BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Tires Review

BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Tires Review

Accelerate more quickly and come to a stop faster by using the BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 tires. These sporty tires will take your vehicle to the next level with excellent traction on both wet and dry pavement.

Quick Facts:

BFGoodrich has really gone all out in their design and testing of the G-Force Sport Comp-2 tire. You will benefit from the use of their own “COMP-2 Compound,” which is a silica-infused material that was developed specifically for racecar drivers. Using this compound on these tires gives them improved traction, especially on wet roads. In fact, they ran tests on the track and found that these tires offer 30% greater traction when going around corners on wet pavement. They also perform 8% better on dry pavement compared to similar tires without the advanced compound.

In addition to handling corners more aggressively, these tires will also help to keep you safe by ensuring you are able to come to a stop as quickly as possible. On-track testing found that the G-Force Sport Comp 2 is actually able to stop with 16-feet shorter distance on wet roads, and 9-feet less distance on dry. This is extremely impressive and thanks in large part to the advanced compound used as well as the custom tread design.

Comfort and Performance

You will appreciate the excellent balance between comfort and performance on these tires. While you will certainly love the tight grip and faster acceleration made possible by the sporty design, you will also enjoy the smooth and quiet comfort on longer trips.

They used a special tread block design on the shoulder of these tires to help reduce the amount of noise that is created while traveling, especially at higher speeds. The strong sidewalls of the tires will also help to absorb most bumps, dips, and other imperfections in the road for a smoother experience.

Since these are a summer-only tire, performance during acceleration, highway speeds, around corners, and in other similar situations was clearly paramount in their design. BFGoodrich did a great job at creating a sporty design that will help the overall functionality of any vehicle that it fits on. The higher end performance did push the price up a bit, but they are still a good overall value for most drivers.

Safety and Durability

As long as you aren’t trying to drive on these tires in the ice or snow, you will find that they are a very safe option. The aggressive tread design helps to keep them tight on the pavement at all times. Even if you are used to fast acceleration and taking corners quickly, you will likely have a noticeable improvement in how secure you feel whenever you are behind the wheel.

With thick tread grooves and a good sidewall strength, these tires last for a long time. They come with the 6-year warranty against defects. The warranty does not cover a set number of miles, which may be disappointing to some people. This is common for tires designed for more aggressive driving. The constant rapid acceleration and braking can really cut down on the longevity of the tire.

Who It’s For

While this tire does a great job at providing a comfortable driving experience, there is no questioning the fact that they are really designed with performance in mind. Whether you have a great sports car, or you just like to drive as if you did, these are going to be a great tire to consider. They are still quite affordable compared to the ultra-high-end racing tires, but you will not be disappointed with the way they feel on the road.

Given the fact that these are summer tires, they are also only going to be for people who will never need to take them out in the snow. If you live in a southern state with little risk of snow, or you are willing to swap these tires out for an all-season option during the winter, you will undoubtedly be happy with the G-Force Sport Comp-2’s.

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