Sumitomo HTR Z5 Tires Review

Sumitomo HTR Z5 Tires Review

Putting a set of Sumitomo HTR Z5 tires on your vehicle will give you an immediate boost in performance and appearance. These tires boast wide circumferential tread grooves to help you with acceleration, braking, and control on both wet and dry pavement.

Type: Performance Summer Tire

Sizes: 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 320 AAA

Speed Rating: Y

Warranty: Free Defect Replacement, 2/32″ premature wear

Price: $$$

What Sets It Apart

The HTR Z5 is the updated and improved version of the HTR Z3. It is marketed as an “ultra-performance summer tire” and it does a good job at living up to the hype Sumitomo gives it. This is clearly one of the best summer tires from this well-known company. They designed this tire with multiple different tread grove widths to help push away water when driving in the rain, which has been shown to not only help with braking and acceleration, but also reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

While the performance you will get from this tire is on the higher end, the price is still quite reasonable. Sumitomo has often done a great job at providing excellent quality at a reasonable price. Of course, these could never be considered budget tires, but compared to some of the more iconic brand name tires, they are a great deal.

Comfort and Performance

When you are shopping for a performance focused summer tire you are going to expect that you will give up a little bit of comfort. What is surprising about the HTR Z5’s is just how comfortable they really are. Sumitomo made a number of key improvements over the previous generation HTR models, and perhaps the most noticeable was in their comfort. The road noise from these tires is quite a bit lower than most other ultra-performance options you will find today.

When looking at how these tires preform under pressure, you will not be disappointed. To start with, they are rated extremely well for speed, which means you can drive as fast as the roads will let you without your tires holding you back. They also hold onto the road extremely well when taking corners or accelerating from a stop. While they may not compete with tires designed just for a racetrack, they will hold their own against just about any other summer tire out there today.

Safety and Durability

Thanks to the advanced tread design, you will be able to stay in control of your vehicle whether you are flying down the highway, or just navigating through a rain-soaked road. The designers of these tires had aggressive drivers in mind when they made them, so you can be confident that they will stand up to anything you throw at them. Of course, you absolutely need to swap these tires out in the winter if there is any risk of snow or ice on the roads.

When it comes to durability, these tires are pretty average when compared to other performance options. They do not come with any type of milage warranty, which is normal for summer tires. If there is a defect in the manufacturing of the tire, you can get it replaced for free. Most people who purchase these tires are happy with how long they last, which is obviously a very good sign.

Who It’s For

Anyone who drives a sports car or other vehicle where performance is key will really like these tires. They are not quite as popular as some of the models from Michelin or Good Year, so they will likely stand out from the crowd, which many drivers will love.

The fact that you can get great performance all summer long without having to sacrifice much in the way of comfort also makes these tires an ideal option for people who drive longer distances. Taking the family on a road trip is definitely going to be an option on these tires. And if you (or the kids) need a little excitement on the way, just give your vehicle a little gas and everyone will love the feeling of being pushed back against their seat!

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