Toyo Versado Eco Tires Review

Toyo Versado Eco Tires Review

The Toyo Versado Eco tires are focused on providing drivers with a good quality tire that is as good for the environment as possible, without costing to much money. These tires are made with recycled polyester as well as a natural compound for the tread to help give you a comfortable, eco-friendly, ride.

Type: Touring All-Season Passenger Tire

Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 400AA

Speed Rating: T, H, V, W

Warranty: 80,000-Mile Limited Warranty

Price: $

What Sets It Apart

Tires are an essential component in every vehicle, but they can also have a very harmful impact on the environment. While it is not (yet) possible to make tires that do not use any harmful materials, the Versado Eco tires from Toyo are a major step in the right direction. These tires are constructed using recycled polyester, which helps to keep materials out of landfills. It also minimizes the need for new petroleum-based materials from having to be made.

On top of using recycled materials, these tires are designed to improve your overall fuel efficiency. This is done by ensuring it has a low rolling resistance, without giving up traction. Not surprisingly, these tires are very popular with hybrids, electric vehicles, and other models that are environmentally friendly. Even those who are not as concerned about the environmental impact of their car, however, will be happy with a set of these tires.

Comfort and Performance

The comfort of the ride with these tires is quite impressive, especially since the tires are so inexpensive. You will enjoy a quiet, smooth ride whenever you take your vehicle out on the road. This is especially important for these tires since they often go on vehicles that either use a whisper quiet electric motor, or a smaller engine that doesn’t generate much noise.

While the focus of these tires was obviously making them environmentally friendly and very comfortable, they also did a pretty good job at maintaining great performance. The tread design on these tires will ensure you have great traction on any type of paved road, regardless of the weather or other factors.  While they are not designed for racing or other extreme situations, they will more than meet the performance needs of any average driver.

Safety and Durability

You should have no concerns about the safety of getting where you are going when you have a set of these Versado ECOs on your vehicle. They offer pretty good traction whether you are driving in ideal conditions, the rain, or even the snow. Some people might be concerned about using a less-proven material (recycled polyester) when it comes to avoiding blowouts and other dangerous events, but that has not been a problem at all.

The materials used in this tire provide you with essentially the same level of durability that you would get from a traditional tire design. They also come with a very impressive 80,000-mile tread life warranty, which is quite a big higher than most models on the road today. This is, at least in part, because the tires are designed for smaller vehicles, but if that is what you drive anyway, you will be thrilled with how long they last.

Who It’s For

These tires are designed for smaller vehicles and are especially popular with environmentally friendly models such as hybrids and electric vehicles. Anyone who drives something like this and wants to really maximize their fuel efficiency and minimize their impact on the environment will undoubtedly be happy with these tires.

While they are primarily marketed toward the eco-conscious consumer, they actually perform well compared to similarly priced models. Most people who opt for the Toyo Versado ECO tires will be very happy with just about everything about these tires. For the average driver, there is a lot to like about these tires.

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