WestLake SA07 Sport Review & Ratings

WestLake SA07 Sport Review & Ratings

The SA07 Sports by WestLake are a low-cost alternative to other popular sports tires. The noise and poor winter performance might turn off the average commuter, but people who value handling on a budget will love these.

Quick Facts:

What Sets It Apart

Sport tires for passenger vehicles are usually very expensive. The Michelin Pilots, very popular enthusiast tires, are over four times the price of these SA07s. So how does a budget tire stack up against their competition?

Safety and Durability

The value when it comes to what’s truly important in a low end tire—long-lasting, safe driving—is through the roof. Not only are they very inexpensive to begin with, but a treadwear rating of 460 is very high for a performance-oriented tire. Even the similarly spec’ed Riken Raptors can only manage a rating of 300. Over the life of the SA07s, you’d have to buy two sets of the Raptors, and you’d probably be paying more for them each time around.

During the winter, you are going to find a very different story, though. The SA07 isn’t the worst tire to have in the rain; it’s about the same as every other sport tire. Where it falls flat is in the cold. You do not want these tires on your car in deep snow, shallow snow, sleet, ice, or if the rain turns to hail. Snow presents a challenge for every tire, but the Weslake Sports are particularly bad. If you want a good sport tire that can still get you out of a slippery situation, take a look at the Goodyear Eagles instead.

Comfort and Performance

The downside to long-lasting tread is that you have to sacrifice grip. The Riken Raptors we mentioned above will hold better in a hard turn. It’s not a huge difference, though. The SA07s still offer a big upgrade in dry traction over standard economy tires. They will hold up to some spirited canyon driving a lot better than your average inexpensive all-weather.

Who Its For

The WestLake SA07 is available in r16-r20 and up to 9” in width.  Without a 15” option, a lot of older sports car owners will need to look elsewhere. Even some modern sports or muscle car owners may find themselves out of luck as GM and Dodge both offer cars that come standard with R20 305/30s, which is beyond what WestLake can offer.

However, you can easily get the right size for modern, sporty cars like the Civic Si and Focus ST and most passenger cars and CUVs. There are many crossovers and hatchbacks nowadays that blur the line between boring commuters and canyon carver. Having the right tire, like these SA07s, can elevate that driving experience.

The combination of decent on-road performance and incredible value makes these tires a great choice for anyone with a tight budget but likes to throw their car around a little. You’d probably be disappointed with the performance at an AutoCross event. Still, for some quick stops and sharp turns around town, they are perfect. Plus, unlike most sport tires, you won’t go broke if you decide to show off with a couple of burnouts.

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