Ironman iMove GEN2 A/S Tires Review

Ironman iMove GEN2 A/S Tires Review

Ironman Tires is a budget tire company owned by the much less budget-friendly Cooper Tire. That makes them a perfect choice for people who don’t need a high-performance tire and are hunting for a good value.

Quick Facts

What Sets It Apart

The Ironman iMove GEN2 A/S tires are perfectly serviceable semi-performance tires that are remarkable because they are fairly inexpensive, but they feel like a more expensive high-performance tire. They offer great grip and touring-tire levels of road comfort. They aren’t the best tires to own if you spend a lot of time in the snow, but there is very little else to complain about.

Ironman calls them “entry-level ultra-high-performance,” but that’s a bit enthusiastic. Still, with a title like that, you would expect them to wear out fairly quickly. However, treadwear is actually the biggest selling point of the GEN2s; they will last forever. That longevity makes them a really great value.

Comfort and Performance

There is nothing to complain about in the comfort department. The iMove GEN2s are quiet, responsive, and smooth. They aren’t quite to the level of Michelin Pilots, but they are top-notch in the budget tire category. You may notice a little bit of extra road noise on the highway if you are used to touring tires, but the trade-off is that they last a lot longer than the average GT tire.

You also won’t find much to complain about in the performance category. Like we mentioned above, Ironman calls these tires entry-level, high-performance tires. We don’t completely agree; you wouldn’t choose these Ironmans for an autocross event. However, for everyday driving, you’ll have grip to spare.

On the asphalt, the tires do fine in dry or wet conditions. The asymmetrical tread has deep siping and long grooves to pull water away and keep you planted. You may want to avoid snow, however. Despite their all-season M+S rating, the tires leave a lot to be desired when the temperatures drop.

Safety and Durability

When we talk about safety, we often use it to mean confidence. Will you be confident coming to a quick stop or swerving around an obstacle. With the iMove Gen2s, you will be. There’s not a lot to say other than look out for ice, but that’s honestly what we’d say about 99% of tires.

The durability, though, is worth talking about. That is what Ironman really focused on in the design of these tires. They are made of a special compound that is extra hydrophobic and UV resistant, and the tread pattern is purpose-built to distribute weight and create even treadwear.

Ironman offers one of the best warranties around, too. You’ll get a 5-year workmanship warranty and a Road Hazard Protection Program for two years.

Who It’s For

The Ironman iMove GEN2 A/S tires are perfect for anyone that wants more comfort than fuel economy and don’t want to pay much for their tires. That covers a lot of bases, but the simple fact is that while there’s nothing wrong with the tires, there’s nothing that really makes them better for any particular ride.

That being said, if you own a Miata or a similar smaller sports car that still uses 14” or 15” wheels, these can be a really good choice because they are available in those sizes. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to trying to daily RE-71s, the “entry-level high-performance” Ironmans are a good compromise. Plus, if you don’t like them, do a few burnouts and send them off. The price is so low you won’t feel bad.

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