Toyo Versado Noir Tires Review

Toyo Versado Noir Tires Review

Toyo Tires lists the Versado Noir model as a premium option, though the price is still extremely competitive. The extended tread life and good overall performance will make this a great tire for many drivers.

Type: Touring All-Season Tire

Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 620AA

Speed Rating: H, V, W

Warranty: 80,000-Mile Limited Warranty

Price: $$

What Sets It Apart

The first thing that jumps out at you when looking over the specs of this tire is the impressive 80,000-mile limited warranty. This should give anyone confidence that these Toyo Versado Noir tires will last a long time. While most people are quite happy with the life of these tires, there have been some reports that without regular balancing and maintenance, they end up wearing out quickly so make sure to keep your receipt in case you do need to use the warranty.

In addition to generally lasting a long time, these tires are also surprisingly quiet. Toyo says that this is made possible by their “Silent Wall Technology,” which reduces pipe resistance and allows you to enjoy a whisper quiet ride on just about any road. Their tread design also helps to cut down on any friction so that you get a smooth ride and extended tread life.

Comfort and Performance

Once you put a set of the Versado Noir tires on your vehicle, you will immediately notice a dramatic improvement compared to most other tires out there. Toyo clearly put a lot of effort into ensuring these tires offer a smooth and comfortable ride that is very quiet. The tires are marketed as premium, and when it comes to the comfort, that is what they are.

When you move over to look at the performance of these tires, however, it is hard to justify calling them premium. They do an average job when it comes to traction on wet or snow-covered roads. For dry roads, they do not perform extremely well compared to many other models on the road today, which is disappointing. For those who do not push their vehicle very hard, the performance of these tires will be sufficient, but don’t be surprised if they slip a little bit when giving it extra gas.

Safety and Durability

There are no major problems when it comes to the safety of these tires, as long as you are driving normally and not trying to take your car to its limits. They are strong tires that have a rigid design that will help to minimize the risk of flats and other common safety issues. The fact that they do well with maintaining traction in the rain and snow should help to further give you confidence in the safety of these tires.

As mentioned above, these tires come with an impressive 80,000-mile limited warranty, so you know they are going to be durable. This comes from the fact that Toyo Tires uses strong materials throughout their design, and also ensures that the tires offer a smooth ride to help reduce wear on the tread. As long as you take care to properly maintain these tires, they will almost certainly last a very long time.

Who It’s For

The Toyo Versado Noir tires are a great option for anyone who drives a sedan, coupe, or other mid-sized vehicle. They are going to be an especially good pick for those who prize comfort and a great warranty over the performance of the tires themselves. Becauae most people do not want to punch the gas when accelerating, or push to see what the top speed of their vehicle might be, these tires will work out very well for the vast majority of drivers.

Those who love the look of these tires, and want to enjoy a premium comfortable ride without having to pay top dollar will want to have these tires on their short list of options to consider. It will be hard to find a tire that gives you a smoother ride at a lower price today.

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