Ironman GR 906 Tires Review

Ironman GR 906 Tires Review

Ironman’s GR 906 tires might not be the flashiest tires on the market, but they’re a reliable all-weather option that will provide year-round safety on a budget.

Quick Facts:

What Sets It Apart

As the GR 906s are budget tires aimed at daily drivers rather than enthusiasts, performance is one of the areas where concessions were made. Rather than cheap out on safety and durability, Ironman has produced an affordable tire that “just works” rather than a way-too-cheap deathtrap.

With that being said, the GR 906 works well enough for exactly that market. No, you shouldn’t reenact a car chase from a movie using the GR 906s, but they’ll do a perfectly good job of gently getting up to speed on the highway or maneuvering tight city streets. They’re also excellent in poor weather conditions, so you won’t really have to sacrifice any performance in the rain or snow—even if its not exceptional to begin with.

Comfort and Performance

Though high-end comfort on the road isn’t the key consideration in these budget tires, it’s not something that was completely ignored. You’re not going to experience world-class ride quality, but you’re also not going to feel every single bump in the road thanks to the high-quality touring compound used.

Noise levels should be reasonably low, too. You won’t feel like you’re cruising along in a Lexus with tires that cost three times this much, but you’ll probably be surprised at how quiet the cabin is given the affordability of the GR 906.

With that being said, the comfort and performance of these tires is good relative to their price, but will still pale in comparison to a high-end tire. If there’s anywhere that you can feel the difference between an Ironman GR 906 and a tire that costs twice as much, this is it.

Safety and Durability

Though you might not expect much from a tire manufacturer so dedicated to rock-bottom prices, Ironman rightly focuses on safety with these tires. From start to finish, they’ve designed the GR 906 to handle just about any conditions without putting the driver at risk. The symmetric tread pattern is designed to allow for safe handling at high speeds whether the road is wet or dry, and the high-density tread pattern lets rain and snow drain off to make the tire effective year-round. No areas were ignored, resulting in a tire that punches well outside its weight class when it comes to safety.

The Ironman GR 906 is a tire that’s designed to be affordable, and this philosophy is carried through to its durability. A cheap tire isn’t cheap in the long run if it’ll wear down in a week, so it’s good that Ironman didn’t cut any corners when it comes to building a tire with a hard, even-wearing tread that should last as long as any mid-range tire.

To add to that, the tires are backed by a strong 60-month warranty, another rarity at such rock-bottom prices. During the first two years you’ll be covered by Ironman’s Road Hazard Protection program, which offers full replacement value over the first two years (or first 50% of the tire’s tread life), and for five whole years you’ll be backed by a warranty covering any defects in the materials or manufacturing of your GR 906s.

Who It’s For

The Ironman GR 906 is a great all-around budget tire. Though it’s adequate in all areas it’s also exceptional in few, making it more of a tire for a commuter than a car enthusiast. If you want luxury comfort or high-end performance you might need to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable tire that you can use year-round, it’s an attractive option available in a wide range of sizes to suit anything from sedans to small crossovers.

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