Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes for a Slick Ride

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes for a Slick Ride

For the new motorcycle owners, one of the maintenance processes that is often overlooked is changing the motorcycle chain lube. Although often neglected, this process is very essential to the health of your motorcycle. One reason why some are reluctant to change the motorcycle chain lube is that they do not know the right one to choose. Well, if you fall into this category, you are in luck. We have reviewed scores of motorcycle chain lubes, checking out their features, pros and cons, and have arrived at the ten best motorcycle chain lube on the market.

Additionally, we have provided a guide on how to change the lube, the factors to consider before buying a motorcycle chain lube, and some of the most frequently asked questions about these products. At the end of this post, we believe that it will be easier for you to choose the best motorcycle chain lube for your machine.

First, let us consider the mini-guide on choosing the best motorcycle chain lube.

Features to Consider in Good Motorcycle Chain Lube

There are many motorcycle chain lubricants on the market; hence, it can be hard selecting the right one. We have not only provided you with a review of the best motorcycle lubes on the market, but we offer you other essential information.

In this mini buying guide, we will consider why you should get yourself a motorcycle chain lube.

Benefits of Lubricating Your Motorcycle’s Chain

You might wonder, what is the point of buying a chain lubricant? Can’t you just lather the chain with a stick of butter and get it over with?

Well, there are several essential reasons why it is vital that you invest in a motorcycle chain lube. Here are some of the essential reasons or benefits:

It protects the chain from dirt

The motorcycle chain gets dirty fairly often and easily. We daresay it even gets dirtier than your motorcycle’s body. Just think about it, the chain is in proximity to the dingy, dirty blacktop. It lies just some inches above the ground. Hence, when riding in rain or on dusty roads, water and other debris splash from the road on to the chain. If not properly maintained, all of these will negatively affect the chain. Hence, a lubricant that has dirt repelling properties can protect the chain from the worst of the damage.

Improves Performance>

A clean, lubricated chain will definitely offer more in terms of performance and efficiency. By lubricating the chain, you will reduce friction and ensure smooth movement of the chain over the cog.

Water resistance

It can be frustrating having to replace a damaged chain, and it can be downright dangerous to have your chain break while you are speeding on the highway. One of the most insidious causes of this problem is corrosion. And water is one factor that causes corrosion. By using a good chain lube, you will provide a protective barrier that will keep away water and the resulting corrosion.


If you fail to lube your chain, be prepared for the dire consequences. A dry chain wears out faster than a lubricated chain. It will wear out four times faster than a well-lubricated motorcycle chain.

There are other benefits from using a motorcycle lube but these above are the main benefits. Now, let’s see the top ten best motorcycle chain lubes on the market.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes 2024

1. Motul 103244 M/C Care

Motul 103244 M/C Care

Why we like it: The Motul 103244 M/C Care chain lube comes in a condensed spray nature that allows you to apply it quickly and evenly over your chain. We like the speed of drying and compatibility with several chains.

Editor’s Rating:


The Motul lube is one of the best motorcycle chain lubes on the market. The company is known for its production of high-quality auto-care materials, and the 103244 lube is no exception. The fact that this is the chosen one out of the several lubes from the company shows how effective it is.

Motul has made this lube to survive the travails of hard travel while extending valuable protection to your motorcycle chain. It features an anti-fling formula and a milky profile, all of which act to protect your chain from water and corrosion.


This top-notch spray lubricant comes with the quality of both spray and wax. A wax takes time to apply, but with a spray, it can be used in a jiffy. When sprayed, the lubricant first comes out as a liquid. Over time, it settles like a soft waxy film. To ensure impressive performance, this wax settles into the chain, penetrates, and makes its rust and corrosion-resistant.

The Motul lube can be used for a wide variety of chains. For example, it works superbly with X, Z, and O-ring chains to deliver superior performance from what you might be used to.

As it comes in a spray format, it ensures hard to reach, and usually inaccessible areas are lubricated and protected.

Overall, this lube offers effective protection. Whether you ride on the highway or you go off-roading, the Motul chain lube will provide excellent protection from wear and shield the chain from humidity and moisture.


  • Easy to apply
  • Effective protection
  • Can reach inaccessible parts of the chain


  • Milky profile alters the nature of the spray

2. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

Why we like it: Although Maxima products are usually aimed at the racing market, this lube has found a use in domestic and non-racing applications. We love the Para-Film formula that covers your chain in wax and provides long-lasting and deeply penetrating protection.

Editor’s Rating:


The Maxima chain wax is a heavy-duty, high-performing chain lube that handily defeats most of the other chain lubes on the market. It is designed to work with a wide variety of motorcycle chains. From X, Z, and O-ring chains, you will find that this lube works very efficiently. Furthermore, it comes in a wide variety of sizes; thus, you can choose that which will suit your needs and will easily slip into your motorcycle tank bag.


Maxima is a US-based oil and lubricant company that has made a name for itself in the racing industry. Hence, it is a leading manufacturer of some of the best auto-car products. The protection derived from this chain lube is arguably unrivaled among the other lubes on the market.

It offers some of the best rust and corrosion protection we have come across. One leading reason for high-level protection is the patented Parafil formula from the manufacturer. This is a paraffin-based formula that first appears as a liquid when sprayed, but then penetrates the chain after forming a waxy film. This film coats the chain and repels water, dirt, and other impurities that might affect the performance of the chain.

With this feature, every part of the chain is utilized to its full potential. It is also very versatile as it can be used for all chains, cables, sprockets, and more.


  • Rust and wear-resistant
  • Sprays as a liquid which aids penetration
  • Heavy-duty lubricant
  • Great in humid environments


  • Difficult to remove the coating
  • Causes dirt build-up

3. DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant

DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant

Why we like it: DuPont is one of the most recognizable brands with regards to lubes and similar products. This product is quite popular, and we are not surprised. It offers superb protection and is one of the most dirt-resistant lubes you will find on the market.

Editor’s Rating:


If you usually lube your motorcycle chain, the chances are that you already know this lube from DuPont. It is one of the most reliable lubes out there. When you check out some of the features, you will understand why many trust it to keep their motorcycle chain clean and well-oiled. The Teflon found in the formula acts in several ways, including eliminating squeaks and rust. Additionally, this lube can be used on high-speed chains like those on ATVs, Go-Karts, and more. It can even be used domestically: for your garage door chains, chairs, ATV winch, and more.


One leading reason why this lube is so impressive is the Teflon found in the formula of this lube. Due to the Teflon, dirt and debris cannot stick to your chain. If you recall, Teflon is what is used in skillets to prevent eggs from sticking. Thus, we can boldly declare that this lube is one of the most dust and dirt resistant lubes you can buy right now.

Aside from the resistant to dirt, the lube is highly water and wear-resistant. The Teflon also plays a part here; however, credit must also be given to the Moly found in the formula. Once applied to the chain, this lube remains glued to the chain and is not flung away despite high speeds. Therefore, once sprayed, you can hope for a long-lasting period of use. With the simple spray and use of the application process, you can rest assured of quick application.

It is a low-odor film and is far friendlier to use than conventional heavy oils. Unlike several synthetic motor oils, this lubricant will not absorb or attract any contaminants that can affect the performance of your chain.


  • The Teflon in the formula provides a layer of protection
  • Can be used for domestic applications
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Can be used with different chains


  • Relatively expensive

4. PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

Why we like it: This product from PJ1 has many similarities with the Maxima we reviewed above. One main reason why we like it is that it also features a petroleum-based formula that is meant to improve the performance impressively.

Editor’s Rating:


The PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube is an excellent paraffin-based lubricant that is made to improve chain performance. It serves to reduce the friction in the chain as you speed up. By reducing friction, performance is greatly improved, and your chain will last for a more extended period. It not only reduces friction, but it also guards your chain against rust and corrosion, which ultimately makes your chain last for longer. It reduces chain shock and overall friction in the chain.


Unlike the lubes above that can be used for several types of chains, this lubricant is designed for use on only O-ring style chains. While this is somewhat disappointing, it means that it delivers the best performance for O-ring style chains.

It is straightforward to apply. Therefore, you do not have to spend more time than required doing your maintenance. The spray process is pretty easy and straightforward. By spraying your O-rings, you will keep them sufficiently moist and pliable.

The formula used in making the lubricant is anti-fling and will displace and repel water. Additionally, the coat provided protects the sprocket from wear.

Although the lubricant admittedly comes at a relatively high price, the features and overall performance ensures that it offers excellent value for money.


  • The lubricant acts to reduce chain friction
  • The paraffin-based formula ensures that the lube doesn't fly off your chain
  • Adequate protection from corrosion and rust


  • Relatively expensive

5. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

Why we like it: There are several reasons why we love the Bel-Rey Clean Chain Lube. It comes in an aerosol container and uses some of the latest technologies to enhance its performance. It mixes anti-wear protection and an outer protective coating that ensures your chain performs optimally.

Editor’s Rating:


Bel-Rey might not be as famous as the other lube manufacturers on our list, but the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube performs as well, and even better than some of the offerings from better-known brands. While others on this list are primarily for racing motorcycles and similar vehicles, it is not so with the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube.

However, you should note that although it is not primarily designed for high-level racing and performance, it still enhances the overall performance of your bike.


The lubricant is primarily designed to offer your chain a high degree of water and dirt protection. We daresay no other lube on this list can compete with this lube in terms of protection from water and dirt. It comes with a unique formula that delivers exceptional protection from grit and dirt. Therefore, if you will be off-roading or riding in rough conditions, this lubricant should be high on your list of options.

The Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube sticks to the chain and is not flung away even despite traveling at high RPMs. It is designed for use on different chain types, including O, X, and Z ring models. It is also great for roller type chains. No matter your needs, and regardless of your driving style, rest assured that you will find this bad boy designed to serve you.

One interesting feature we observed is that it comes in white color. Unlike darker sprays that might not readily reveal the parts that have been sprayed, the white spray makes it distinct which parts still require spraying.


  • The compact bottle can be carried around easily
  • Anti-dirt, anti-fling formula
  • Can be used on several types of chains
  • Corrosion, wear, and rust-resistant
  • White color makes it easy to identify unsprayed areas


  • The spray nozzle is fickle and leads to messy applications
  • High price

6. Motul Factory Line Chain Lube

Motul Factory Line Chain Lube

Why we like it: We were pretty surprised to discover the efficacy of this chain paste. While others come as sprays, this particular model comes in paste form. Despite the somewhat odd distinction, it still performs well, thus deserves its spot on this list of the motorcycle chain lubes.

Editor’s Rating:


Right off the bat, it is clear that this lube is different from the others. While others prefer a spray form, in fact, Motul has an excellent spray lube on this list, this comes in a paste form. It comes with a brush applicator tip that is made to lubricate all types of chains efficiently.

The entire paste comes in a 5,7-ounce container. At first glance, this size seems inadequate. However, when you consider that it is easier to spread than spray lubes, it might cushion your disappointment. As a result, just a little paste is required for the best results. Furthermore, the small size means you can store it in your motorcycle pack.

It is noteworthy that this is the only lube paste to make this list, showing how effective it is.


If you want a paste-style lubricant, we can categorically tell you right now that you will not get a better option than this lube. Motul is known for the high quality of its products; therefore, you can rest assured that this product will satisfy your needs. It acts efficiently and lubricates the parts of the bicycle with ease.

It confers low rolling resistance, which invariably means your chain develops more power.

The application is straightforward and easy. Like the product above this, it comes in white color. Therefore you can mark the areas that haven’t been lubricated. It might be a tad messy; however, the brush applicator can help keep the mess to a minimum.

Once you apply the paste to the chain, you can be assured that it will last for a long time.


  • As it is in paste form, waste is minimized
  • The compact design makes it easy to take around
  • Can be used for different vehicles aside motorcycles


  • Lengthy application time

7. Lucas Oil Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas Oil Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Why we like it: We love this product due to the ease with which it penetrates all types of chains. While others might have a hard time properly lubricating O and X ring style chains, this lube does not have this problem. It is different from others on this list as well, as it comes as a foam style lubricant.

Editor’s Rating:


The main distinction between this lube and the others on this list and many others on the market is that it comes as a foam style lube. It quickly penetrates O and X ring styles of chains, unlike other products on the market.


The manufacturer has designed this lube with one goal in mind: penetration. That is why it comes in a foam style. The foam is easy to apply and spreads to cover a wider surface area than with other sprays. Additionally, the foaming action found here makes the lube more aggressive in penetrating the chain.

As a result, it does a fantastic job of preserving your chain from wear and friction. It is one of the leading lubes for competitive racers and professionals. No wonder, therefore, that it is widely considered one of the best lubes you can find on the market.

Also, all these features and benefits come in a cheap product.

Despite all the advantages, it should be noted that the lube comes with its disadvantages. For example, the foam spray gets messy quickly. The oil is also thinner than other lubes; hence, it tends to drip more. It also isn’t as fling-resistant as other lubricants.


  • Deep penetration
  • Rust resistant
  • Great for different chains


  • Messy
  • Poor fling resistance

8. Liquid Wrench L711

Liquid Wrench L711

Why we like it: The Liquid Wrench is designed for advanced penetration, just as foam style lube reviewed above. For the best part, it delivers on this premise. Therefore, if you seek deep penetration, you will love this lube as much as we did.

Editor’s Rating:


The most impressive feature about this lube is the penetration action. It delivers penetration superior to loads of lubricant currently on the market. How does it achieve this?

Well, we observed that once it enters the interior of the chain, it dries up almost immediately and drenches the interior of the chain. It is useful for different types of chains, including O and X ring styles. As soon as penetration is achieved, it goes on to carry out various functions. For example, it serves as an anti-rust lube. It prevents oxidation, thus extending the lifespan of the chain. Additionally, the lube comes with anti-wear properties. It also contains Moly, which is regarded as a performance booster.


During testing, we observed that the lube minimizes wear and tear in the chain. It is fling resistant as once it dries, it stays right in place despite agitation. In spite of the high-quality performance and properties, it comes at a low price. It dries quickly, which can reduce dust and dirt build-up.

It has its fair share of flaws. As the name implies, it is more fluid than other lubes. Thus, the application often spirals into a messy affair. We also feel that too much of the lubricant evaporates when applied.


  • Low price
  • Prevents dust build-up


  • The application can be messy
  • Evaporates too quickly

9. Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant

Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant

Why we like it: This product is the second DuPont product on this list. And just like the first product we reviewed, this lubricant also features Teflon as one of its constituents. We like it for functionality and versatility.

Editor’s Rating:


The Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant comes with similar functions and features as the earlier reviewed DuPont product. The difference between the two products is that this one is made for multi-use. It isn’t a sole motorcycle lubricant. Therefore, it can be used efficiently for other applications. Upon realizing that this lube isn’t a dedicated motorcycle lube, many folks tend to draw away from it. However, in our opinion, that is a mistake. Despite being a multi-purpose lubricant, it can still lube your motorcycle chain efficiently.

Moreover, it saves you money. With this product, you have a lubricant for almost all your metal parts. From bikes to bicycles to your lawnmower, and gates, this product works as efficiently as other high-quality lubes.


While you might doubt the efficacy of a multi-purpose lube, we have tested this lube and can boldly say that it works almost as well as any other dedicated lube you might think of. It does a great job on the motorcycle chain. And considering that the manufacturer is one of the best in the industry, we are not too surprised. One reason for the strong performance is the presence of Teflon. This constituent ensures the chain remains waterproof, corrosion and rust-free, and lubricated for a long time.


  • Excellent lubrication
  • Great for various applications
  • Teflon component greatly improves the quality


  • Relatively expensive

10. Nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease

Nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease

Why we like it: The last product on our list is the Nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease. It is a versatile motorcycle chain lube that comes at an affordable price and is designed for use on almost any type of vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:


The Ultra gel is a synthetic chain lube grease made for use on different vehicles, from cars to motorcycles, and even Go-Karts. It is made of high-quality materials and is meant for heavy-duty applications.

The grease is a tough lube that can last longer than several other lubes on the market. Whether in frigid cold or blistering heat, you will discover that this lube continues to deliver efficient performance. It is easy to apply, as well.


The lube sprays as a liquid, but in a short period, it becomes a thick gel. This transformation allows it to penetrate the chain easily and prevents it from being flung out of the chain.

It is water and dust resistant. Impressively, in spite of the excellent features, it comes at a low price.


  • Can be used in high temperatures
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Acid-free


  • Flings worse than many others on this list

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

By considering ten of the best motorcycle chain lube on the market, we have narrowed your options from the hundreds of products on the market to just ten. Hence, it should be easier for you to make an excellent choice while shopping. We recognize that you might not fancy any of the products in our line up. With this in mind, we have provided this section that contains the vital factors to consider before making a choice.

This way, it will be easier for you to know what to look out for in your quest for the best motorcycle chain lube.

Features to consider

There are several factors that, when considered, will assist you in selecting the right motorcycle chain lube. Here are some of the essential factors:

Water and Dust Resistance

Water and dust are inimical to the successful functioning of your motorcycle chain and will affect the durability. Therefore, when you select a chain lube, one of the factors or features it must possess is resistance to water and dust. If you are a frequent off-roader and love riding a dirt bike, then you will especially require a lube that will serve as a barrier against dust, dirt, water, and similar stuff.

Additionally, you should strongly consider a chain lube that has anti-corrosion or rust properties. If you leave the chain without applying such lubricant, you will discover a build-up of grime and dirt, which will reduce the efficiency of the chain and even cause rust. Once rust sets in, it is remarkably difficult to remove. Hence, take preventive measures by choosing a chain lube that will eliminate moisture.

Type of lube

There are several types of lubes on the market. Further, in this post, we will discuss these types in detail. For now, you should realize that the kind of lube will affect the chain lube that you select. The most common type of lube is the regular aerosol spray lube. This type of lube is often more expensive than others, and it also leaves a mess. However, they are very convenient, quick to use, and spread over a larger area. The other types of lube include the paste or wax. They do not leave quite a mess as the aerosol types do. However, they do not penetrate as effectively as aerosol spray lubes.


Compatibility is a vital consideration; after all, what is the use of buying a chain lube if it ends up useless for your motorcycle chain?

Motorcycles feature either X-ring or O-ring style chains. The X-ring is designed to offer a higher degree of protection and resistance to friction and wear than the O-ring chains. O-ring chains might not be as protective; however, they are more affordable. Buying a compatible lube is essential as using the wrong lube can end up damaging your chain.

Driving Considerations

As you go about choosing a lube, you should consider the condition of the road you will be driving through. If the road is a dusty one, then you should lean toward a lube that is highly dust and dirt resistant. If, on the other hand, the road is wet, a highly water-resistant and rust-resistant lube is the right choice.


You might not think much of this feature initially, but trust us, it is an essential factor to consider. Your lube should stick to the motorcycle chain despite high RPM. You surely do not want your lube to leave the chain just after application.

Ease of application

In our opinion, the ease of application is an essential factor to consider. If the lube is challenging to apply, you might decide to do it haphazardly, which will affect the health of the chain. Therefore, in your quest for the best motorcycle chain lube, look out for lubes that can be easily applied. Furthermore, look for lubes that easily penetrate the chain and will invariably do all the hard work for you.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Lube

Earlier in the article, we briefly talked about the different types of motorcycle chain lube on the market. In this section, we will discuss the various kinds of motorcycle chain lubes on the market.

Wet Lube

The wet lube, as the name implies, is made for wet conditions. It is usually in the form of a highly viscous fluid and clings on to the chain. As a result of its composition, the chances of being washed or flung off are reduced. The only gripe with this type of motorcycle chain lube is that it collects more dust and grime than other types of lube. It also tends to leave a dark stain on the chain after repeated application.

Dry Lube

Dry lube is the anti-thesis of wet lube. It is not as viscous as wet lube and evaporates minutes after it has been applied. It isn’t as sticky as wet lube and can be easily washed off by water. One advantage of dry lube is that it doesn’t attract dust as much as wet lube. If you are traversing dusty roads, it is an excellent option.

Spray lube

Spray lube is the most common type of lube on the market. It is the easiest to apply and can be spread over a large area. Since it is sprayed, it isn’t viscous. It also has a higher degree of resistance to flinging. The downside of spray lubes is that they are significantly more expensive than other types of lubes.

Paste Lube

As implied, paste lube comes in a highly concentrated form. Of all the types of lubes, paste lube comes with the highest fling resistance. Additionally, paste lube penetrates deeper than your average lube.

It comes with its downsides, as well. For example, it is more difficult to apply than other lubes. It requires greater care and precision during application. The paste lube finishes quicker than spray lube since you have to use a higher quantity.

FAQs about the Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Q. What is a motorcycle chain lube?

A motorcycle chain lube is not your average type of lube, although there are multi-purpose lubes that can be used in a variety of applications. Chain lubes are specifically made to offer lubrication for the motorcycle chain. As we have seen above, there are many benefits to using a motorcycle chain lube.

Q. How often should motorcycle chain lube be applied?

While some recommend applying lube after every ride, you might not have the patience or the money to spend on such an endeavor. Although such a method will result in a super-clean and highly efficient motorcycle chain, very few people have the time to do it.

We recommend that you should add lube for every 300 miles traveled. Furthermore, if the chain appears dirty (at least a bit more than the norm), then it might be time to break out the lubes.

Q. Is regular engine oil a good substitute for motorcycle chain lubes?

Regular engine oil can help out in dire situations when the motorcycle lube isn’t available. It can dissolve dirt and help to lubricate the chain.

However, engine oil does not offer protection against water. Hence, for full protection, engine oil is a poor substitute for motorcycle chain lube.

How to Apply Motorcycle Chain Lube

After you have finally decided on the type of lube that you want to use, it is time to get the motorcycle in place and apply a cleaner. The cleaner will remove any grime or dirt on the chain. As you clean, check out for any signs of wear on the chain.

After cleaning, the next step is to clean the chain. Ensure that the chain is thoroughly cleaned before you use the lube.

If you are using a spray chain lube, the process is rather straightforward. Just note the parts to spray and begin spraying. Ensure that the lube is evenly applied to all sides of the chain.

The best brands for motorcycle chain lubes

Some of the best brands of motorcycle chain lubes include, but are not limited to WD-40, DuPont, Maxima, and others.


So there you have it; a comprehensive guide and review of the best motorcycle chain lube you can buy right now. As you embark on your search for the best motorcycle chain lube, use the information contained here to make the right choice.

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