Continental CrossContact UHP Tires Review

Continental CrossContact UHP Tires Review

For SUV drivers, the Continental CrossContact UHP tire is a great option that will provide an almost luxury driving experience and excellent handling. Get the most out of your vehicle with a set of these performance focused summer tires.

Quick Facts

What Sets It Apart

There is a lot to like about the CrossContact UHP tires from Continental. First, the UHP stands for Ultra High Performance, so you know you can push these tires to the limits of your vehicle without hesitation. While they are primarily for SUVs and crossovers, they will also look great on a variety of larger passenger vehicles as well.

These are summer-only tires, which may surprise many people after looking at them because of the great tread design. This tread will help to keep you tightly stuck to the road in both dry and wet conditions, which is very important. Do not be tempted to take them out in the snow, however. Despite the strong tread design, these tires are not meant for those conditions. Anyone who loves to drive, however, will have a lot of fun all summer long on these tires.

Comfort and Performance

This tire is considered by Continental to be an ultra-high-performance option that will give you exceptional comfort and excitement on every drive. While it is not at the extreme top tier level that might be used for racing, it is still going to be a great option for most people. If you are driving on normal roads, the comfort from these tires is noticeable. You will enjoy the soft hum from the limited road noise and the fact that the tires can quickly absorb most bumps and dips in the road.

On top of the great comfort, you will get high levels of performance. To start with, the V rating for speed means that these tires can go up to 149MPH, which is quite impressive, especially for a tire on an SUV or light truck. The great tread design will also ensure you have strong grip on the road, so you do not slip or lose control whether you are driving on dry pavement or in a downpour. Overall, Continental has done a great job at balancing comfort and performance with these tires.
Safety and Durability

When looking at the safety of a performance tire like this there are a number of things to consider. To start with, these tires are well-made and as mentioned above, provide you with great control. This is essential for safe driving. On the other hand, these tires do not last nearly as long as many others on the market, and worn tires are not going to be nearly as safe, especially for more aggressive drivers.

Almost all performance summer tires are going to have a lower overall tread life than you would get from an all-season touring tire, so that is to be expected. These tires, however, seem to last for fewer miles than even other options in the same category, which is going to be a little disappointing. In addition, because they do not come with any mileage warranty, you will likely just have to replace them once they are worn out.

Who It’s For

These tires are a great option for people who love the comfort and convenience of an SUV or other larger vehicle, but also want to have a lot of fun while driving it. If you get a set of these tires, you will definitely be able to keep control of your vehicle, even in situations that would cause slipping or other unwanted performance on a lesser tire.

If you consider yourself an average driver who is not pushing the limits of your local road laws, you might be better off getting a touring tire that will last a lot longer. If, however, driving is more than just a way to get from point A to point B for you, and you love that exhilarating feeling when you really hit the gas, these tires will not disappoint. As with any summer tire, however, make sure you either live in an area that is always warm, or you swap these out before winter, in order to stay safe.

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