look elsewhere. You have to use it on cool surfaces to avoid staining that comes from chemical reactions when heated.

  • Finest and most powerful surfactant system
  • Super-concentrate for diluting to last longer
  • Leaves no residue
  • Cuts through heavy oil sludge and stubborn stains
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly and VOC compliant
  • All-purpose formula
  • Must be diluted carefully

5. Simple Green Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate

What we like: The powerful and highly concentrated formula can be diluted to produce up to 14 gallons to save you more bucks. You can conquer heavy duty grease, oil and grime with this all-in-one cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer. This professional-grade product allows any do-it-yourselfer to make floors, walls, equipment, automotive or appliances bright and breezy once again.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
Developed for multi-use contractor applications, the Simple Green offers a killer bullet to annihilate tough rubber grime, stains and grease like the devil. It’s a non-corrosive, nontoxic and contaminant-free product for applying on metal surfaces with peace of mind. It comes in an improved formula with better adhesion to tough grime longer for intensive cleaning.
The formula will get the most begrimed surfaces clean and fresh while it is mild to prevent premature deterioration of your investment. This quick and safe formula bursts through the toughest grime, dirt, and grease to resuscitate floors, walls, automotive or recreational vehicle restoration.

Convenient Features
Simple Green tops it all with a potent and easy-to-use formula to eliminate tough residues from a variety of surfaces. This water-soluble, biodegradable formula allows you to rinse if off to leave the area spick-and-span. It leaves no messy or sticky residue thus enabling you to range over extensive surfaces without repetitive cleaning. It will break down oil, grease and grime leaving the area unadulterated. Plus, you can dilute it to make it last longer.

At the end of the day, Simple Green is a highly versatile and potent formula for metals, work piece, floors, walls, machinery, and automotive. It will remove most contaminants but not everything out there, for example, mold and mildew. Besides, it comes in a non-hazardous, nontoxic and ready to use formula that works without mixing or guestimates.

  • Flushes away tough grime, grease and oil
  • Penetrates rapidly
  • Metal-friendly and safe on virtually all substrates
  • Cleans and degreases excellently
  • Easy to use, no mixing or guesswork
  • Biodegradable and benign formula
  • May not work for mold, mildew and other contaminants


What we like: The 3D Grand Slam uses a concentrated formulation with synergizing ingredients that cut through, loosen and strip away grease, oil or grime. You can go at surfaces with full strength or a more diluted concentration for general purpose degreasing. It doubles as a degreaser and cleaner for light duty or severe cases.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
3D has made a footprint with top quality detailing products in the automotive industry. The company has a strong brand reputation from its variety of products that has won the hearts of dealerships, car enthusiasts, and automotive specialists.
In the same breath, the 3D Grand Slam contains an ultra-concentrated degreaser that exhibits excellent cleaning and degreasing ability. Pre-measured dilution ratios for light-duty (10:1) or extreme (1:4) applications eliminate the need for guesswork when preparing a solution. The non-corrosive, biodegradable and health-friendly composition will loosen and emulsify organic or greasy grime deposits.

Convenient Features
This Grand Slam gives a predetermined ratio tailored to light-duty and extreme applications for industrial use. The ultra-concentrated formula eats away stubborn grime in a matter of seconds. You can dilute it up to a ratio of 20:1 with water. Best of all, it has no scent, is all natural and biodegradable for the ultimate safety. In the wake of global climate crisis, 3D comes with organic, green and VOC compliant ingredients to reduce your carbon imprint.

At half cheap the price, the 3D Grand Slam is definitely the go-to auto care and detailing product to restore shine, color and appearance of virtually all surfaces. It will emulsify organic media with grime, grease and oil to flush away the excess dirt under the hood. The only downside is the fact that it cannot be used without dilution straight out of the container.

  • Penetrates rapidly to loosen and emulsify grime
  • Works on many substrates
  • Easy to rinse off and safe on painted exteriors
  • Ultra-concentrated for stubborn stains
  • All-natural, biodegradable and VOC compliant
  • Pre-measured water dilution rations
  • Works best when using a pressure spray or brush

7. WD-40 Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

What we like: Best-in-class engine degreaser that quickly eliminates grease, oil, and grime with a deep penetrant and foaming action for hard to reach areas. The spray valve jet action propels it up to five feet to neaten up vertical, horizontal or undersides for engines, industrial machinery and other metal tools.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
This powerful degreaser comes in a stackable and pocket-sized spray bottle for on-the-go use by do-it-yourselfers. It contains a low-residue, water-based foaming composition that rapidly bursts through crevices and hidden “sweet spots” for thorough results. The high water content minimizes the amount of petroleum-based ingredients without sacrificing the product’s detergency and foaming properties.

The nozzle spray promotes the penetration of active ingredients deep into the surface of the application. It is also biodegradable while it cleans quickly and safely without a sticky film or residue. You can use it to purge oil, grime, grease and contaminants from machinery or engines with the long-range nozzle. It adheres to surfaces for intense cleaning.

Convenient Features
This powerful degreaser comes with a hands-on nozzle spay for long distance and hard to reach areas. Top it all with the straw included from the convenience department to go at tight begrimed or greased spots with target precision. It also gives you optimal control to avoid wastage for long-lasting use. We also liked the fact that it comes in a compact and lightweight pack stackable in a repair kit for transport or storage.

On the whole, this product offers a potent formula to flush away oil, dirt and grease from automotive engines, farm equipment or industrial machinery. A nozzle spray paired with a straw brings all deeply embedded filth within your reach. It stays where you apply and works in a foaming action to loosen grime. But it may not represent the best degreaser out there when it comes to extreme applications.

  • High pressure spray for hard-to-reach areas
  • Water-based, environmentally-friendly formula
  • Powerful formula
  • Multi-use machinery and engine degreaser
  • Portable benefits
  • Unique straw creates a precision stream to penetrate crevices
  • Not safe for sensitive tools like firearms

8. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

What we like: Powerful and fast acting performance to take on the toughest jobs without leaving messy residues or sticky films sticks out as its selling point. Even better, this nontoxic super-degreaser lacks pungent, acrid and flammable chemicals but imparts a pleasant herbal fragrance. It deserves the title ‘king of the toughest grease’.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
Very many degreasers would pale in comparison with the Meguiar’s D10801 formula regarding performance. This super-degreaser works like stink by rapidly denaturing even the most stubborn grime. First of all, this alkaline-based cleaner works perfectly to emulsify fats, oils and grease. It breaks down molecules to prevent clumping or adhesion. Stories and testimonials from users allude it has better foaming ability. It also leaves a clean scent behind the unadulterated surfaces.

It contains a blend of nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients that will not injure your skin. It does not leave a white residue behind like other degreasers. Even though it is not meant for painted surfaces, diluting it allows you to take on more detailing applications. The specially designed degreaser offers a workhorse that exerts full strength to flush away caked-on grime or oils. You won’t get light films after applying on surfaces, rinsing off and drying.

Convenient Features
One of the features that make the Meguiar’s Super Degreaser stand out in the detailing world is its powerful cleaning power and ease of use. It offers terrific versatility while it remains highly predictable. You can trust its results without a nail-biting experience. Moreover, it leaves herbal fragrance behind for a sparkling surface. It has not raised eyebrows in the consumer space by damaging things when applied. When diluted heavily, it works great on paint or glass.

All in all, this super degreaser will blast through anything that comes its way without leaving residue spots. The strong and fast-acting detergency makes it ideal for tough detailing applications. It is easy to use straight from the container, just spray on and wipe off. However, it costs more and may not be readily available at stores near you. You have to order the product online.

  • Paint and-glass friendly when diluted
  • Dedicated and predictable automotive degreaser
  • High fidelity foam and suds
  • Breaks caked-on dirt, grime or grease
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Pricey

9. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Degreaser

What we like: Chemical Guys created a professional-grade degreaser with the cleaning properties of citrus to slice through the toughest grease or grime. It adds an extremely versatile formula for plethora applications. It has professional strength for pristine detailing results in the automotive universe.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
For detailing specialists in the market seeking a super-concentrated formula with ultimate versatility, this degreaser works excellently to loosen and emulsify grease, oil, grime, and other media. Chemical Guys Signature is hard to beat in the toughest job applications. If your car, truck, boat, and RV belong to environments such as racetracks, off-road and all-terrain, Chemical Guys restores the original look. Spray years of built-up grime and gunk down the chute for a fresh shine in easy steps.

The all-new unique citrus infused formula emulsifies caked-on grime and uproots it from the surface for a pristine sparkle. Even if you intend to use it in heavy mud, dirt and filth, you can pin all your hopes on this product for all-year round shipshape condition. Simply sprinkle a few ounces of the formula to a bucket full of water for light duty applications. You can resuscitate high gloss finish without marring or denaturing paint.

Convenient Features
Chemical Guys concocted Signature Series Orange Degreaser with potent citrus extracts and hyper surfactants to easily slice through while splitting off oil or grease from any surface. This specialty formula is a kiss of death to caked-on mud, oil, and grime build up at underside parts. It excels at both light duty and intense applications with its grunt paired with cleaning power. Additionally, it includes a trigger spray to release the formula fast and penetrate deeper.

This industrial strength will flush away nasty grime from automotive, floors, equipment, and virtually all substrates. The spray trigger allows you to cover all areas quickly. You have to soak the surfaces and allow the surfaces to sop up the formula. As long as you have a pressure washer to sluice down, it maintains shine for your engine bay and other surfaces.

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Convenient trigger-spray bottle
  • Dilutes in the ratio of 6:1
  • Nontoxic
  • Ultra-concentrated formula
  • Works rapidly and leaves no residue
  • Too strong for delicate substrates

10. Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser

What we like: With professional strength concentrate and maximum performance, any criticism of this product is like water off a duck’s back. This hungry to clean oil, grease and adhesives extractor will do the job for light, medium and heavy-duty applications thanks to its extreme potency.

Editor’s rating:

Formula & Cleaning Technology
Professional groomers know a decent cleaner or degreaser must be nontoxic, biodegradable, and petroleum-free. This water-based formula dissolves grease or grime from virtually all substrates while it’s acid-free, non-abrasive and lacks no petroleum solvents. Since it is ultra-concentrate it is ideal for light, medium or extreme-duty applications. The freshly scented formula allows you to neaten both indoors and outdoors without the acrid smells.

Better yet, this patented, anti-corrosion chemistry means you won’t be caught napping by damaged surfaces. Highly concentrated, alkaline and high water content provides better versatility or strength. When diluted, it meets or exceeds the toughest VOC standards including California’s 2013 CARB regulations. It contains highly refined chemicals to enhance cleaning power. Oil Eater comes with inorganic ingredients to disperse rock solid soils and enhance water softening.

Convenient Features
This versatile degreaser has an ultra-concentrated formula for the toughest industrial and household uses. Just add water for maximum performance for either light duty or toughest grime. The all-purpose cleaner is perfect for a broad array of surfaces like laundry, floors, driveways, tools, lubes and much more. Plus, it does not leave a residue or mess surfaces. The formula does not eat away paint or finish. Even better, customers get a toll-free hotline for professional advice.

On the whole, this Oil Eater offers a powerful, water-based formula will blast through grease or grime from all surfaces. It provides a killer bullet for all grime buildup when paired with scrubbers, washers, foam guns and carpet cleaners. For health conscious users, it meets California regulations meaning its abrasive-free, non-inflammable and biodegradable. The clear yellowish color ensures you don’t overuse the formula.

  • Multi-use residential and industrial applications
  • Environmentally-friendly and safe
  • For light duty, medium and extreme jobsite applications
  • California South Coast Air Quality Control and USDA Approved
  • Quick and powerful
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves oil stains on asphalt, concrete or brick

Guide to Buying the Best Engine Degreasers

Industrial Strength vs. Professional Strength

Which is better when stacked against each other, Industrial strength or professional grade degreasers? You need to have more facts at your fingertips so you can yield better detailing results. Most degreasers are alkaline based and dispersing agents to break down particles while preventing them from clumping together.

In the detailing world, both industrial-grade and professional strength degreasers are specially designed for a certain purpose. Industrial strength cleaners designed for heavy oil sludge have a highly concentrated formula that eats away paint when left on a surface for long. You don’t get sure results like general purpose degreasers as it may end up damaging surfaces. Professional-strength degreasers are gentle on surfaces and very predictable.

Water vs. Petroleum-Based Solvents

Petroleum-based solvents made from natural mineral oils gives them two properties. The first feature is their ubiquity and affordability. Next up, their raw power makes them ideal for extreme-duty applications. Onto the downsides, petroleum degreasers are very abrasive and pose risk to certain non-metallic parts.

Water-based degreasers contain a water base paired with a number of solvents. They cost less as they require less petroleum products. With high water content, this does not compromise their cleaning power but makes them gentler than other petroleum products. You also reduce your carbon imprint.


Every degreaser comes with a unique smell or fragrance. Chemical-chocked products may release acrid gases, react with surfaces and make the environment unbearable. For hypersensitive users, you may want to select an all-natural, odorless or perfumed product. However, you may tool up with a dust mask to block the smell.


Multi-surface degreasers are compatible with all surfaces, including plastic, chrome, metal and much more. All-purpose or general cleaners will do the job across a whole range of applications. They also tend to be mild and gentle on surfaces. It gives the best bang for your buck as you can neaten up plethora sites with one product.

Cleaning Technology

Degreasing products contain a number of ingredients that differ across the lineups. Alkaline or basic properties allow them to break down fatty acids, proteins and organic grime. The ingredients and formulation remain a trade secret or patent for the manufacturers.

While some will incorporate an emulsifying agent, others use citrus as the core cleaning compound. Surfactant systems possess detergency and dispersing properties to splinter dirt build-up. As most detailers and do-it-yourselfers will tell you, experience is the best teacher.

Ease of Use

For your convenience, degreasers are ready to use right from the bottle. Apart from diluting with water, most products do not require mixing or preparations. Some manufacturers go the extra mile to include a ratio for diluting in line with the task at hand.
Degreasers also include a trigger spray, straw and aerosol packs for quick applications without wastage. An aqueous colored solution allows you to monitor to avoid overkill or meager spraying.


A safe and health-friendly cleaner should do the trick without staining your clothes, irritating your eyes, and harming skin or respiratory system. You should scrutinize the composition of the degreaser to ensure it has no toxic, contaminant or inflammable ingredients. Remember these products are not food-safe and require rinsing off when used in domestic environments.

Final Words

At this juncture, you’ve learnt the ropes in the degreasing world and you should distinguish different products. Degreasers can increase the fruits of detailing and other applications as long as you know how to use the product. Best Engine Degreasers exhibit unique features, ingredients and benefits. Knowing your needs will shed light during your shopping process and reduce your load of homework.

As you know by now, some degreasers excel in some scenarios and outclass other competitors. Avoid misplaced priorities as you may buy a pig in a poke. Weigh the cluster of factors such as toxicological data, strength, intended purpose, scent and size to put your money into a lucrative product.