Best Tire Spoons to Pry Off Your Tires

Best Tire Spoons to Pry Off Your Tires

You may use a screwdriver to remove a tire from a motorcycle, but there is a smart option; a tire spoon designed for motorcycles.

Without a tire iron, you need to insert a sharp instrument between the tire’s head and rim. You have to do this with scalpel-like precision or end up with a punctured tube. Besides, you need two instruments spaced apart or the tire will snap back.

A single tire iron allows fast and efficient tire changing for trips into desolate, off-road destinations such as the desert. It is the helper you need when swapping tires to save your knuckles, temper, and efforts. They have a simple and user-friendly design that makes prying motion straightforward, even when working alone.

Today’s overcrowded marketplace has made the quest for the Best Tire Spoon a nail-biting event. That’s why we used every trick in the book to identify top-ranking motorcycle tire removal and installer repair kits.

Find below tire spoons for motorcycles, dirt bike and multipurpose devices recommended by professional tire changers.

Features to Consider in Good Tire Spoons for Motorcycles

Non-Scratching Edges

Non-scratching devices use metals like aluminum, which does scrape chrome and stainless steel. Coating or a non-scratching, self-lubricating and tough plastic like Teflon which covers the outer end will not protect the rim of the wheel during the tire-changing process.

Rounded tip ends punch through smoothly to minimize potential damage to the tire or inner tube, wheels, and rim. If you choose equipment lined with a plastic coating or insert, you get harder metals such as steel that cannot damage the tire and wheel.

You need a tire remover that minimizes the danger of damage to the tires or inner tube. Some bars incorporate rim protectors as an extra layer of protection. All-metal tools scratch delicate surfaces like paint, polish, and chrome.

Ergonomic, Easy-Grip Handle

A single, pocket-sized tire spoon with a user-friendly grip handle makes tire changing a breeze. Ergonomically contoured rubber grip handles with an anti-slip surface give you the edge when it’s you against the position where the tire and rim intersect.

Ergonomic design along with cross-guard prevents your hand from slipping forward. Easy grip handles ensure the bar does not rage out of control and pinch your tube. For starters, large curved gripping and knurled ends fit securely in your hand while wide radius spoon renders hairsplitting accuracy without accidental tube pinching.

Guiding Feature

Some tools include a sliding element like a threaded bolt, which locks to the device when retracted or extended to guide the tire over the rim. It helps maintain the tool in a desired position relative to the rim and ensure the bead of your tire does not snap back into the wheel.

Rim Protectors & Valve Core Tools

The best rim protectors should fit over the rim edges like a glove. With more than one guard, you can place them randomly around the rim to gain the edge you need. A full cord will prevent the protector from getting lost. High-quality materials like robust thermoplastic and strong nylon cords support years of use while their novelty never wears off. Most tire irons include a set of rim protectors to sweeten the deal. You have to scrutinize quality or end up discarding them altogether.

Valve core tools come in handy for installing or extracting tire cores. A valve core remover makes removal and installation of standard components a breeze in tubed or tubeless stems. They provide a perfect and money-saving pack tool accessory.


Some tire spoons allow you to use the groove to straighten out a bent spoke or the like. You may want to tool it up with a bead breaker demount larger tires such as cars and tractors. Some levers can break beads for on-road or off-road tires.

Professional-Grade Metal

Heavy-duty, hardened spoon tire irons provide durability and break-and-bend resistant pieces without stress points. Tough, weather and rust-resistant provide long-lasting automotive tools. Finish like hot forged chrome vanadium steel withstands the toughest use without a scratch.

Top 10 Best Tire Spoons for Motorcycles 2024

1. Ken Tool 34645 Mount/Dismount Tire Iron

Ken Tool 34645 Mount/Dismount Tire Iron

Why we like it: This tool mounts and dismounts almost all tires from any wheel. It comes with a burly and heavy-duty core metal designed for tires as small as 17”.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

A humongous iron bar provides better leverage to a pro or home mechanic handling smaller tires with stiffer sidewalls. With Ken Tool 34645, you become a safe pair of hands to mount or dismount sizable or smaller ATV wheels.

Exquisite craftsmanship and precision engineering makes this bar a scalpel for heavy-walled wheels or tires mounted a long time ago. Measuring 37” long with a ¾” diameter, the elongated tool has a unique tip adapted to fit into the rim of the wheel and displace the bead to release the tire.

Smooth rounded edges insert easily to ensure you don’t cut or rip the bead or side wall. It may lack rim protectors or plastic coatings, but the metal does not damage the wheels. It will not mark your hard-earned wheels or chrome as you mount or dismount the tires.

What’s more, one portion of the bar comes adapted for easy gripping as it fits securely in your hand. A knurled end shape fits the hand firmly for maximum control at different angles.

The end may be pounded by a hammer or other object to insert it over the bead retaining flange or lip. Pounding along the circumference of the rim allows you to remove the tire without wielding two separate instruments.

Apart from the elongated design, this tire iron has a one-of-a-kind tip for seizing the rim. It ensures the bead of the tire does not snap back into the wheel.

Convenient features

The thick groove and special tip that grabs the rim of the wheel give you another trick up your sleeve. You can easily displace the bead over the rim flange as you move the iron through the circumference. You can kiss goodbye bulky and sophisticated lever kits with this single lightweight tool.

With its hardened, all-metal construction and weather-resistant finish, it will last over a lifetime.


Ken Tool Tire Iron provides a workhorse designed for extreme-duty use. You will have an easy experience mounting and dismounting tires. But it may not work for motorcycles if you only have a nodding acquaintance with these tools because of the thicker groove. It is made from solid materials for unmatched strength and durability.

At half cheap the price of entry-level tire irons, you surely get your money’s worth. It is a no-frills single tire iron with a heavy-duty chuck, solid feel and rugged build.


  • Elongated design for multi-use
  • Lightweight construction
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Unique rounded tip for grabbing the rim
  • Smooth rounded tip edges for a non-scratching contact
  • Durable and impact-resistant


  • Thicker groove makes it a pain to use on motorcycles by inexperienced users

2. Long 14.5” Motorcycle Tire Change Kit

Long 14.5” Motorcycle Tire Change Kit

Why we like it: It is made from heavy-duty, hardened steel with a spoon end molded for straightforward removal of tires. The piece has a skid-proof, easy-grip rubber handle for a natural and fatigue-free grasp.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

A few tools designed for motorcycle or dirt bike tire changes will get it done at the drop of a hat. These premium spoon tire levers will do the job as a pair. The generous package comes with three tire irons so you can use one as a backup.

The high-quality feel epitomizes durability and high tensile strength. You get rugged construction with weather and corrosion resistant polish. The automotive grade and hardened steel will brave all off-road elements for improved durability in the long haul. Onto the appearance side, it has a beautiful polished chrome finish and includes a convenient carry pouch.

The touring toolkit of three tapers off into a spoon end sculpted for quick removal of tires. The smooth design facilitates seamless action while preventing inadvertent tube pinching. The sturdy steel provides stability and balance for improved safety along with maneuverability.

Regarding ergonomics, this tire changing kit has a contoured, rubberized grip handle for strain-free, nonslip and comfortable use.
Another beguiling feature is the elongated body paired with the curved tip. It promotes strong, reliable prying leverage for quick tire changing for nocturnal or emergency scenarios. The slim groove easily finds its way under the bead of motorcycle, dirt bike, mountain bike, and ATVs.

Convenient features

This tire spoons set has high gloss chrome to inhibit marring and easily mops down oil or dirt. The beautifully polished chrome coating extends the lifespan of your tripartite tools.

At first glance, the hardened and high strength steel sticks out as the defining aspect. It provides strength for easy prying while the lengthened form offers improved leverage for straightforward tire removal.


The Long 14.5-inch Tire Changing Kit equips do-it-yourselfers that want to perform a quick fix. Work securely with the contoured rubber handle that carves the most strategic non-slip grip. It fills the bill for a pro ISDE rider or a weekend warrior.


  • Specially designed for dirt bikes, motorbike, and ATV
  • Set includes three pieces
  • Ergonomic grip handle for increased comfort
  • Beautiful polished chrome finish
  • Sturdy and durable core metal
  • Lightweight, durable and user-friendly
  • 14.5” elongated body for better prying leverage


  • Does not include rim protectors in the package

3. Dr. Roc Motorcycle Pro-Grade Tire Change Kit

Dr. Roc Motorcycle Pro-Grade Tire Change Kit

Why we like it: The strongly built Dr. Roc spoon levers provide improved durability. It packs a punch to break the bead on your tires.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Dr. Roc spoon levers make tire changing a breeze in motorcycles, bikes and other small wheeled vehicles like lawn mowers. User-friendly features along with accessories make removing and reinstalling quick and efficient.

The premium and well-built lever irons symbolize the confluence of minimalism with top quality. The manufacturer threw in a decent bag paired with all bells and whistles. Not to mention the rim protectors to protect your investment from abrasion or marks. The black durable oxford case keeps the tools in apple pie order.

It has easy-grip handle with a knurled non-slip handgrip. Work your finger to the bone without tension, pain, and fatigue with an ergonomic design for comfortable handling. The anti-slip protection stands out as the most useful, hands-on feature. It adds more grip or surface area making the tool easier to grasp and use. Smooth rounded edges on the spoons guide the tire bed to roll off your rim without pinching wheels.

Convenient features

The burly tire irons have high tensile strength for improved durability and impact resistance. Smooth rounded edges on the spoons allow strong, reliable prying leverage. It also includes an ergonomic handle to give you the edge when groping for the sweet spot where the tire and rim meet.

You have to stick to small tires like UTV, dirt bike, motorcycle, and lawn mowers since they may bend under extreme stress from sizable wheels.


If you thirst for tire iron spoons with strong, strategic prying leverage, Dr. Roc’s toolkit has everything from soups to nuts. They are the toughest, longest-lasting and they have a non-scratching edge. It also comes with professional-grade and durable construction. No more worrying about the toll pinching your tube or hitting your feet.


  • Most durable with superb tensile strength
  • Solid handles with anti-slip protection
  • Heavy-duty, weather and-rust resistant forged steel
  • Upscale polished chrome finish
  • Smooth and anti-scratching edges
  • Specially designed for motorcycle, bikes and small tires


  • Not the best for large street tires

4. Precision Works 3 Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers W/2 Rim Protectors

Precision Works 3 Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers W/2 Rim Protectors

Why we like it: Precision Works tire spoon levers come in unique curves and rugged construction to endure years of use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Whether you want to remove a stubborn or old tire, Precision Works Tire Levers work like a charm. The levers have a curved smooth edge with a ridge to engage the lip of your tire rim during installation or removal. The spoon edges allow strategic prying under the bead. It means you easily pry the bead off or onto the rim.

Changing a tire may require more than one instrument, the three-piece levers set fills the bill. This winning combination makes changing tires a straightforward and cushy job to get back on the road or trail. The durable steel core with superior tensile strength will resist bending or breakage over the long haul.

You can expect to mount or dismount motorcycle or bike tires without scratching chrome or delicate polish. A pair of decent rim protectors prevents abrasion against your rim or metal.

We grew fond of the richly rubberized handle since it offers a sure grip so you can focus on your task rather than strain or slippage.

Convenient features

Put your money into Bead Buddy II and Valve Core Remover Precision Works Tire Levers kit for all-around repair armory. The new generation of Bead Buddy hooks over your spoke and presses bead down on the opposite side of the tire from levers. It can be a lifesaver when mounting off-road motorcycle tires using these levers.


Precision Works’ 3 Levers come with smooth curved edges on the spoons to ensure the bead rolls off the rim without inadvertently poking your tire or chrome. These professional-grade pieces tool you up to get it done like a can of corns. Innovative design makes the tool easier and more secure to use than retro-grade tire irons.


  • Heavy-duty construction for repetitive abuses
  • Ergonomic, rubberized handle
  • Optional valve core and Bead Buddy
  • Ideal for two-wheeled machines
  • Clockwork accuracy
  • Three pieces plus a pouch included


  • Not one-size-fits-all tools

5. VCT 3pc Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers W/2 Rim Protectors

VCT 3pc Spoon Motorcycle Tire Levers W/2 Rim Protectors

Why we like it: The set makes changing tires fun and foolproof right out of the box as it has everything needed.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With the three-piece VCT Tire Levers kit, everything can be done by a nod and a wink. If you want to keep your foot on the gas, these levers allow you to swap a tire in a couple of minutes. It’s not a multi-use set mothballed for automotive or tractors, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, you can mount or dismount small motorcycle tires on the bounce with the set.

The elongated 11.5” range gives you leverage without the risk of bending your rims. You will grow fond of the prying action from these tools to easily split off tire beads. The last thing you want is an instrument that misses the target and that’s why VCT sculpted a user-friendly design.

The contoured rubber handle gives you a comfortable and anti-slip grip that keeps strain, stress and fatigue at bay. You can even have your kit onboard for repairs on the go.

Convenient features

The rim protectors’ sheaths prop up your repair toolkit to handle damaged tires right off the bat. For dirt bike, motorbike, and ATV owners, this tire changing set supports DIY repairs. The hardened high tensile steel and chrome coating extends the lifespan of your equipment.


This is a simple set with everything from soups to nuts to pull off any tire changing trick. You can sink your cash into this maintenance kit for a dirt bike, motorbike, ATV and bicycle. But it is not meant for cars, trailer wheels and trucks. It is the ultimate piece of equipment for tire changing.


  • Elongated 11.5” bar gives you pretty of leverage
  • Highly durable
  • Three tire spoons included
  • Flexible, propylene rim protectors
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Only suitable for smaller tires

6. Motion Pro 08-0536 Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

Motion Pro 08-0536 Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

Why we like it: It’s an all-in-one toolkit to change your tires for all your wheeled machines. It’s a one-size-fits-all heavy-duty that breaks the bead on a vast majority of street and off-road tires.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

For do-it-yourselfers angling for a multi-use tire tool set, this innovative kit is a must-have. It breaks the bead excellently and doubles in brass as tire spoon. Breaking a bead en route is a devil of a job. Motion’s Pro makes the task a breeze with a supportive combination of lightweight and storage-friendly tools.

The tire spoons have a 16” long handle to make removing and installing easy as pie. In the same breath, ergonomic configuration and cross guard prevents your hand from sliding forward. The lightweight design promotes optimal maneuverability and control. The bead breakers mate to break the bead from the rim. They feel solid and durable.

What’s more, you can get more applications beyond leverage. However, an aggressive approach will cause inadvertent scratching; you have to be more careful with these tools. You can designate the smaller and lighter one for trails as it is stackable.

Convenient features

The heavy-duty forged steel construction of the lengthened handle makes tire swapping easier and trouble-free. The ergonomic design incorporates a cross guard to keep your hand from slipping forward for maximum control. Durable black oxide finish will protect your pieces against corrosion and the elements.


This heavy-duty innovative toolkit will break the bead on the most stubborn, off-road tires. From its high quality feel, you can tell it has a solid core metal. Plus, it includes two different instruments for your convenience. Hardened steel also resists strain and wear down the road.


  • Heavy-duty, durable and forged steel construction
  • Versatile bead breaker
  • Long-handled spoon for more leverage
  • Cross guard prevents your hand from sliding forward
  • Durable chrome, black oxide finish
  • Two pieces included


  • Does not include rim protectors

7. go2buy Tire Change Kit W/Case

go2buy Tire Change Kit W/Case

Why we like it: Premium and extreme-duty spoon tires at half cheap the price to give you the leverage to fix a broad array of vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Throughout the years, go2buy has studied small machines and their tire replacement needs. At first glance, the DIY go2buy tire change kit embodies a bands together a powerful arsenal for small rims. Lengthwise, you have 11” to exert the ultimate leverage while avoiding accidental scratching. The handles fit securely in your hand. Ergonomic build enhances comfort to ensure the tools do not twist or slip off.

If you pair them with high quality rim protectors, you will prevent any scratching. The solid feel is very telling of premium quality. It is made from automotive-grade and forged steel with rustproof and weather-resistant metal. Polished chrome finish gives the pieces a beautiful look.

Since it has a thinner groove, you will find it straightforward to nose through smaller rims like ATV, dirt bike, and motorcycles. The core metal makes the instruments sturdy workhorses for long-term use. High tensile strength means they will not bend or break. Curved smooth edges makes prying the tire easy.

Convenient features

You get a bang for your buck with three excellent pieces, plastic carrying bag and elongated bars. For the DIY rider, the ergonomic grip prevents stress and strain. With rustproof and weather-resistant chrome finish, the tire irons provide all-terrain reliability.

The three-piece set offers a complete package. The leverage-centered length and ergonomic handles get the setbacks off your chest so you will never scratch your hard-earned wheels.


The go2buy Tire Change Kit keeps everything you need at your fingertips to remove damaged rubber from small rims. It comes in elongated body to give you leverage for accurate prying action. Easy grip handles add a comfortable spin into the mix. You get a convenient carrying case to keep your equipment organized and easily retrievable


  • Specially designed for small wheels
  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable, weather-resistant and rustproof
  • 11” long handle for leverage
  • Smooth tips
  • Affordable price


  • No rim protectors

8. Red Hound Auto Three Pack Kit

Red Hound Auto Three Pack Kit

Why we like it: This heavy-duty tire swapping kit has solid forged steel hardened for the toughest applications and environments.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Red Hound Auto Three Pack Kit represents the pinnacle of simple design for extreme duty jobs. Three premium tire iron spoons make motorcycle or bike repair a breeze. It is made from high-grade and tough materials with a protective zinc coating to last a lifetime.

The tire iron spoons measuring 8-1/2” long generates pretty of leverage to get the job done in a jiffy. The core metal is made from rugged cold forged and heat-treated steel. It will not tremble or bend under pressure for consistency and accuracy. Whether you want to hit the trail or brave inclement weather, the toolkit is a must-have life-saver.

The lightweight bars make the kit portable and more convenient in the trenches. Lengthened tools give you a strategic position to avoid accidental scratching.

The handle feels secure and comfortable thanks to the vinyl grip. It provides a sure grip without the stresses and strains of extended use. These sturdy bars will brave the elements in the bowels of the woodlands. With first-rate materials, this set has more than nine lives.

Convenient features

Missing your target and stabbing chrome or tube can ruin your day. Red Hound follows in the footsteps of tire iron makers and includes an elongated form for better leveraging. The vinyl grip enhances comfort for secure handling.

When it comes to smaller wheels, the pieces come in a slim tip designed for motorcycle and bike. It may not work on larger rims such as cars.


Red Hound answers your description for workhorse equipment toughened for all types of impacts and off-terrain environments. The package includes three pieces if you need more than one instrument. For its price, the premium-quality materials are worth every penny spent.


  • Three iron spoon pieces
  • Premium quality build
  • Long for optimal leverage
  • Solid and rugged steel core
  • Vinyl grip for comfort


  • Handles aren’t long enough

9. ABN Spoon Lever Tool

ABN Spoon Lever Tool

Why we like it: Why we like it: The broad shovel tip holds the tire bead while smooth edges penetrate tight bike tires.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Do you crave for a multi-use tire remover and installer kit? Then you have more acquaintance with the frustrations of incompatible levers and wheels. ABN exploited the gap in the market with a set designed for small-rimmed machines such as agricultural tractors, motorcycles, tubeless mountain bike and off-road bikes. It brings simplicity to the job with a low profile design.
With forged hardened alloy steel shaft, it is built last. The high tensile shaft along with improved leverage makes pulling or pushing fun. It gives you another trick up your sleeve to nose the tip through tightly packed or stubborn downhill tires. Spoon shape with smooth edges allows you to dismount caked-in dirt bike tires.

The long hard plastic and rubberized handle eases tension, strain and fatigue to maximize productivity. Screwdrivers and other objects will strain your wrist, but not this deluxe lever. You enjoy damage and injury-free use for a variety of applications.

Convenient features

We love the perfect grip design. It promotes comfort for extended repairs on the most stubborn tires. It also includes a large shovel or spoon-like tip to hold the tire bead so it does not snap back. The solid build and bend –resistant form means you can take on the toughest jobs. And it comes with smooth edges for precision prying.


This well-built tool represents durability with heavy-duty core steel that endures all manner of impacts. It is a no-frills piece of equipment to swap small to medium tires without getting bogged down in complications.


  • Multi-use design
  • Spoon-shaped with smooth edges
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Non-scratching tip
  • Wide shovel tip holds bead
  • Superior strength and leverage


  • Not a one-size-fits all

10. Fasmov Tire Changing Tool Kit

Fasmov Tire Changing Tool Kit

Why we like it: It is heat treated to increase hardness, durability and tensile strength. With improved mechanical properties, you can expect clockwork accuracy without harming your tire.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The Fasmov tire-changing kit with heat-treated core metal provides increased hardness, strength and toughness. Heat treating also enhances the surface strength and wear-resistant properties. The forged durable steel has a solid feel for brilliant performance.

Undoubtedly, the most beguiling feature of this lever is the spoon design. The tool is as efficient as having another pair of hands prying down the opposite side of the rim. This means you steer clear of tube pinching or tire damage.

The tire irons measuring 11.7” long provide the most excellent size for those tough spots when prying. Not to mention it carves better leverage as you work your way circumferentially. We also appreciate the generous package of three brand new bars.

Convenient features

Fasmov uses a smooth design for easier removal and mounting of tires without pinching the inner tube. It allows quick and efficient tire changing. You will also find that it does not etch marks. Plus, the price is hard to beat for the three pieces.


Fasmov tire-changing irons allow you to change tires on-the-go. It provides improved leverage when prying than any other standard product with elongated body form. It also offers long lasting durability with weather and corrosion proof quality.


  • Better leverage to prevent tire damage
  • Smooth anti-scratch edges
  • Heat-treated for durability and strength
  • Three tire irons
  • 11.7 long for the most stubborn tires
  • Set weighs 1 pound for portable benefits


  • No anti-slipping and rubberized handle

Guide to Buying the Best Tire Spoon for Motorcycle

Knowing your tire iron type and shape plays a pivotal role once you dive into the market to make a purchase. Interestingly, groove size and bar length kick in. If you only have a modicum acquaintance of the tools, you should know the products are either specially designed for all wheels or a certain class such as motorcycles.

If you discern the distinct aspects that these tools, you will always tip the balance in your favor. You not only walk away with the perfect size but also a set built to last longer.

Which snow chain fits best?

The designs with tire chains work with specific tire sizes in mind. All tires are sized according to their diameter and width, as well as the height ration. It, therefore, becomes vital to ensure post-fit exercises before choosing a chain.

Spoon-Shaped vs. Straight Tire Iron Levers

A vast majority of tire iron levers come in a spoon-shaped design. The spoon-like tip helps to prevent accidental pinching of your tube. Spooned ends keep you safe in the knowledge that you won’t stab the tube or engrave indelible marks. They also incorporate a rubber coated grip for a secure grasp.

Like spooned levers, straight tools are made of rugged steel. However, the straight versions have one end which is flat, spoon-shaped and the other has a narrow hooked shaped. Curved tire irons have one rounded end and a straightened surface on the opposite side.

Size of Your Wheeled Machine

A motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike and other small-rimmed machinery dwarfed by four-wheeled vehicles require a slim or shorter tire iron. Tire irons work like a charm with target precision making them a must-have in every motorcyclist’s armory.

For those who own a fleet of agricultural vehicles like lawn tractors, a multi-use tool set offers a money-saving investment. You won’t need separate instruments for bikes and these machines. Some heavy-duty tools provide more versatility by swapping car and motorcycle tires. However, you must have a discerning eye for specs as humongous levers may not work on small wheels as advertised. Other levers double as bead breakers and reduce the baggage on your toolkit.

Materials and Quality

Quality and materials used for construction should be your decisive factor when it comes to tire irons. You should leap at weather-resistant and rustproof pieces designed for off-terrain environments. Heat-treated allows signify high tensile strength, hardness and durability. Zinc coating provides long-lasting finish.

A cheap quality shaft may bend or break during the repair. Moreover, it may rage out of control and cause injuries. Buying a sturdily built tool eliminates this likelihood. In the same vein, you should also put the accessories such as rim protectors under the microscope. Poor quality accessories are not worth the money and may induce you to seal a deal without examining a product.


For do-it-yourselfers in the market for an all-round tire changing kit, you should go for a toolbox that includes the whole shebang. A toolkit should include a set of tire irons pieces and other goodies. Rim protectors prevent damage while valve core tool gives you more clearance in your rim. Decent rim protectors fit over the rim edge to inhibit scratches and galling from bars when mounting and dismounting tires. A full cord facilitates easy release and ensures the protector does not get lose in the rim. Ensure you get accessories made with high quality, tough materials.


Compact and lightweight kits easily find their place in your emergency toolbox. Some packs have lighter and shorter pieces that will not add weight on your two-wheeled chariot. Bulky and heavy-duty tools make it difficult to carry or use.

Final Words

Whether you want to upgrade your toolbox or build the repair kit of your future, give our Best Tire Spoon for Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide a glance. Our list is dedicated to a wide array of applications such as tire changing and bead breaking. We handpicked products with a long handle for maximum thrust for removing the toughest tires. Tire spoons make it easier than screwdrivers and other sharp objects.

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