Continental CrossContact LX Tires Review

Continental CrossContact LX Tires Review

If you want a premium all-season touring tire for your SUV, crossover, or other vehicle, the Continental CrossContact LX is a great option to consider. It is a durable tire that will provide you with a comfortable ride throughout the year.

Quick Facts

What Sets It Apart

When you first look at these tires you will notice the unique tread design, which appears very jagged compared to most other models. This helps to provide great traction in almost any environment, but especially heavy rain and light snow. Most people will also love the bold look of the tires thanks to this tread design.

Owners of these tires will also appreciate the fact that they offer a very comfortable ride that is smooth and quiet mile after mile. While it might not be immediately noticeable, the ecoPlus technology will also help to maximize the miles per gallon your vehicle is able to travel. Finally, these tires are really built to last, boasting one of the longest warranties you will find anywhere. If you are looking for a premium touring tire for your light truck, crossover, or SUV, this is a great option to consider.

Comfort and Performance

Whether you are driving through the city, or enjoying a long road trip, you will appreciate the great comfort that these tires offer. The road noise generated from them is minimal, and they really do a great job at absorbing the minor bumps and dips that are found in every road. Compared to other tires in this price range, you will have a noticeably improved ride.

While the focus on ride comfort is obvious in these tires, they really did not have to sacrifice much when it comes to performance. These tires are rated for speeds up to 130MPH, which is quite a bit faster than most people would ever want to drive. The great tread design will give you excellent traction whether you are on dry roads, heavy rain, or even light snow. Of course, these are not sport focused tires so you aren’t going to want to drive extremely aggressively, but if you happen to be running late some mornings, these tires will respond well if you push them a little harder to try to arrive on time.
Safety and Durability

If you have these tires on your vehicle you can be confident that you will get where you are going without any trouble. They are a safe and durable option that will keep you in control at all times. The great traction will help you to remain on the road and in your lane when going around corners, traveling at higher speeds, or driving in unpleasant weather. While these are definitely not sport focused tires, they do perform very well, especially compared to many other options used on larger vehicles.

The durability of these tires really cannot be overstated. They are made to take you on many road trips without any worry at all. The confidence that Continental has in this tire is made evident by the fact that they back these tires up not only with a 70,000-mile limited warranty, but also with 3-years of roadside assistance included if there is ever a problem.

Who It’s For

These tires are a great option for anyone who wants a premium driving experience on their SUV, minivan, crossover, or light truck. The tires are exceptionally well balanced when it comes to performance, safety, and comfort, which makes them a very popular choice for the average driver. You will also love the EcoPlus technology, which will help you to maximize the number of miles you can drive between fill-ups.

While these tires are definitely on the upper end of touring price range, they are still a great value. For well under $1,000 you can get a brand-new set of four tires that will last you for many years to come. Compared to many other tires designed for SUVs, this will work out to be a very economical option.

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