The Best Wide Angle Mirrors for Those Tight Spots

The Best Wide Angle Mirrors for Those Tight Spots

The best wide angle mirrors eliminating blind spots most efficiently. Sensors are being mounted on new cars to alert drivers whenever a car is in a blind spot. Apps are being built to alert the car whenever a blind spot turn poses a risk.

However, a simple concave wide angle mirror can do the trick. Without needing any special tech, it instantly eliminates blind spots. Drivers learn to rely on the mirror to get a better glimpse of the surrounding environment.
At the same time, there are no other methods of eliminating blind spots with a permanent position mirror. As a result, drivers have the freedom to install such mirrors on any other mirror of the car, from the 3 standard options.

Installed in the interior, wide-angle mirrors are placed directly over the car’s standard mirror. Installed on the side rearview mirrors, the wide angle mirrors are small and unobtrusive. A few other hybrids are available as well, such as the Fouring BL. With an eliminated blind spot, the mirror offers installation right on top of the driver’s access door, from the inside.

Top 10 Best Wide Angle Mirrors 2024

1. Fit System RM011 Clip-on Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

Fit System RM011 Clip-on Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: The convex 18” mirror offers wide viewing angles and a system which attaches to the vehicles standard rearview mirror.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

At 18”, the rearview mirror is among the widest in its class. It is considerably bigger than most other standard vehicle mirrors. As a result, it can even be used in family cars or SUVs. But the real value of the design lies in the wide field of view.

The design of the mirror actually makes objects look further away than they really are. As many drivers attest, this is actually a matter of accommodation. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming getting used to seeing objects differently in the mirror. Backing up is going to be different at first, as objects seem further away. This is basically due to the wide angle of the mirror. At the same time, once drivers get used to the objects and how they reflect, they never go back to standard mirrors.

Convenient features

There are a few areas where the mirror is spot on when it comes to visibility. For example, those with neck problems can simply rely on the wider field of view for improved visibility. There is no need for bending and turning as is the case with a smaller standard mirror.

At the same time, a convenient feature of the wide-angle mirror is that it offers a full view of the backseat. Those traveling with kids will immediately see the appeal in such a design. This can also be suitable for those traveling with pets, as they can keep an eye on them better while on the road.

But the main convenience of the rearview mirror comes with the fact that it offers a wider field of view outside of the car. This is where drivers can see both the lane to the left and the lane to the right. Traveling on the highway is considerably different as a result. Changing lanes still requires drivers to assure there’s no oncoming traffic, but at least the added field of view makes the process simpler.


This concave mirror adds visibility of the backseat as well as extra visibility to the left and to the right sides of the car.


  • 18” wide angle
  • Clips to an existing mirror
  • Made with chrome plated glass
  • Reduces mirror glare


  • Can block controls on factory mirrors

2. Broadway BW847 300 Millimeter Rear View Mirror

Broadway BW847 300 Millimeter Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: This wide-angle convex mirror installs quickly and it is made to reduce glare while improving visibility.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

As with all convex mirrors, it takes some time to adjust to Broadway’s convex design. Drivers will enter a new world where there are far more objects seen in the mirror. In itself, this takes some time to accommodate to. Adding the fact that objects seem further away with this mirror, it becomes clear that all drivers go through a short learning curve.

With a practical design, the mirror attaches to the vehicle’s factory mirror, making the installation a breeze. There is an adjustment angle between 55 and 80 millimeters which allows drivers of different heights to sue the mirror properly.

Black trim completes the design of the mirror. Unlike chromed trims, it is actually suitable for night time driving, where glare is reduced by the mirror and eliminated completely on the trim, regardless of the glare angle.

Convenient features

The most convenient aspect offered by the mirror is visibility itself. Many drivers believe these mirrors should become standard on all vehicles once they try them out. One of the biggest fears in using a convex mirror is the smaller object reflection. But as seen above, it is just a matter of time before fully getting used to the new reflection.

Another convenient aspect of this large mirror comes with the reduced blind spots. Traveling on the highway will not allow drivers to fully monitor blind spots at all times, as drives could take hours. It is why such a mirror is so helpful.

Another convenient aspect of the Broadway wide angle mirror is the added visibility when backing up. Those who need to back up on their driveways or those who back up into the garage understand this the best. Tight spaces always require the best mirror visibility. This is where the extra viewing angle to the sides of the vehicle shows its benefits the most.

Another benefit of the convex mirror is the diminishing reflection with traffic, during the night. Vehicles driving behind the mirror will not blind the driver, even with the wider field of view, to the concave nature of the mirror.


With a strong emphasis on reducing glare, the wide angle mirror comes with a curved design, which further improves visibility.


  • Reduces glare
  • Made with a black trim
  • Adjustable height between 55 and 80 mm
  • Clips to existing mirrors


  • May not fit auto dimming mirrors

3. Liberrway Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

Liberrway Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

Why we like it: The compact wide-angle mirror is one of the easiest to install on any rear view mirror.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Arguably one of the most compact wide-angle mirrors in its class, the Liberrway mirror stands out with its impressive field of view. Unlike many other names in its class, it is actually made from durable materials.

When it comes to wide-angle mirrors, many drivers feel reluctant due to complex installation processes. But Liberraway’s mirror installs in seconds. To install it, drivers simply need to find its best visibility point on the rearview mirror. There are two mirrors to install and this means the set is mounted on both the left side and the right side rear view mirrors. Apart from this advantage, installation is done by removing the plastic film and placing the mirrors with their self-adhesive back on a corner of the vehicle’s rearview mirror.

Since the mirrors are small (3,74 inches in length), they can be installed in a number of vehicles. They are small enough to fit city cars and capable enough to fit SUV or even truck mirrors. Once in place, they can enjoy full adjustability. There is a 20-degree sway on the mirrors. Drivers can actually move them independently from the vehicle’s mirror due to this adjustability benefit.

Convenient features

The main advantage of mounting the 2 compact mirrors is the practical blind spot elimination. Users can actually make the most of their driving needs both during the day and during the night simply by seeing all traffic behind their vehicle.

The 170-degree angle of view covers the areas to the left side and to the right side of the vehicle. Suitable for driving on the road and for parking, the mirrors offer a complete view of the surrounding environment. The downfall of the side mirror-mounted designs is that they are not made to offer better visibility of the backseat of the vehicle, unlike mirrors mounted on the inside of the car.

The mirrors might be small, but they are durable. Made with a waterproof adhesive, they will sit in place for a long period of time. They will not place any extra burden on the standard side mirrors of a vehicle as they feature a weight of just 30g each.


These compact mirrors are among the smallest designs made to eliminate blind spots.


  • 170-degree field of view
  • Sold in pairs of 2
  • Installed in seconds
  • Designed with 20-degree sway


  • Doesn’t cover the backseat of the vehicle

4. Fouring BL Car Wide Angle Rear View Multi Blind Spot Mirror

Fouring BL Car Wide Angle Rear View Multi Blind Spot Mirror

Why we like it: As one of the few inside blind spot concave mirrors, it offers impressive versatility for added visibility both inside and outside the vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Mainly suitable for cars and SUVs, the mirror has many uses. Its primary role, however, is to reduce blind spots while offering a glimpse of the backseat. As a result, it is popular with parents. Kids tucked in the car seat might be hard to view if they are directly behind the driver. It is where the interior mirror works its magic.

With a sticky base, it immediately glues to the top plastic cover of the inside of the driver’s door. Once in place, it allows rotation so that it can cover all angles for drivers of all heights. It is not used as an exterior mirror placed on the side rearview mirrors of the car. It is actually an independent mirror which can be adjusted to any angle.

There might be a few inconveniences to this daring design as well. One of them is the added reflections from the window. Angle adjustments might be needed to overpass this issue. A dirty window will not help visibility and drivers need to consider the mirror in connection to the window.

Convenient features

With a concave design, the mirror immediately opens up space to the left side of the vehicle. It eliminates blind spots and it can be one of the few methods to work as a true driver’s lane assist as it shows all incoming traffic.

A unique benefit to this mirror is the fact that it stays in place as it is not disturbed by wind or water. Even going through a car wash is simple as there are no adjustments needed afterward. At the same time, the mirror itself is simple.

Made with a shatterproof design, the mirror comes as a hybrid as it shows both the interior and the exterior of the car. It might not work for trucks or 2-seat SUVs, but it shows its benefits in regular cars and for drivers traveling with kids. Simply having a look at the kids without having to turn can be seen as a great convenience on its own.


Made with a shatterproof design, the mirror reflects both the inside and the outside of the car and it is a top choice for families.


  • Made with a shatterproof design
  • Suitable for angle adjustments
  • Eliminates blind spots
  • Allows seeing the kids in the back


  • Can be obstructed by the door’s window

5. PME 11.8" Car Rear View Mirror

PME 11.8" Car Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: Available in various designs, the mirror stands out with its full view of the backseat and blind spots.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of the 11,8” mirror is concave. Added side mirrors with manual adjustments are also available in its 15” version. But the mirror already covers the sides of the vehicle well. With a design which eliminates blind spots, it is among the most memorable mirrors as it instantly improves the field of view.

There are other benefits to the design of the mirror. Easy installation is among them. Made with a clip on a mechanism which allows instant installation, the mirror is practically suitable for all vehicles. From compact Smart cars to electric estates, it immediately clips in place with no tools needed.

Then there’s the ABS plastic construction. With a sturdy profile, the plastic will last a long period of time. It only comes with a black trim which means there is no glare from cars driving behind to worry about.

Convenient features

There is a small adjustment room of the mirror as well. Drivers can set it anywhere between 5.5 and 8 cm in height, which will change the view of the backseat. Since it is made for all drivers, the adjustment is also suitable for tall or short drivers.

So what do drivers really see? Instead of having a tunnel reflection such as with standard rearview mirrors, drivers are now able to see the backseat in its entire length as well as the exterior to both sides of the vehicle.

Being used to eliminate blind spots, the mirror is better for safety when signaling and changing lanes. However, it has to be mentioned that all objects are smaller due to the concave nature of the product and that there is a small adjustment period as a result.


Made with a concave shape, the mirror covers the backseat of the vehicle as well as blind spots to the left and to the right.


  • Allows height adjustments
  • Clips to all standard mirrors
  • Available in larger and smaller designs
  • Coated with a nano-film


  • Doesn’t reduce glare at all angles

6. Wospeed Rear View Mirror

Wospeed Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: Mounted on top of the standard rearview mirror, the Wospeed is a true choice for blind spot elimination.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

There are many types of wide angle mirrors. All of them promise to improve visibility or to eliminate blind spots. The Wospeed mirror tackles both issues. Unlike many other designs using clips, it actually uses straps to mount on the existing mirror of a car. This is why it can virtually be installed in any vehicle. Form the small city streets vehicle to country SUVs or transport trucks, the mirror mounts anywhere it’s needed.

At 17,7 inches, it is one of the longest mirrors of its class. Without a doubt, its viewing angle matches its size as well. It immediately covers the sides of the vehicle, practically eliminating blind spots to the left and to the right.

The curved glass allows drivers to have better confidence and safety when changing lanes. Whenever driving in busy streets, this proves to be a considerable advantage. At the same time, those driving next to bike lanes also know the importance of eliminating blind spots and the problems they can cause.

Convenient features

With a solid design, the mirror uses soft silicone straps for mounting. It actually allows installation within minutes. At the same time, the mirror is made with HD curved glass, which comes with sharp objects that are easy to see.

However, one of the issues of concave mirrors is the curved nature of the glass and the smaller objects reflection. Practically, all cars, bikes, humans, trees and other objects appear smaller in the mirror. Estimating their distance to the vehicle takes time. In most cases, the small learning curve proves similar to that of any other concave mirror.

The adjustable buckles also allow for small angle adjustments. As a result, drives can set the mirror in a position in which it favors views of the backseat. At the same time, it is among the most suitable designs for those with kids or other backseat passengers, such as taxi drivers.


With one of the largest designs of its class, the concave mirror stands out with visibility and soft silicone straps.


  • Made with carbon fiber and plastic
  • Includes silicone adjustment straps
  • Made with nano anti-dazzle technology
  • Ultra-wide angle coverage


  • Objects appear smaller

7. Fouring BL Super Wide Angle Rear View Curve Mirror

Fouring BL Super Wide Angle Rear View Curve Mirror

Why we like it: The large 300mm mirror is one of the largest of its class at a length of 11,8 inches.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed with a rectangular shape and a curved glass, the mirror is among the top options for those traveling with kids. Having to look out for babies, car seats or pets is easier with the mirror. As with other products of its class, it immediately mounts on old rear view mirror. On a side note, it will add some weight to the old mirror and it may sag on the older mirror which does not easily stay in place anymore.

There is an 11,8-inch length to count on with the design. This covers the backseat of the car and the two side windows from the rear vehicle. As a result, there is extra visibility without turning. Drivers can even consider it to cover two kids in two car seats at the back of the car.

For most drivers, the added exterior visibility is a big plus. There’s no more guessing, double and triple checking when changing lanes. Those who are afraid of hitting cars, object or cyclists can consider the mirror and its benefits for a price which is next to nothing.

Convenient features

The convenience of the mirror follows it from installation to daily use. Practically, drivers don’t really need to turn for other situations either. Parallel parking becomes easier. Backing up into the garage is easier as well. Frequently changing lanes on the highway is better supported.

There are many other benefits to this situation. Apart from actually eliminating a cause of accidents, blind spot elimination proves to be a solution for easier parking. In some cases, there is no passenger to guide backing up on tight roads.

With a clip-on design, the wide angle mirror is ready to be used in minutes. There are no other steps to be taken in order to drive away. Small angle adjustments can be made to suit seat height adjustments and drivers of various heights.


The simple wide-angle mirror covers the essentials, eliminating blind spots for improved driving safety.


  • Made with a simple design
  • Efficient clip-on installation
  • Suitable for blind spot elimination
  • Makes the entire backseat visible


  • All objects seem further away

8. PME Rear View Mirror

PME Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: Made with an added adjustable piece, the wide angle mirror stands out for tight corners and blind spots.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

A small detachable mirror can be added to the wide-angle mirrors to further improves its covered area. Foldable to 90 degrees, this extra mirror is among the best in its class. Unlike many other mirrors, it actually allows drivers to set their own visibility angle, especially with complicated backing up such as parallel parking or when having to back up on long tight roads.

Eliminating blind sports, the mirror has 360 rotation so that it covers all possible angles for most vehicles. From cars to trucks, it has its place next to the driver for viewing any angle around the sides of the vehicle.

Its design still allows easy installation. The clip-on design allows it to be mounted in minutes. At the same time, the smaller attachable mirror can be adjusted to a different angle which can be handy to view both the backseat and the sides of the vehicle from different viewpoints.

Convenient features

The anti-glare glass is perfect for all types of situations. Drivers can keep the mirror on even when driving by night. Incoming traffic creates no glare and drivers can focus on the road. At the same time, there is an improved glare reduction over standard flat mirrors which means it can even prove more comfortable than standard factory mirrors.

With the help of the attachment mirror, drivers have the freedom to create their own space, especially when it comes to backing up and parking. SUV drivers have their own issue backing up into a garage. Car drivers often need to back up narrow driveways. In the end, all drivers can benefit, at times, from the added viewing angle.

Since it is used in larger vehicles such as RVs, the wide angle mirror is also suitable to eliminate blind spots. Ensuring all traffic participants are safe is driving 101 and the improved visibility of the mirror makes it a priority.


The adjustment level of the mirror is at the highest level in the wide-angle segment.


  • Made with a small attachment mirror
  • Allows 360 rotation
  • Suitable for blind spot monitoring
  • Added clear image film


  • Takes time to adjust

9. Eforcar Blind Spot Mirrors

Eforcar Blind Spot Mirrors

Why we like it: At 13.5 inches, the mirrors are among the longest compact designs for a wide angle view.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Sold in pairs of 2, the mirrors are added to the factory rearview mirrors of the vehicle. One sticks to the left and the other to the ride side mirror. Both are the same and they both immediately improve the horizontal and vertical view angle.

Drivers are able to mount them on their own, with no tools. This means they can stick immediately and they can be in place in a matter of seconds. The good news is that even once in place, the mirrors are still adjustable even further. They allow a 20-degree sway for further customization.

When it comes to the overall success of the mirrors, it is crucial to find the right angle only when seated in the driver’s seat. The mirrors are both adjusted from this location and drivers will find the right position to eliminate blind spots.

Convenient features

These two mirrors only cover the outside of the vehicle, to the left and to the right. There is no backseat to view but their role is purely to eliminate blind spots. Changing lanes can be dangerous due to blind spots, even when signaling.

The broad vision design of the 2-pack mirrors allows drivers to ensure that every turn is a safe turn. It is also important to note that the mirrors are some of the most affordable in their class. As a result, there is no risk associated with the purchase.

But the high affordability of the mirrors doesn’t make them unreliable. In fact, they even come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Suitable for those who take driving seriously, the mirrors immediately improve on-the-road safety. Due to their minimalistic nature, they reflect small objects.


The compact mirrors are among the most affordable in their class and they even come with a warranty.


  • Can be installed on all vehicles
  • Eliminated blind spot
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Suitable for tool-less installation


  • All objects reflect smaller

10. Kitbest Rear View Mirror

Kitbest Rear View Mirror

Why we like it: As one of the compact interior designs, the wide angle mirror fits all modern cars.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a length of just 11,2”, the mirror is actually quite short compared to its alternatives. However, its benefits are still similar. But due to its short design, it elegantly fits even on modern cars where aesthetics are highly valued.

The concave mirror plays its role in eliminating blind spots. Actually looking in the mirror, the driver can see himself or herself, the backseat and the side windows of the car. This means the visibility is still at a high standard, even if at the cost of smaller reflections.

The ABS plastic construction allows the mirror to be handled without fear. It uses two basic straps to lock into position on a vehicles’ factory-mounted rear view mirror. Adjustments are possible for the best viewing angles.

Convenient features

A convenient feature of the wide angle mirror comes with the impressive warranty. With a 2-year warranty, the product can be considered for commercial purposes. Taxi drivers or taxi companies can consider the mirror when they have multiple drivers of the same car. In this case, multiple daily adjustments are needed and the warranty protects the fleet financially, even if the mirror is still very affordable.

Apart from the improved visibility, other benefits include a money back guarantee. Those afraid of the smaller reflections can freely try the mirror out before making a decision. With impressive versatility and a fit for all vehicles, it’s clear that all drivers who try it out will not go back to flat mirrors.


The short wide angle interior mirror is suited for extra durability and quick adjustments.


  • Made with adjustment straps
  • Designed with a compact size
  • Made from quality glass
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty


  • Reduced reflection details


What is a concave glass?

Thinner at the middle, concave glass is made with a curved profile. This allows it to cover a larger area and to practically eliminate blind spots.

What is a blind spot?

A blind spot refers to the position in which a driver cannot see a bike, a pedestrian or another vehicle to the side due to positioning.

Can I install a wide angle mirror myself?

All wide angle mirrors can be installed at home. No tools are needed for the installation process.

Is there a best spot to install the mirror?

The best spot for the wide angle mirror is actually on top of the standard factory-mounted rear view mirror as this is where drivers normally look to get a grip on what’s going on behind them.

Will I be blinded by other drivers in the mirror?

Some mirrors will not reduce glare from the lights of other vehicles. Others are specifically treated and coated so that specifically reduced the possibility of being blinded by the lights of approaching vehicles.

Guide to Buying the Best Wide Angle Mirrors

When it comes to any car accessories, it is always worth asking questions on their actual benefits. It’s not like a wide angle mirror is going to put any financial pressure on the driver, but it is understanding its benefits that’s going to make its use more efficient.

Backseat monitoring

Apart from eliminating blind spots, another distinct advantage comes for families and parents who want to keep an eye on the kids. It is against the law to transport kids anywhere else than on the backseat of the vehicle and even in a car seat to a certain age. But due to safety concerns, parents cannot turn to have a look at the kids while driving.

A wide-angle mirror offers one of the best solutions when it comes to backseat visibility. Without adjusting the mirrors, it allows a full view of the backseat, which makes life so much easier and safer for the driver. At the same time, there could be any other passengers on the backseat which would need a glimpse, such as pets.
Monitoring whatever is happening in the back is also great for minivans. With multiple rows of seats, it is practically impossible to see what’s going on with a simple standard rearview mirror. In the wide angle lens, reflections appear smaller, but at least all passengers are visible.

Improved visibility when backing up

When it comes to safely back up, mirrors become the driver’s best friend. It is why it’s actually worth investing in the concave mirrors which show drivers the full picture. Not all drivers can count on friends and family to guide them when backing up. Even more, with all the extra help, it is still up to the driver to find properly guide the car. A wide-angle mirror plays its role when it comes to backing up safely.

Reduced glare

One of the often overlooked benefits of a wide angle mirror comes with reduced glare. Most drivers find glare to be a huge problem when driving by night. This is why it can be important to find the best solutions when it comes to night time safety.

One of the classic solutions is to simply adjust the angle of the mirror so that there is no more glare at all. But this also eliminates all visibility through the rear window. Another comfortable option is installing a wide angle mirror. For most drivers, it offers the possibility of instant comfort and it allows them to continue their journey focused on the road and not on the mirror.

If not all mirrors are the same, wide-angle mirrors are known to reduce glare, some to different extents. Added coats can further reduce glare. However, even the glare is different from wide-angle mirrors as all objects are naturally smaller.

Final words

Choosing the best wide angle mirrors is easy. These concave mirrors are easy to install as well. It is up to drivers to decide upon a suitable design which is fit for their needs. A single-piece wide angle mirror is perfect for general use. Those who constantly battle tight angle and backing up can also consider a wide angle mirror with an additional attachment, such as the PME Rear View Mirror.

In other cases, making the right decision comes by default, especially when driving with kids. Seeking the kids in the back at all times might be worth the purchase on its own. But as with all types of mirrors, there is no perfect glass. If the concave glass has its ups, it certainly has its downs, such as the smaller reflections.

But the decision is still in the driver’s hands. Compared to standard mirrors, there are no more blind spots ant the backseat is reflected in its full length. The drawback comes with smaller reflections. As already proven by other drivers, this is actually a matter of time, with a short learning curve.

Once a driver starts to properly acknowledge the distance even with smaller objects, the wide angle mirror becomes irreplaceable. Some drivers even argue these mirrors should be a standard from car manufacturers. This only goes to show the true value of actually seeing what’s going on behind. The added safety of added traffic participants is another reason to consider wide angle mirrors.

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