Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal Tires Review

Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal Tires Review

The Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal tire is best known for its ability to safely run even after experiencing a flat, but that is just the beginning. This tire also offers a comfortable ride, great all-season performance, and above average fuel efficiency.

Quick Facts:

What Sets It Apart

Anyone who drives a sedan or crossover and is looking for a great tire that is perfectly balanced between performance and price will want to consider the ContiProContact ContiSeal from Continental. The main selling point for this tire is their run flat technology, which will let you continue to drive for up to 50 miles after a tire is punctured. This will allow you to safely drive to your nearest tire shop or mechanic so you can get the tire repaired or replaced without being left stranded on the side of the road.

In addition to that great feature, this tire also provides you with an exceptional 80,000-mile limited warranty, which means you can drive with confidence for years to come. While definitely priced on the upper tier of the touring category, you really do get what you pay for.

Comfort and Performance

Continental has done a great job at designing this tire to provide a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the road conditions. The tread design helps to quickly push water or snow away, which helps to maintain contact with the road. Even during dry summer months, however, you will find that this tread design and the material used keeps these tires nice and quiet.

The performance level of these tires is quite good. While there should be no illusions that you are getting a sports tire, they will keep you firmly in control as long as you aren’t really pushing your vehicle to its limit. For the vast majority of driving styles, this tire will give you a great driving experience that is enjoyable, yet practical.

Safety and Durability

When it comes to the safety of a tire, it is hard to beat the ability to continue driving even if you experience a flat tire. Continental’s ContiSeal technology will help you to avoid the dangerous situation of having to pull over to change a flat on the side of the road. In addition to the run flat safety feature, this tire also offers 3 years of free roadside assistance in case something happens. This really illustrates the confidence that Continental has in their tires.

Most people who are shopping for tires want to make sure that they will not have to go through this process again for a long time. If you purchase a set of these tires, you can be sure that you will have years of time and many driving adventures behind you before they need to be replaced.

The proof of this comes from the fact that these tires boast an 80,000-mile limited warranty, which is among the best in the industry. They also offer a 60-day trial so if you buy the tires and do not like them, you can take them back for something different.

Who It’s For

These tires are for your average driver who wants something a little extra but isn’t willing to break their budget to get it. The tires really do offer one of the best balances between price, safety, comfort, performance, and durability that you will find today. While they are not as flashy as some models out there, these tires really are the very definition of “all-season” since they just work well, no matter what.

So, if you are looking for a worry-free tire that you can buy today and really not have to think about again until it is time for a routine rotation, these are a great option to consider.


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