Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tires Review

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tires Review

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire is an exceptional value within the mid-range price point category. These tires will provide you with premium comfort and an extremely long life, backed up by a great warranty, making them a great option for those who drive light trucks, crossovers, and other vehicles.

Quick Facts:

What Sets It Apart

There is a lot to like about the CS5 Grand Touring tires from Cooper, and a number of different things that really help to set them apart from the competition. Perhaps the best feature is its exceptional durability, which is backed up by one of the best warranties in the market today. The 80,000-mile limited warranty means you will be able to drive on these tires for years on end without a problem.

In addition to being a very long-lasting tire, it is surprisingly affordable. It is priced right in the entry level tier of the touring tire category. Despite this affordable price point, they don’t seem to have cut any corners on the quality of the tire. Obviously, this tire isn’t going to compete with the ultra-high end performance tires, but for the average driver, there is really nothing major to complain about at all.

Comfort and Performance

If you put a set of these tires on your vehicle, you will instantly notice the quality when it comes to comfort and overall ride. Touring type tires are really designed to be a step up from the traditional all-season, and they are meant to be driven on most types of vehicles. This is really an excellent example of this class of tire. They absorb road bumps very well, and mute out virtually all of the road noise much more than one would expect.

In terms of performance, they are definitely at the high end of the touring category. If you take them out and drive a little aggressively, you will quickly appreciate the way they are able to hug corners and keep their grip even with rapid acceleration.

While these tires are primarily designed to provide a smooth, safe ride for thousands of miles, you can certainly have a little fun with them as well.

Safety and Durability

These tires are definitely going to be able to keep you safe while driving down the road. They have shockingly good traction and grip for both turning and braking on both wet and dry roads. They also have a good-sized sidewall, which dramatically reduces the risk of a blowout when you hit a pothole or other obstruction in the road.

The one complaint that people might have when it comes to safety is the way these tires handle in the snow. It seems that the tread style on these tires just does not perform in deep snow as well as some other options out there. That being said, as long as you slow down a bit and drive responsibly, you won’t likely have any trouble getting where you are going, even in the winter.

Looking at durability, you really don’t have to look any further than the warranty line on this page. Very few tires today offer an 80,000-mile warranty no matter the price point. Having this type of guarantee on a tire that is still quite affordable really speaks to the confidence that Cooper has in this model.

Who It’s For

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire is a perfect option for anyone who wants something that is very practical, but still occasionally wants that feeling of exhilaration when you hit the gas. When you compare the price with the overall performance of these tires, it is unlikely that you are going to find a better balance out there.

For the average driver who wants quality without breaking their budget, these tires should definitely be on your short list of options to consider. Thanks to the excellent range of sizes, you will be able to enjoy these tires on most cars, mini-vans, and crossovers on the market today.

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