Firestone Destination A/T All-Season Radial Tires Review

Firestone Destination A/T All-Season Radial Tires Review

The Firestone Destination A/T all-season radial tire is built for people who drive SUVs and light trucks, and do not want to have to stop when the road ends. These tires perform well on any surface from a smooth highway to backwoods trails.

Quick Facts:

What Sets It Apart

There are few things more enjoyable than driving your vehicle out past the city roads and onto the unbeaten paths. If you want to be sure that your tires will give you the traction you need while driving on the dirt, the Firestone Destination A/T all-season radial is an excellent option to consider. It is designed to operate both on and off the road.

The aggressive tread design helps to ensure you won’t lose your grip whether you are driving down the highway, taking some dirt trails through the woods, enjoying some sandy dunes, or even driving through the snow. Thanks to the UNI-T technology, these tires also perform exceptionally well in the heaviest of rain. For such an affordable tire, this is a great option for anyone who wants no restrictions on where they can drive.

Comfort and Performance

If you are weighing your options between this all-terrain tire and a standard touring tire for your vehicle, it should be absolutely clear that the touring tire is going to be much more comfortable. All-terrain tires are designed with deeper, wider tread that keeps you stable on most surfaces. This tread design is ideal for off-roading, but it does add to the road noise and takes away from overall comfort. If you just compare these tires to other all-terrain options, however, they are actually surprisingly comfortable.

In terms of performance, you will be hard pressed to find another tire that does as well for both standard driving and off-road adventures. While there are definitely dedicated off-roading tires that can get you deeper onto the trails, they are not made for concrete roads. The Destination A/T has an excellent balance that will perform well in any environment.

Safety and Durability

You will enjoy great traction in any environment, which is sure to keep you safe. When driving your truck or SUV, it is critical that you are able to keep the tires snugly on the ground at all times, and these will help you do just that. The UNI-T technology also really helps to keep you safe while driving in heavy rains. As an all-season tire, you can also have confidence that you can safely drive through even heavy snow without losing control.

These tires are also very durable. They have the 50,000-mile limited warranty, which is quite good for an all-terrain tire. Of course, the warranty may not cover damage caused when driving off road, so keep that in mind. Another thing to note is that while these tires will still have plenty of tread for normal roads even after 40,000+ miles, you will lose something for off-roading. Off-roading demands deep tread, so make sure to check it before you head out on your next adventure.

Who It’s For

These tires are designed for one group of people: those who want to be able to take their vehicle anywhere they want with virtually no restrictions. The Destination A/T does perform quite well both on road and off, making it a great option to consider.

These tires are also surprisingly affordable for an all-terrain model, which makes them an excellent addition to your SUV or Truck. Whether you are looking to take your vehicle off road for the first time, or you are an experienced mudder, these tires will be a great addition.

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