Toyo Open Country A26 Tires Review

Toyo Open Country A26 Tires Review

If you want to have a comfortable driving experience on paved roads while still being able to enjoy taking your vehicle out on the trails, the Open Country A26 tires from Toyo are a great option. These durable tires provide you with a great drive no matter the environment.

Type:  All-Terrain Tire

Sizes: 18”

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 400AB

Speed Rating: S

Warranty: Replacement for Defects in Workmanship

Price: $$$

What Sets It Apart

The main attraction to the Toyo Open Country A26 tire is the fact that it performs well on both normal roads and basic trails. This is made possible by the durable construction of the tire, but also the advanced tread design. Having multiple tread patterns across the face of the tire helps to ensure it will always be able to catch and hold so that you remain in control. Most people will also love the aesthetics of both the tread of the tire and its overall sporty and aggressive appearance.

You can use these tires in almost any environment including smooth dry roads, heavy rain, snow, ice, dirt or sand trails, and even the mud. While you don’t want to bring them deep into the most extreme terrain, they will ensure you get where you are going in most any other area. This is exactly what most people will want from their truck or SUV tires.

Comfort and Performance

When you put all-terrain tires on your vehicle, you can expect that you won’t get the same level of comfort that you would get from a touring model. While that is certainly true of these tires as well, the dip in comfort is not nearly as extreme as you would think. While on paved roads, you will still experience relatively little road noise and the ride should be quite smooth. When out on the trails, you will be bounced around a bit, but that is half the fun.

As far as performance goes, these tires do a great job as long as you think of off-road performance and not high speed or tight corners. While they do fine when you drive normally, they are obviously not designed for extreme acceleration or top speeds. You can drive normally while on the roads, but once you get onto the dirt trails, you will be glad that you have these tires on your truck.

Safety and Durability

There is a lot to love about these tires when it comes to both their safety and their durability. For safety, you will undoubtedly appreciate their excellent traction, even in the rain, snow, or ice. Knowing that you aren’t likely to get stuck when out on the trails is another important factor when thinking about the safety of these tires.

Any all-terrain tire is going to have to be quite durable in order to stand up to the often-rough driving conditions that they are put through. The Open Country A26’s from Toyo Tires will not disappoint you in this area. Of course, since these tires are made for the more extreme environments, you will not get much of a warranty on them. While this is common for all-terrain tires, it is something to keep in mind. The warranty basically just covers any defects in workmanship. You do get a 30-day, 500-mile (whichever comes first) warranty to ensure you are happy with them though.

Who It’s For

These tires are a great option for anyone who drives a truck or SUV and doesn’t want to be limited to just the paved roads. Part of the reason these types of vehicles are so popular is that you can drive on trails and other challenging conditions, so having a set of tires that will allow that is important to many people.

While these tires only come in one size (18”), they will fit on most types of trucks and SUVs without a problem. Once on, you should have no trouble getting where you are going no matter what you have to drive through to get there. They aren’t the cheapest tires out there, but for those who want a good mid to upper price ranged tire, these are a great option to consider.

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