Cooper Zeon LTZ Tires Review

Cooper Zeon LTZ Tires Review

Cooper is a well-known company all over the world because of innovative tires like the Zeon LTZ. The Zeon LTZ is a hybrid tire meant for light trucks and SUVs that combines a sport tire’s grip with the off-road capabilities of an all-terrain tire.

Quick Facts

What Sets It Apart

First off, it’s an expensive tire. Second off, it’s a bit rare and hard to find. If you can find them, though, and they are in your budget, you are in for a serious treat. These tires are shaped more like a sport tire and offer that semi-low profile look that compliments modern SUVs so well but still offer serious off-road traction with the deep, biting tread.

It’s rare that we want to compliment a tire’s look, but that really is a standout feature of the Zeon LTZ. Many bigger SUVs and trucks have a lot of tire showing. They make up a big portion of the vehicle’s look, and with the Zeon LTZs, you don’t have to sacrifice a clean look just to get all-terrain performance.

Comfort and Performance

Under normal circumstances, you would have to sacrifice a lot of comfort in favor of great performance. However, like many things in life, money is the great equalizer, and Cooper has done a great job engineering the Zeon LTZs to be both high-performance and amazingly comfortable.

The tread pattern is specially designed to reduce road noise, and since they lack the more pronounced shape of standard all-terrains, the steering feel remains light and responsive.

You’ll be left wanting that more aggressive tread on ice or sand, though. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a perfect tire. Cooper chose to make this tire look good and perform great on roads, dirt, rock, and clay. There just wasn’t any way to make it bite sand as well.

Safety and Durability

These light-truck tires will easily last 60k miles, which makes them stand out among a crowd of similar all-terrains. Cooper’s double-steel belt reinforced design not only gives these tires a really outstanding treadwear rating but an outstanding weight rating as well.

The load index ranges from 111-120, making them suitable for vehicles weighing over 4 tons without much issue. If you regularly tow with your truck or SUV, you won’t have to worry about blow-outs or similar issues. Plus, these tires will grip the road fine even if you have to come to a quick stop towing a heavy load.

One of the downsides to their great engineering is that Cooper has a lot of faith in themselves. They don’t offer much of a warranty on these tires and will only guarantee uniformity for the first 2/32s of tread wear.

Who It’s For

These tires really lend themselves well to people who have luxury SUVs and aren’t afraid to take those SUVs off-highway or use them for work. It’s a tire that you can put on your Range Rover and be equally at home driving up a fire road to see a waterfall or pulling into the valet of a nice restaurant downtown.

You probably won’t be putting it on your work truck, and you probably won’t be using them for long commutes on the highway. It’s not that they can’t handle it, they are honestly fine for both purposes, but you’ll be spending a lot of money on a tire that’s meant to do more than just function.

However, slap a pair on your Toureag or F-250, and the vehicle will feel and look new. You won’t be disappointed.

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