Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires Review

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires Review

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire offers an excellent balance between comfort on the road, and ability to go out on unpaved trails. These tires will maintain traction and control through sand, mud, snow, and rain so you can enjoy every outing.

Quick Facts:

If you enjoy taking your vehicle out on the open trails, or through the heavy mud, but you also use it to travel with the family or run up and get groceries, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires offer an excellent balance. These aggressive looking tires boast deep tread patterns that will grip onto any surface and keep you firmly in control, while also helping to minimize overall road noise for a comfortable ride.

When taking these tires off road, or when hauling heavy loads, you can be confident that they will perform well thanks to the Durable Tread Technology from Cooper. This technology helps the tires to prevent shredding when driving on rocky or gravel terrain, and also minimizes tread wear when pulling heavy loads. There are many great benefits to this tire, which is why it is one of the most popular all-terrain options on the market today.

Comfort and Performance

Cooper really did an exceptional job at balancing the comfort of these tires with the all-terrain performance. While they are definitely going to generate a little more road noise than a touring tire, it is not to an overwhelming level like you would have from a dedicated off roading model. The same can be said about the overall ability of the tire to absorb bumps and other imperfections in the road.

No matter where you are traveling, you will be happy in the fact that you know you can navigate through any environment with high levels of comfort. The tires have been tested successfully in heavy rain, sand, gravel, dirt, and heavy snow with no problems.

Safety and Durability

When you put a set of these Discoverer AT3’s on your vehicle, you can confidently load up your entire family to take them out for a drive. Whether that means a drive down the highway to grandmother’s house, or a drive through the thick mud on your favorite trail, you will always be able to safely maintain control.

One thing about all-terrain tires is that while they are very durable, they generally do not come with much of a warranty since it is hard for the manufacturer to be able to guarantee they won’t have issues in severe environments. Cooper, on the other hand, sells these great tires with a 60,000-mile limited warranty against defects and tread life. This is an excellent illustration of the confidence they have in the overall quality of the tire, which should give you great peace of mind.

Who It’s For

This tire is a perfect balance between a dedicated all-terrain option and a traditional touring tire. It has the ability to go off roading in all but the most extreme environments but will still provide you with a comfortable ride on the highway or through town. Because most people are not able to get out and go mudding or other off roading every weekend (even if you might want to), sticking with this tire just makes sense in most cases.

In addition to performing well on any surface, these tires also just look great. They have a bold appearance to them with wide, deep tread that wraps around the shoulder in a way that will compliment any truck or other 4×4. From top to bottom, these are a great all-terrain tire that really does function well on ever drive you make.

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