The 10 Best Scissor Jacks to Buy 2020


10 best scissor jacks have been selected for drivers to rely on regardless of their vehicle type. These scissor jacks are practical. As their name suggests, they can actually lift a car using a scissor design which is considerably stronger than many would expect. Scissor jacks have the main advantage of having a low height which means they fit immediately under the car. When the lifting mechanism is activated, they rise sufficiently to allow tire changes.

While the principle is the same, there are different types of scissor jacks to rely on. Some have the advantage of relying on the brute force which means they can be used anywhere. Others come with electric power which means less muscle power is needed to lift a vehicle.

Features to Consider in Good Scissor Jacks

Not all drivers can rely on the best scissor jacks. Even new cars can come with sub-standard jacks which are not really as durable and as practical as they can be. Furthermore, even replacement tires are rare on some new cars. However, drivers still prefer to know they can rely on a solid scissor jack which is helpful in the unwanted situation of a flat tire.

High lifting capacity

The high lifting capacity is one of the most important reasons to consider the best scissor jacks. It goes without saying that this is where most other jacks struggle as they are only made for a certain weight, which limits its usability on other vehicles.

Swivel handle operation

Scissor jacks mainly come with swivel handle operation. This simple design is in place for years and it represents one of the best systems for precision lifts. Even if it requires a bit of muscle power, it is not dependent on electronics to lift the vehicle.

Impact drill operation

Those seeking a more comfortable experience can rely on the best scissor jacks with impact drill operation. They lift with the help of an impact drill and all of the efforts is based on the power tool’s motor. The following 10 best scissor jacks combine these designs successfully.

Top 10 Best Scissor Jacks 2020

1. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack

Why we like it
The scissor jack is hard to match for a lifting capacity of 3.000lbs and low price appeal.

Editor’s rating

Design features
With such a low price, the scissor jack is one of the top options for affordability. But even with a very low price, it is still able to lift heavy loads. With a combination of steel and aluminum, it becomes one of the most interesting choices for those who need a scissor jack upgrade.

At its lower height, the jack only measures 4-1/8”. It is sufficient to place it right under the car. At its highest point, the hack lifts vehicles up to 15-1/8”. This lifting range is not necessarily impacted by weight. However, the jack only handles weights of up to 3.000lbs. This is still sufficient to lift the corner of a vehicle.

Convenient features
The compact size is one of the most convenient features of the scissor jack. It allows users to simply trust it in any situation which may come with a flat tire. In some cases, it is also a more convenient jack than may other heavy-duty alternatives, mainly due to its fast operation.

A swivel handle is also included in the pack. It comes as one of the leading options for adjustability. The simplicity of the swivel handle is what allows it to be operated even when there are no power tools around.
The rugged steel alloy construction of the scissor jack also means it can be stored in the trunk at all times. So regardless of when and where it’s needed, it can always provide the right support. For a number of users, it also represents the convenient alternative to factory scissors, mainly due to its higher speed of operation and its scissor design.

This compact scissor jack represents one of the few options when looking for a reliable design on a budget.

  • Made with stable feet
  • Designed to lift up to 3.000lbs
  • Reaches heights of up to 15-1/8”
  • Meets ASME safety standards
  • Not best for heavy commercial vehicles

2. Rogtz Electric Car Floor Jack Set

Why we like it
Featuring a jack, a wrench, and a tire pump, the set redefines the limits of scissor jacks.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Sold as a kit, the scissor jack is one of the most convenient designs for proper use by those who’ve never even changed a tire before. It features simple operation and one of the best designs when it comes to the low brute force needed to actually change a tire.

The set comes with a scissor jack which has the capacity of lifting up to 3 tonnes. Even if the jack looks smaller than it really is, some mays still see it as a top choice for added durability. At the same time, there’s an included impact wrench which makes the entire process as smooth as possible. It takes up to 2 minutes to fully elevate the jack using the impact wrench.

Convenient features
One of the most convenient features of the set comes with the electric power operation. Furthermore, the impact wrench is actually powered by the car’s DC cigarette lighter which means it does a great job whenever a flat tire needs to be dealt with.

In terms of comfort convenience, the set also includes a flashlight. It is nearly impossible to change a tire during the night without one and this gives the set a more versatile profile. 3 fuses are then added to the set which protects the electronics of the impact wrench.

All of these products are small and as a result, they fit in a hard carry case. The case even comes with a reflective triangle which can be used for roadside safety. Finally, the set also includes an air pump. In some cases, a flat tire can be dealt with simply by adding air before going over to a professional for properly dealing with a small puncture.

With a long list of accessories, the set is one of the convenient choices for those who want to make tire changing as easy as possible.

  • Includes an impact wrench
  • Jack only measures 40cm
  • Includes 3 glass fuses
  • Ships with an air pump
  • Requires extra storage space in the trunk

3. Eaz-Lift 30″ RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Why we like it
With a 5.000lbs lifting capacity and 2 included scissor jacks, the pack is suitable for heavy use.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Durability and materials are very important when it comes to the success of a scissor jack. The Eaz-Lift design combines these successfully into a set which is ready to be used for as long as needed. Furthermore, they come in packs of two.

The main driver scissor set is the 30-inch version. But smaller versions also include 24-inch and 20-inch alternatives. Used for cars and large vehicles such as camper vans, these scissor jacks stabilize as not many can. Their metal construction is finished with powder coating and they represent some of the best solutions when it comes to durability with heavy use as a result.

Convenient features
There’s a special jack socket design in place for a power drill. As a result, all vehicles can be lifted using a power drill. This is one of the options which allows users to enjoy a smooth lifting operation without too much effort. Of course, it is a purchase predicated on owning a power drill, even if swivel handles can be used and purchased separately.

Suitable for cars, pop-ups, and trailers, the jacks are also seen as improvements in speed. Many drivers who upgrade their old jacks find the Eaz-Lift design to be one of the options which lifts really fast and which reduces the time spent handling tools such as an impact drill.

Suitable for heavy loads, the set of 2 scissor jacks is smooth and fast, provided an impact drill is used for the lifts.

  • Handles up to 5.000lbs
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Suitable for large vehicles
  • Made with a powder coat finish
  • May struggle with low power drills

4. Husky 76862 24 Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Why we like it
With a high weight capacity, the set of 2 jacks handles even the heaviest vehicles.

Editor’s rating

Design features
There are two versions of the scissor jack to consider. Its most popular design expands to 24 inches but it is also available in a smaller 20-inch version. Both of these versions come in packs of 2 and this is why they can be used on vehicles such as trailers.

With a 6.500lbs lifting capacity, the scissor jack is one of the simplest and most reliable when it comes to weight management. It is known that the only true enemy of the scissor jack is actually its weight capacity. This is why it’s actually important to look over the options at hand when it comes to the true weight capacity of a jack. Since it works with heavy vehicles, the jack is also reliable for smaller vehicles such as cars. Both scissor jacks can lift the car but in most cases, users will only rely on one jack for automobiles.

Convenient features
A convenient feature of the scissor jack comes is the long swivel handle. Due to the strength needed to operate lifts, the longer swivel handle simplifies the operation as much as possible. At the same time, it represents one of the most reliable designs for those who want to upgrade from standard factory jacks. Those jacks are known for their short swivel handles and they can prove to be unreliable to many drivers.

There’s a large 35-inch square base on which the scissor jack sits on. While it is a perfectly flat metal surface, it is still not recommended to lift a car on soft surfaces and anything other than cement or asphalt. Since the highest slip risk comes with soft surfaces, the base of the scissor jack should still be placed on trustworthy surfaces which can counter the forces pressing down from the car.

With black powder finish, the scissor jacks also prove to be durable. This standard of coating has already proven its worth in terms of durability with so many other jacks that it has now become the most popular finish for its added benefits.

The pack of 2 scissor jacks is made for large weights, but with a long swivel, the handle makes operation easier.

  • Made with a 6.500lbs weight capacity
  • Sold in packs of 2
  • Includes a premium swivel handle
  • Protected by powder coat finish
  • May work better with a power drill

5. BestEquip Electric Car Jack 3 Ton 6600 LB Electric Scissor Jack

Why we like it
The scissor jack is available together with an impact drill and it offers support for most cars and SUVs.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Without doubt, the electric scissor jack is one of the sets which take some pressure off drivers with every tire change. Flat tires can occur anywhere and a supportive jack is the first tools to use in such an event.

With its scissor design, the jack lifts the side of the car where the tire needs to be replaced. It handles up to 6.600lbs and it represents one of the most efficient designs when it comes to overall durability as a result. Furthermore, the scissor jack can work with small cars such as sedans as well as with SUVs as long as it doesn’t have to deal with weights about 3T.

Made from high-end steel, the scissor jack is also a durable product. It doesn’t bend when lifting its attributed weight below 6.600lbs and it remains smooth in operation with its included impact wrench.

Convenient features
Powered by the car, the electric wrench is among the most interesting products as it comes with simple operation. Lifting and lowering the car is as easy as a result. Some would even argue that the system is actually safer than a manual alternative.

However, all users have their own preferences. For some, the added electric impact wrench improve safety as well. It’s less likely for the impact wrench to cause any accidents, which do occur with a manual wrench release.

Since the set uses automatic lifting, it is also convenient for commercial use. It might be used in garages, body-work and any other auto shops. With an included carry case, it also protects all of its tools and accessories from dust and moisture.

Offering the minimum for electric lifting, the scissor jack set is ready to tackle every weight between 1T and 3T.

  • Includes tools and accessories
  • Ships with an electric impact wrench
  • Compatible with 12V DC adapters
  • Doesn’t require too much physical strength
  • Doesn’t include an air pump

6. Libra Set of 2 5000 lb 24″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

Why we like it
The design of the scissor jacks is based on a bow tie base which improves its stability even with high loads.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Sold in sets of 2, the scissor jacks are suitable for a wide range of tasks. It provides immediate stability for those who are afraid to lift their cars themselves. Part of this stability is actually based on the bow tie design of the scissor jacks. This is why it can be important to find the best solutions when it comes to having a stable platform to lift heavy weights. Both scissor jacks are capable from this perspective as they each lift up to 5.000lbs.

In terms of design versatility, the jacks expand up to 24” and they represent one of the most suitable solutions for general compatibility with cars and SUVs. When fully retracted, the scissor jacks only measure 5”, which is great for those seeking a solution for lower cars, such as compact city vehicles.

Convenient features
A crank handle is also included in the set. However, those who plan to use the jacks separately might have the surprise to see that there’s only one crank handle included in the set. However, the long handle makes lifting much easier than many expect. Its bent design even allows two-hand operation, which simplifies the process even further.
The scissor jacks are used in tandem for stabilizing RVs as well. Trailers can be more stable when these stands are used together. However, due to the universal design of the scissor jack, many drivers use a hockey puck in-between the vehicle and the stand for a softer fit.

Made to handle high weights, the scissor stand can be used on cars and trailers.

  • Lifts up to 5.000lbs
  • Includes a heavy duty crank handle
  • Supports smooth lifting
  • Made from hard steel
  • Works best with an impact drill

7. MarchInn Electric Car Scissor Jack

Why we like it
Sold as a set, the electric car scissor jack is an all-in-one solution for any flat tire.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Designed to represent one of the kit solutions to rely on for easy tire changes, the scissor jack comes with everything needed in order to make tire changes easier and faster. Its weight capacity is impressive for a jack which is part of a kit. With a 3T lifting capacity, it represents one of the distinct solutions specifically made to deal with all cars. This includes sedans and MPVs. Lifting a car’s side is entirely possible based on this high weight capacity.

The kit also comes with other must-haves when it comes to changing tires. This includes the cigarette lighter compatibility. Practically, it connects to the car’s batteries and it comes with simple remote control to raise and lower the vehicle.

Convenient features
With a convenient saddle, the scissor jack is placed firmly against the car, ensuring a safe design for all lifts. The best part is that users simply need to position the scissor jack with every lift. No physical power is needed to lift the car.

This is where the set shows its true functionality. Above everything else, this process is also shorter than manual lifting. Most users can note that it only takes about 2 minutes to elevate the scissor jack to its highest point.

When it comes to strength, it is usually based on size, especially when it comes to scissor jacks. This is why the higher weight capacity is also met by the longer size. At 50cm, the scissor jack is not the shortest in its class. However, it does come in a hard plastic box which makes storage simpler.

This high weight capacity scissor jack is among the suitable designs for effortless tire changes within minutes.

  • Lifts up to 6.660lbs
  • Connects to a 12V DC plug
  • Lifts in 2 minutes
  • Includes a carry case
  • Not the most compact design

8. Tonda 2 Ton Portable Car Scissor Jack

Why we like it
With a 2-ton weight capacity, the scissor jack is one of the most potent in its class.

Editor’s rating

Design features
The welded steel frame scissor jack is one of the most suitable designs when seeking durability. Known for its benefits for durability, the jack is also safe to use. It actually meets the ANSI and ASME safety standards.

But the design of the jack is made so that it is as efficient as possible. This is why it has such a simple design. With an included manual swivel handle, drivers are able to lift weights of up to 2 tonnes. This is even more than the weight of some cars and it only goes to show its true capacity in terms of strength.

Convenient features
Lifting the car up to 15 inches, the scissor jack is among the simpler designs highly suitable for occasional tire changes. However, it’s clear that the higher weight capacity also recommends the scissor jack for commercial use. Those dealing with multiple cars usually favor higher weight capacity.

Made with a welded steel frame, the scissor jack lasts more than most of its alternatives. However, down the years, it will require occasional greasing. However, users can also grease it as many times as needed to ensure smooth elevation. Ideal for sedans, coupes and heavy-duty farm use, the scissor jack impresses with its rugged profile.

Using welded steel, the scissor jack is among the most potent designs with elevations of around 15 inches.

  • Made with welded steel
  • Meets ANSI and ASME standards
  • Suitable for couples and sedans
  • High 2-ton weight capacity
  • Might require greasing for smooth operation

9. Pro-LifT T-9456 Grey Scissor Jack

Why we like it
With the lowest height of just 3 inches, the scissor jack is suitable for low ride vehicles such as compacts and city cars.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Not many scissor jacks can go as low as 3-3/4in. But this only means the jack can be used for a long list of cars. Some jacks might not exactly fit low ride cars and Pro-Lift offers such an alternative. But even if the jack is smaller, it still has a good weight capacity.

Made to handle weights of up to 3.000lbs, the scissor jack outshines its alternatives given its compact size. Even more, the large base allows the jack to enjoy one of the most stable platform’s users can hope for. At the same time, the jack can be operated both manually and with power tools.

Convenient features
The lifting rang of the jack varies from 3-3/4in to 15-1/8”. It is a range mostly suited for cars and less suited for SUVs and vans. Drivers who want to updated or replace their car’s jack can consider it for its safety profile and for its high weight capacity.

However, the crank bar setup can be further improved. Given it is not a scissor jack actually made for intense use, it does its job for the average user. However, those who want to change their tires often, such as those dealing with different tire sizes might need to look elsewhere for a more responsive design.

The low height scissor jack is among the simple replacements for standard jacks with poor stability.

  • Made from steel
  • Designed with a large base
  • Lifts up to 3.000 pounds
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • The crank handle can be improved

10. Hanperal Car Steel Tire Wheel Lug Wrench Scissor Jack

Why we like it
The scissor jack is suitable for occasional use, mainly with flat tire replacement.

Editor’s rating

Design features
Designed to be a compact solution, the jack is quick to use. It might not be the most heavy-duty option in its class, but it represents one of the most suitable solutions for those who want to avoid putting in too much effort into tire changes.

Made with a thin crank handle, the scissor stand is very easy to operate. With rotational movements, it raises and lowers the car as needed. Made from pure metal, the jack and its accessories are rust-resistant.

Convenient features
Perfect for emergency use, the scissor jack is among the simplest options for crank handle operation. Its included crank handle measures 36.5cm which makes it a top choice for added strength. The long crank reduces the pressure on the hands, which is one of the main reasons for discomfort when changing a tire.

At the same time, a convenient aspect is given by the design of the crank handle which is thinner than all other alternatives. This is why the scissor jack is so easy to use. At the same time, the crank handle comes with a smart folding design, which allows it to occupy minimum space in the trunk.

This compact scissor jack can be a top choice for occasional use, especially for those who are not fans of bulky designs.

  • Operated by a long crank handle
  • Made to resist rust damage
  • Suitable for travel needs
  • Includes a plastic handle for added comfort
  • Not suitable for other heavier vehicles


How do I operate a scissor jack?

A scissor jack is operated with a crank handle. This can be operated by hand or it can be operated with an impact drill or other similar power tools.

Can I change all tires with a scissor jack?

All tires can be changed with a scissor jack. The car needs to be elevated in 4 points to lift all tires individually.

Do I need to look at maximum weight?

Maximum weight is calculated according to the tolerances and pressure the scissor jack can handle. It is why maximum weight needs to be adhered to in order to keep the jack in good working order and even to avoid accidents.

What’s the difference between a manual and an automatic jack?

A manual jack is operated by hand with the help of a crank handlebar. An automatic jack is more similar to what professionals use in garages and they are based on electric tools which lift the jack with no effort.

Will changing a tire drain my car’s battery?

All electric impact wrench sets need to be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. This means they will consume power. However, this is not going to drain the battery.

Can I use a car scissor jack on RVs and trailers?

RV and trailer-specific scissor jacks are available. Some of them can also be used to lift cars. However, many car jacks cannot be used on RVs due to the maximum weight restriction.

Can I turn a crank handle design to an impact wrench design?

A manual scissor jack can be turned into an automatic easily. Adapters are available and they allow users to use power tools such as impact wrenches to make the adjustments.

Guide to Buying the Best Scissor Jacks

It can be confusing to really differentiate scissor jacks. Those who have not used one before to change a tire can feel they are all quite similar. If the lifting principle is the same, scissor jacks are still considerably different. Here’s what needs to be taken into account in the quest of finding the best scissor jacks.


The materials make the difference considerably. Even with short-term use, it is the strongest materials which show the best results. Steel and aluminum are the main materials. It is not rare to see all-steel designs as they prove to offer the most robust response for heavy-duty use.

There are other areas to consider in the best scissor jacks. But materials are also tied to maximum weight capacity. Most of these jacks lift between 1T and 3T and this is why their durability is also influenced by this maximum weight number. If they are used with higher weight vehicles, they can get permanently damaged.

It can be said that all-metal construction is durable but it also requires a bit of attention. For example, all-metal designs can simply work better with good greasing. Even the best designs might need greasing from time to time.

Base design

The design of the base is crucial. It is where all the weight lies and where the jack meets the ground. Drivers who’ve been through jack accidents know the importance of the base design. This is why plenty of attention is given to the base.

Some of the best scissor jacks allow a good grip. However, even the largest base platforms are not to be placed on soft ground. They can simply slip while the car is elevated. Scissor jacks tend to be stable, but only when they are placed on hard surfaces such as tarmac. The surfaces also need to be perfectly flat as all scissor jacks have perfectly flat bases.

Crank handles and impact wrench operation

Crank handles are changing. Users are often times complaining about the ergonomics of crank handles and this is why it needs to be a priority for drivers to find a good design. These handles usually require a lot of brute force and they should favor tire changing as much as possible.

An alternative to the classic crank handle is the impact wrench operation. These automatic solutions reduce the brute muscle force needed to change tires. However, they are not included with most scissor jacks and drivers who seek such a comfortable option typically need to purchase a set. Those who already own an impact drill can alternatively purchase a jack adapter.

Sets typically include impact wrenches which need to be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. Some of them even include a flashlight. No manufacturer actually mentions that using power tools in low light scenarios is not safe. This is why not all sets include a flashlight but drivers should carry one regardless, especially if planning to use an impact wrench to change tires. For safety reasons, the flashlight should actually become a standard offering in scissor jack stands.

Number of accessories

Other accessories can also be found with scissor jacks. Various adapters are often included in order to work the jack with various crank handles. However, scissor jack sets typically include other accessories such as extra glass fuses for safety reasons. They can include gloves to keep the hands clean while changing the tires. Wrenches and power cables can also be included in the set.

However, an important accessory is represented by an air pump. This can be one of the first options to consider before even using a scissor jack to change tires. Since spare tires can lose pressure in time, they might also need air in order to allow the vehicle to drive off.

Air pumps and other essentials

Air pumps are not included with scissor jacks. However, tire pressure is a matter of safety. If most new cars now come with an air pump, old vehicles might not include it. This is why it’s actually important to consider the scissor jack as part of a larger tire-replacement kit. This kit normally includes the jack itself, the air pump, a tire repair kit, a flashlight, and other accessories.

Storage space

Another aspect to consider is storage space. Many drivers simply purchase the largest and bulkiest jack only to find it actually has no attribute when it comes to storage space. This is why there usually is a dedicated jack storage space in the trunk, but it only fits the original jack of the car. All other third-party jacks need to be stored by the car’s owner. For this reason, considering how much trunk space is sacrificed for the new purchase is a must, especially in the condition in which many jacks are quite large. The practical side of scissor jacks allows them to fold flat and to save some storage space alternatively.

Final words

Choosing the best scissor jacks is an exciting time. Drivers get to learn more about changing tires and car safety which is valuable in itself. However, some of the best scissor jacks are similar in characteristics and confusion arises as a result.

For those seeking simple tire changes, a solution which integrates power drills can prove the most efficient. On the other hand, other drivers like to get their hands dirty. It is why they can still prefer the classic crank wrench designs.

Other drivers prefer solutions which can work with both manual and automatic lifting. For this reason, having the right accessories is important. Purchasing a scissor jack set is one of the best ways to meet the best of both worlds and to allow manual and impact wrench tire changes. With so many options at hand, making sacrifices with scissor jacks is not an option. Only the most robust and smooth designs can be considered in case of quick tire changing needs. The good news is the products above are fast to use, especially if properly maintained and greased as the manufacturer recommends.