Pirelli Scorpion Verde Review & Ratings

Pirelli Scorpion Verde Review & Ratings

Pirelli is the sixth-largest tire manufacturer in the world. It has existed since before the first assembly lines pushed out the Model T. Their Scorpion line is all about SUVs and crossovers. The tires are meant to maximize the comfort and performance that these larger vehicles can offer.

Quick Facts

  • Type: All-Season LT
  • Sizes: 16-22
  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 740 A A
  • Speed Rating: H
  • Warranty: 65,000 Mile
  • Price: $$

What Sets It Apart

The Scorpion Verde is a great tire if you want to maximize MPGs, but what really sets it apart is its eco-friendly manufacturing process. Pirelli wants the world to know that manufacturing tires doesn’t have to be a dirty, polluting industry, and in our green-conscious world (Verde is the Italian word for green, in case you needed the connection) that’s a great thing.

The best part is that performance isn’t sacrificed by taking this ecological approach. You will get good on-road grip, wet-surface grip, and even a little bit of loose-material grip. They last a long time they aren’t even that expensive, and the road noise is very reasonable. All-in-all, they are a really great tire despite the difficulties of eco-friendly manufacture.

Comfort and Performance

The Verde isn’t the best tire in every condition, but it’s very unlikely to let you down. The design focus is around highway performance. That means lower rolling resistance, smaller contact patches, and great tread life. If you measure the tire by those metrics, it’s stellar.

If you measure it by the performance on dirt or the Gs it can sustain, you might be a little disappointed. You really want to be out there trying to save a few dollars by burning less gas; these tires won’t hold up to track shenanigans.

You may also find them a little noisy at higher speeds. It’s not enough to drive you crazy, and honestly it’s no different than any other highway-focused tire. The Verdes are better at handling vibration than most of the competition, though, so if you live in a place with terrible roads, you should consider them.

Safety and Durability

These tires will work as well as your brakes, which is the highest mark a tire can receive. Bigger vehicles require more stopping distance and demand a lot more grip when doing maneuvers to avoid obstacles. The Verdes are up for the task. They may not be as good at preventing a slide or skid as a true touring tire like a Michelin Premier LTX, but they are more than capable of normal driving.

The real icing on the cake is the over-the-top warranty. 65,000 tread warranty. What’s more, the workmanship is guaranteed for life. You can even test the tire for 30 days free. It’s great when a company is willing to stand behind their product like this.

The downside is that you may need that warranty. Many people report that the tires fail to last as long as Pirelli says they are going to last. That’s not much of a surprise, considering that 65k miles on a set of tires is nearly unheard of, but it is a shame that Pirelli felt the need to imply otherwise.

Who It’s For

If you own a larger vehicle and want to squeeze the best fuel economy out of it, then these tires are a good choice. Plus, the lower carbon footprint can make you feel better about those MPGs you are burning.

You may want to look elsewhere if you really need off-road traction. People who use the 4×4 button on their SUV will definitely want good grip when the pavement ends, and the Verdes touring-focus really can’t provide it.

In the end, we’re going to see a lot of tire companies move towards these kinds of practices. The push for greener technologies and lower emissions is only going to continue. Grabbing a set of the Scorpion Verdes is a good way to get a head start on that trend.

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