Sumitomo HTR Z III Tires Review

Sumitomo HTR Z III Tires Review

If you want a good summer tire that focuses on performance while still keeping the price down, the Sumitomo HRT Z III is an excellent option to consider. These are good looking tires that will keep moving forward for years to come.

Quick Facts

What Sets It Apart

There are quite a few things that set this tire apart from other performance summer tires on the market today, but the biggest one is the price. This is an entry-level performance tire that costs far less than just about any other option on the market. While the overall quality also isn’t up to the same level as premium tires, you will still be getting an excellent value on your investment.

You get a durable tire that boasts asymmetric tread designs that not only improve performance, but also make it so you can rotate the tires to any position. Compared to an all-season or even a touring tire, you will get a better overall performance, which is exactly what most people want.

Comfort and Performance

Balancing performance and comfort is always a challenge when buying tires, but that is especially true when looking at performance or summer tires. Sumitomo has done a good overall job at finding the right balance with this model. They do offer a comfortable ride, even when pushing your vehicle a little bit. The road noise is higher than what you would get from a touring or premium tire, but it certainly isn’t going to be a huge complaint.

When it comes to performance, these tires are an obvious step above your typical all-season model. They are, however, also a clear step below one of the higher end performance focused tires. If you love stomping on the gas when the light hits green, do not expect the tires to keep their grip. When driving a powerful vehicle, these tires may even chirp a little when dropping to second gear. The average driver, on the other hand, will appreciate the way these tires perform.

Safety and Durability

Trying to evaluate the safety of these tires is somewhat of a challenge. If you are putting them on a sedan or other daily driver type vehicle, they are undoubtedly very safe and will give you excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. They area also constructed well so there is little risk of a blowout or other dangerous event. If you are an aggressive driver though, safety might be something of a concern because these tires don’t give you the premium grip you will need.

When it comes to durability, there is really nothing bad to say at all about the HTR Z III’s. While they don’t come with any milage warranty (which is typical of a summer tire), you can expect to get 35,000+ out of them with normal driving habits. They also come with a 6-year workmanship warranty, so you know there isn’t anything wrong with them.

Who It’s For

This third-generation tire from Sumitomo is a great option for people who drive sportier cars (or just like to treat their vehicle like a sports car) but don’t want to have to spend $1,000+ on a new set of tires. If you are a truly aggressive driver that wants to push themselves to the limit, these aren’t going to satisfy you. If, however, you are like most people and just want something that will leave you feeling excited without draining your bank account, these tires are a great compromise.

Sumitomo is not a premium tire brand, but they are respected and do create quality products. This is why so many people who are more into the practicality of their tires than trying to impress others choose this brand. If that is you, the HRT Z 3’s will leave you happy for many seasons to come.

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